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Posted by craigkelleycolts on February 21, 2013 – 2:56 pm

Twice this coming season, the Colts will see familiar faces on the road.

Indianapolis will see Bruce Arians in Arizona and they will see Tom Telesco when visiting San Diego.

Telesco served in a variety of personnel roles with the Colts starting in 1998, including last year as the chief aide under General Manager Ryan Grigson.

Telesco left after the 2012 season to become the general manager with the Chargers.

Telesco has risen to the top of his profession, and he remembers the steps that got him there.

“You’re looking at 15-plus years at working with Bill Polian and one year with Ryan, who ended up being the executive-of-the-year,” said Telesco.  “Without that whole learning process, there’s no way I’m here without those two guys and the whole organization.  Everything that I’ve learned has been from the Colts.”

Telesco saw Polian reconstruct the Colts into an NFL power.  After a 3-13 1998 record, the Colts surged to 13-3, then won 115 times in regular-season play from 2000-09, the NFL’s winningest decade total.

At the combine last year, he was watching Grigson and Chuck Pagano take their initial steps as a duo.  It was going to be a course where the pair was going to perform the same reconstructive roster process he saw Polian do years earlier.

Last year, he was closer to the action than in 1998.  He saw the Colts jump nine games from 2-14 to 11-5 and make the playoffs.

Now, he is taking those same early footsteps with his new head coach, Mike McCoy.

“I like to refer back to watching Ryan (Grigson) as a first-time GM working with a first-time head coach with Chuck.  I relied on that a lot, actually,” said Telesco.  “Where the roster was, a lot had to be turned over in a short period of time.  To watch those two guys do it, do it so recently and do it so well has been a huge help for me here already.”

Telesco said he started scouting coaches a while back, during his days with the Colts.  He had a great feel for Arians, yet thought the best fit was with McCoy, who served last year as Denver’s offensive coordinator.

Telesco is a veteran of the business, yet he is finding out new things about himself as the top decision-maker.  He is consensus-building in a new organization and has not given much thought to his working manner.

“I don’t know if I even have a style.  I don’t really concern myself too much with that,” said Telesco.  “You come into work each day and try to find the best players you can.  Part of it is building chemistry with the team and the team process.  Getting to know the coaches well, getting to know the scouts and the front office that’s all a part of team building for me.

“It’s trying to get to know everybody really well.  That’s what we’re going through right now.  I like to communicate with people.  As far as my style, I can’t even answer that.”

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