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Natalie’s Notes #6-Audition Makeup

Posted by coltscheer on February 21, 2013 – 4:07 pm


Hey! I’m back for another round of some notes. Since my last post was about hair for auditions, I thought I would talk about audition makeup since those two go hand in hand. Auditions are fast approaching so remember you can submit any kinds of questions to me! This is a good way to be as prepared as you can.

Your appearance is the first impression people get of you, so you want to make it a great one! Your makeup should compliment and highlight your natural features. You want to wear stage/performance makeup for auditions, so your everyday makeup isn’t going to be quite enough. You want your complexion to be as flawless as possible. Picking the right foundation and applying it correctly will do just that, so make sure you have the right shade and apply evenly to give you that perfect glow. You want to accentuate three main parts of your face, your eyes, cheeks and lips. You really want to make your eyes pop, use neutral shades of shadow that compliment your skin tone and, of course, eye liner and mascara. Using an eyeshadow primer is a great tool for making your makeup last all day. The first day of auditions is a long one and you don’t want to have to reapply your eyeshadow in the middle of the day. False eyelashes are a great way to give your eyes a little extra attention. They will make your lashes look longer, fuller or even both depending on the type you choose to wear. Accentuating the cheekbones is a great way to brighten up your whole face. I know many people don’t usually wear blush/bronzer, but for auditions I recommend it. Depending on your skin tone, you can use a bronzer or blush, just make sure you use your perfect shade. Now for lips, you want to make them defined. I know nude lips are trending right now and that’s fine for normal day wear, but when you are trying to be seen from a distance and have pictures taken of you, nude isn’t the best shade. Again, it’s all about picking the right shade for your skin tone. Just like your eyeshadow, you want to find a lipstick that will last and not wear off, and using a lip liner will help make that happen. A little tip about lips, try to stay away from any kind of gloss. We do a lot of what we call “hair-ography” and the last thing you want is hair stuck on your mouth while dancing or lip gloss all in your hair. One more tip, red lip stick is not always the best color. Yes, it is bright and noticeable, but sometimes it can look a little to dramatic. You might want to try a darker rose shade or mauve.

Another thing I want to talk about that kind of goes along with makeup is tanning. Tanning is in no way a “must” for anyone auditioning, but many girls like to have a little extra sun-kissed glow which is great, too. If you have never tanned before (UV bed or sunless), be very cautious of trying to for auditions. Most girls will just get spray tans. I know spray tans have a reputation for coming out orange or streaky, but there are some really great spray tan options out there! Sun Tan City is a sponsor of ours and they have a great Versa Spa sunless option. If you have never spray tanned and would like to, I highly recommend trying it out before auditions. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to it, so you want to see if it turns out well on you or not. If you are someone who chooses to tan in a UV bed, make sure you do not go overboard. Remember, a nice sun-kissed glow is the look you are trying to go for. You want your skin to look flawless, so coming in looking like a lobster or Oompa Loompa is not going to achieve that. A subtle glow will come off looking best.

I hope this is all helping you girls feel better prepared for auditions. Just a little more than 4 weeks until the big first day! Remember you can submit any kinds of questions to me through the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Facebook page or Twitter page using hash tag #NataliesNotes! Hopefully, I will see some of you at next weeks’ clinic!

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    Do the cheerleaders travel to the away games? And if not, why?

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