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Posted by Kevin Bowen on February 22, 2013 – 2:29 pm

Over the past nine seasons, the Colts and Chargers have become rivals despite the 2,000-mile distance between the two organizations.

During that span, the two teams always met late in the regular season (the earliest contest being Nov. 11), with a pair of playoff battles.

Of the seven contests, six were separated by single digits and the rivalry will be renewed in 2013 when the Colts head west to take on the Chargers.

The rivalry will have a much different in feel in 2013 with Chargers coach Mike McCoy taking the reigns in year one.

McCoy and new general manager Tom Telesco are at the helm in San Diego and are in the process of making changes they feel necessary to getting the Chargers back into the postseason.

“Whether it’s running the facility, the way things are done, the organizational structure of everything and then really getting to know everybody as a whole in the organization, not just coaches.” McCoy said of the team’s changes, on Thursday at the NFL combine.

One aspect of the rivalry that won’t change in 2013 is the presence of Philip Rivers quarterbacking the Chargers.

The new coaching staff walks into a scenario where Rivers is an established quarterback but McCoy does want to improve on Rivers’ 55 turnovers the last two seasons.

“That’s the number one thing we’ve got to cut back on,” McCoy said of the turnovers. “Why were certain interceptions thrown? Why did he make certain decisions? Can the protection be better?. Can the routes be run better? It’s going to be 11 guys we finally evaluate. It’s not just the quarterback, though a lot of it falls back on his shoulders.”

The 2013 season marks Rivers’ 10th in the NFL and McCoy loves the intangibles that his quarterback carries with his career entering the final stages.

“(Rivers) has a burning desire to win. That’s what all the great ones do,” McCoy said.

“He wants to do everything possible to change this thing and get it rolling again.”

It’s been a three-year playoff drought for the Chargers, and McCoy is ready to help Rivers get back to a postseason that had become a common occurrence (2004, 2006-2009) for the Chargers.

“Tom Telesco and I are going to do everything we possibly can to build a winner over the long haul. Not just tomorrow, but for years to come,” McCoy said.

“We’re going to change the culture a little bit around there. That’s what happens when you get a new staff come in the building. So we’re going to make some changes over time. But we’re going to do  everything we can to help this team win the next 10 years.”

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