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Posted by Kevin Bowen on March 5, 2013 – 6:58 pm

Last season, Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown would watch his younger brother carve up NFL defenses.

The appreciation and joy of watching a family member fulfill his aspirations was there for Arthur but while he was still playing college football, it was his younger brother Bryce (running back for the Philadelphia Eagles) that became the first to play at the professional level.

“It was (difficult at times) but it was exciting for me and my family to see him have the opportunity to live out his dreams,” Arthur said at this year’s NFL Combine.

“It was a little weird to say the least but interesting. I enjoyed it.”

The Brown brothers are separated by just 11 months and Arthur will get his crack at the NFL this fall.

Since growing up in Wichita, Arthur has been pegged as one of the finest linebackers in the nation.

He was a USA Today High School All-American in 2007 before attending the University of Miami from 2008-2009.

In February of 2010, Arthur transferred back home and finished out his college career with Kansas State.

Arthur was back in his comfort zone and playing at just 227 pounds, he was a dominant force in the middle of the Wildcats defense and was named the 2012 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

An 18-pound increase during the offseason has Arthur ready for the physicality of an NFL linebacker but he promises that his speed is still there.

“Pursuing to the ball is a key element to my game and any defensive game,” Arthur said. “That is something I strive to always consistently do, aggressively downhill, always making plays in the open field.”

Next fall, Arthur will hopefully be chasing down his little brother after Bryce turned in a 564-yard rookie campaign.

Football has always been there for the Brown brothers and now it encompasses their entire life at the highest of stages.

“It was helpful to watch Bryce and his mentality, his approach, not necessarily to the game but the business side of it.” Arthur said.

“It has helped me in this process leading up to the combine and the draft. It is a business and you have to approach it in that manner and that has helped me keep it in a proper perspective.”

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Natalie’s Notes #7-Audition Workshops

Posted by coltscheer on – 11:15 am


Hey everyone! Auditions are quickly approaching. They are a little less than 3 weeks away! As we get closer and closer the reality of the auditions are setting in and girls are doing everything they can to prepare. A great way to get prepared is to attend the audition workshops leading up to the actual auditions. Last week was our first workshop for the year and today is the second. It was amazing to see how many girls came out to the first workshop last week! That was one of the highest number of attendants I’ve seen. I’m glad to see so many girls taking advantage of these opportunities to get themselves better prepared.

The workshops are great and beneficial in so many ways. One main thing is that they let you get a feel for the types of choreography you will have to learn and perform at auditions. Knowing the kind of style ahead of time allows you to find out what things you have down and what things you need to work on before auditions. Depending on your background, NFL style can be very different form what a lot of girls are used to doing. So whether you were a cheerleader, studio dancer or have no training at all, I can guarantee that the NFL style will be new to you. Coming to the workshops will get you well acquainted with the style.

Another thing you get out of the workshops is useful and helpful info. Each week a topic is discussed at the end of the workshop. Last week’s topic was audition attire and today’s topic is what to expect on audition day. At the end everyone gathers around to talk about the topic. The senior director of marketing and our cheerleader intern will give any kind of advice, rules, or tips they might have. Then you have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the week’s topic. This is a chance to learn things about auditions that are not supplied on the website.

You will also get a feel for all the girls trying out, along with a chance to get to know them. This is a great way to get to know new people who you will be auditioning with before the big day. Getting to know the girls and making friends will make you much more relaxed coming in that first day of auditions. It is always nice to have people you can connect with who are going through the same things as you.

So if you haven’t already witnessed for yourself, you can see that the workshops are extremely beneficial. Why not do everything possible to be as prepared as you can be? If you are still debating about auditioning, you should definitely come out for a workshop! It’s the best way to get an inside look at what you might get into before you actually decide to dive in. And if you are auditioning for sure, I hope you are planning to attend one if not all of the upcoming workshops. Time is ticking. Let’s take advantage of every possibility to better ourselves prior to this journey! Thanks for tuning into Natalie’s Notes, hope to see you or talk to you all soon!



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