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Natalie’s Notes #8-Q&A

Posted by coltscheer on March 8, 2013 – 4:34 pm


Hey everyone! We had some questions come in this week so I thought I would go ahead and get those answered. Remember you can submit any cheerleading related questions through Twitter, Facebook or the website. Just remember to use hash tags #NataliesNotes and #ColtsCheer2013!

Q. How long have you been dancing? – Raymonda

A.  I have been dancing since I was four years old, so about 19 years! I grew up dancing and competing with a local dance studio, The Dance Refinery. Then once graduating high school I immediately started dancing for the Colts.

Q. What tips can you give to help first time Colt’s cheer candidates to help calm their nerves and to not be overly intimidated by the lights, microphones and cameras which are present at auditions? – Angela

A. What I always do is just try to act like they aren’t even there! Pretend like you are just dancing for an audience and try not to even pay any mind to the lights and cameras. That way you can completely focus on yourself and your performance, which will give you the best result. Yes, it’s hard not to notice them at first, but just get in a mindset where you are only thinking about YOU and your dancing, don’t let the extra’s take over your confidence.

Q. For tryouts, would clear bra straps be okay to wear if we are wanting to wear a bra underneath? – Ashley

A. Yes, clear straps are great! Wearing a bra under your top is definitely necessary. So as long as your bra and straps are not visible, then you are good to go! And that goes for any undergarments you might be wearing.

Q. Natalie, how do you wear your dance tights with low shorts? I’m trying to figure out the best way for auditions! – Cassandra

A. It all kind of depends on the type of tights you are wearing, but there is a trick that a lot of us use. You can cut the waistband of the tights off, not completely though, you want to leave a little bit of the waistband on so the tights don’t run or fall down. That helps with the dreaded ‘muffin top’ look that some tights can create. Now, if they still come too high for your shorts, an easy fix for that is to just fold them over far enough to not be visible. Just makes sure your fold is smooth and seamless as to not be seem through your shorts. Hopefully that fixes your problem.

Thank you to those who sent in questions this week. I love getting the feedback. I hope you cheer candidates are getting excited for auditions, they are so close! Hope to see some of you at next weeks workshops. Thanks for tuning in.


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Jeff Saturday said Thursday the most meaningful statistic he was a part of with the Colts was the 170 starts he and Peyton Manning had as a QB-C tandem.

Not only did they set the NFL record for the most starts by a tandem, the Colts were 120-50 for a .706 winning percentage in those games.  The Colts made two Super Bowls, too.   Not bad.

Here are some of the other tandems they passed along the way:

(Games/Duo/W-L Record/Pct./# of Super Bowls)

160, Fran Tarkenton/Mick Tingelhoff, Minnesota, 85-65-6, .550, 3 SBs

157, Jim Kelly/Kent Hull, Buffalo, 99-58, .631, 4 SBs

123, Brett Favre/Frank Winters, Green Bay, 82-41, .667, 2 SBs

120, Steve Bartkowski/Jeff Van Note, Atlanta, 55-65, .458, 0 SBs

106, Phil Simms/Bart Oates, N.Y. Giants, 70-36, .660, 1 SB

105, Dan Fouts/Don Macek, San Diego, 63-42, .600, 0 SBs

While Manning directed a high-flying offense that specialized in audibles that took the snap clock perilously near zero, Saturday was making line calls, too.

Fans in the RCA Dome and Lucas Oil Stadium knew to remain silent while the offense was a work.  At times, their anxiety bubbled up as the final seconds expired on the clock.

Opposing crowds ramped up the noise to try and disrupt the well-oiled machine.  No dice.

It was a sight to behold – for a decade.

Manning often said the statistic that mattered the most to him was being able to start the first 208 games of his career, an NFL record for any position.  It meant a great deal to him because he was being paid to perform, plus his teammates counted on him.  The fans did, too.

Durability means a great deal to any professional athlete, and it was refreshing to hear Saturday speak the same language yesterday.

Saturday mentioned the AFC Championship game win over New England trumped everything for him, including winning Super Bowl XLI.

While he has a ring for that win, plus a conference championship ring for the 2009 season, along with numerous Pro Bowl citations, Saturday says moments along the way meant much more than anything done on the field.

“All the rewards you get, the Pro Bowls, All-Pros, the Super Bowls, are fantastic,” said Saturday.  “You love to be able to share that with the fans.  The relationships far exceed any of that.

“The time you spend in the locker room, all the stories you have, the different experiences on plane flights and bus trips, at training camps, all those moments solidify relationships with men who now are some of my closest friends.  The relationships definitely out-weigh the wins and losses on the field.  Those moments are unbelievable.”

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During his days at Gateway Tech High School in St. Louis, Sheldon Richardson was the player inflicting pain on defenders.

The defensive tackle prospect hasn’t touched the ball in years but he still relishes the days as a 260-pounder high school when he was a versatile offensive threat.

“I had fun back in high school, playing slot receiver, quarterback, running back, fullback, tight end, linebacker, safety,” Richardson said at this year’s NFL Combine.

“I’m a different person with that ball in my hands. I deliver hits. I don’t get hit.”

Richardson eyes light up when talking about the ball in his hands but he will be the one delivering the pain at the next level as the Missouri product leaves Columbia coming off a dominating season in the SEC.

The transition to the SEC was a bit of a struggle for the Tigers but Richardson thrived in leading all defensive linemen with 75 tackles.

“It motivated me a lot,” Richardson said of playing in the nation’s top conference. “Jumping into the SEC brought a whole lot of offensive competition, which I was ready for. And I wanted to prove that I was ready for it.”

Following the 2011 season, Richardson dropped about 20 pounds and he is now at an ideal playing weight of 290-295 pounds.

Off the field issues have followed Richardson since being ranked a five-star defensive tackle prospect out of high school.

When he’s on the field though Richardson is playing for more than just himself.

From Gateway to junior college and a pair of BCS conferences, Richardson has experienced a lot during his football career but that grin isn’t leaving any time soon.

“I’m from the part in St. Louis that nobody wants to be a part of. I represent what a lot of kids don’t want to represent,” Richardson said.

“It’s a blessing and it’s a privilege, and I’m proud of myself and having my family supporting me _ my father and my mother and my brothers, my cousins, auntees, everybody. They’re always coming to my football games and telling me to stay on it. They see a lot in me. And it’s finally coming together. I’m hear doing something I’ve been dreaming about since I was 5-years old. I haven’t lost this smile since I got here.”

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