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Posted by Kevin Bowen on March 19, 2013 – 10:05 pm

After 15 seasons and 168 games, what is the motivation for quarterback Matt Hasselbeck to move on to his fourth NFL team?

A Super Bowl ring?

“I’d say that’s pretty high on the list,” Hasselbeck said of his desire to continue playing for the Lombardi Trophy.

“That’s certainly something that’s on my bucket list. I came really close one time and not as close a couple other times, but it’s something that I want to accomplish while I still have the opportunity.”

The news of Hasselbeck’s release came during a family vacation for the 15-year NFL veteran and he admitted that it came as a surprise.

Hasselbeck realizes that he’s now walking into a building where the starting quarterback position is established but after talking it over with his family and agent, it was the Colts that continued to stick out.

“Obviously the reputation that the Colts organization has and the kind of player that Andrew Luck is, more and more it made sense,” Hasselbeck said of his decision on Tuesday afternoon.

“I would also say that the Colts interest from that moment that I got the phone call to (Tuesday) morning when I signed the contract, their interest just felt the most consistent and it just felt right. There’s 100 reasons why it’s a good idea and I could probably go through them all. But I can just say that I think it’s an obvious fit for a lot of different reasons and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano spearheaded Indianapolis’ effort in acquiring the three-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

Hasselbeck said he doesn’t personally know Luck and relied on Pagano’s insight into fellow players and coaches to inform the former Titans quarterback of the culture in Indianapolis.

One area where both quarterback and coach already see eye-to-eye on is their vision of the Colts making a deep playoff run.

In 2005, Hasselbeck led Seattle to Super Bowl XL but a fourth quarter comeback bid fell short after an interception in Pittsburgh Steelers territory halted the Seahawks attempt at the elusive championship.

At the age of 37, this might be Hasselbeck’s final stop on a storied career with one chapter still to be written.

His role isn’t that of the lead character but after 15 years of playing with a multitude of signal callers, it’s time for Hasselbeck to instill a young quarterback with some of the knowledge that made him such a commodity the past few days.

I’m just really thankful for all the different (quarterbacks) that poured in me and shared with me (their insights), some of the good, some of the bad,” Hasselbeck said.

“I can say what’s probably been the most enjoyable, whatever that makeup is with the (quarterbacks) coach and the three (quarterbacks), or however many guys, when that group is really strong and sort of in a fun way competitive with each other and also just like tight, it makes the whole season fun. I think it really can permeate through the team in a positive way.”

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