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On this week’s edition of the Last Word, Jeffrey Gorman, Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis and Matt Taylor lead off with NCAA brackets and the rest of the top storylines in sports.  NFL free-agency is still in high gear, and the fellas weigh-in on the all the recent moves on NFL Quick Hits.  Stopping by to explain some of the basketball upsets so far will be ESPN and CBS college basketball analyst Bill Raftery.  The boys also give their predictions for the weekend and unveil a new segment, “What Would Dog Do” as listeners submit their quandaries  seeking Dog’s infinite and versatile wisdom.  Don’t miss this week’s version of the Last Word starting at 5:30pm on FM 107.5, 1070 The Fan, and

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David Amerson isn’t naive.

He knows when NFL scouts pull up his film from the 2011 and 2012 season there is a significant drop off.

Amerson was the nation’s top cornerback in 2011, setting an ACC record with 12 interceptions falling just two picks short of an NCAA record.

But in his junior campaign last fall, Amerson wasn’t his normal ball-hawking self and at times watched from behind as receivers ran past the 6-1, 205-pound cornerback.

“I started getting out of character, not letting the game come to me and just not being myself,” Amerson said of his play in 2012.

“A lot of it was me just beating myself, just sitting on routes. I know I’m way better than that and I know I could play extremely better.”

During February’s NFL Combine, Amerson listened to personnel praise his talent seen in the 2011 season and offer some advice in trying to get back to playing at that level.

“They were just telling me get back to the fundamentals. Stop looking at the quarterback, play your man and just the basic things that I wasn’t doing,” Amerson said.

At 205 pounds, there has been some talk of Amerson possibly moving back to his safety position that he excelled in during high school.

“Being a safety in high school, I don’t have a problem with it. I just see myself as a playmaker in the secondary wherever,” Amerson said.

“There would be some learning I would have to do (to play safety). My first love on defense was safety so I don’t think it would be too hard for me. It wouldn’t be too much of a challenge.”

With receivers like Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald imposing their frames on smaller defensive backs, the appeal around the league is there for larger cornerbacks.

No matter the position, Amerson is hoping that when scouts do evaluate him they look at his entire body of work.

“Hopefully they see my good plays outweigh my bad,” Amerson said. “Whatever happens, happens. I can just go out here and perform to the best of my ability and show them what I can do as far as me being an athlete.”

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