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Posted by Kevin Bowen on April 8, 2013 – 1:37 pm

The Indianapolis Colts are in the midst of trimming down a group of ladies that started over 100 into a final roster that will comprise the 2013 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleading Squad. Training began back in January and the team will hold final auditions for 49 women on April 17. Over the next week will introduce you to a few of the hopefuls. Below is Julia P., a native of Delphos, Ohio and is a two-year veteran with the Colts.

Julia P., Delphos, Ohio

Past cheerleading or dance experience:  Julia danced for five years growing up, along with cheering competitively in high school and for the basketball team. She would go on to cheer for one year in college and has been a member of the Colts Cheerleading Squad each of the last two seasons.

Main reason on why she tried out this season:  “I’ve been on the squad for two years so it’s something that I love. I know I’m not going to be able to do it forever and it’s going to be absolutely heart wrenching to (eventually) give it up. I see it every year, every single vet that has to walk away, I’m not looking forward to that because it’s going to be hard,” Julia said.

Key factors that she thinks the staff is looking for when filling out a squad:   “I think definitely your dance, your technique. Showmanship is huge because you could have the greatest technique in the world but if you aren’t fun to watch and engage the fans when you’re dancing on the sidelines, than that’s not really a great fit for an NFL team,” Julia said.

Favorite TV show:  Friends

Favorite Movie:  Pretty Woman

Favorite Actress:  Julia Roberts (not just because they share a first name)

Favorite Musical Artist/Group:  Michael Buble

Favorite part about cheering for the Colts:   “I love to perform so definitely the games are a great aspect of cheering but I do really love appearances because just seeing a look on a kid’s face or a fan that is meeting you for the first time. That’s the closest some people will ever get to the Colts. It’s really neat to see when you make someone’s day so I love that,” Julia said.

Advice for aspiring cheerleaders:  “If you are even close to thinking about doing it, then go for it. Before I tried out, I didn’t think it was attainable. I really did not think I had a shot at making it. You just always have to pursue things that are tough and go for it. If anything, you are going to learn something from it and make new friends along the way,” Julia said.

Cheerleading hopeful Julia P.

Cheerleading hopeful Julia P.

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