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Posted by Kevin Bowen on April 26, 2013 – 1:30 pm

Bjoern Werner’s college head coach, Jimbo Fisher, joined the “Dan Dakich Show” on Friday afternoon. A podcast of the interview on 1070 The Fan between Fisher and Dakich should be up later this afternoon here.

Fisher raved about the Colts No. 24 overall selection and here is what the head coach had to say about the 2012 ACC Player of the Year

On Bjoern Werner:

“I’m going to tell you this, you don’t have enough time to talk about all the good things about the guy. He’s just the ultimate team player. He can rush the passer. He can play the run. The most amazing stat I tell folks about him, he led the ACC in pass breakups (13). Not only can he sack (the quarterback) but he’s so instinctive and can trigger when a quarterback is going to throw. He will get in the lane, bat balls.”

“The other thing that you don’t know about him is that he’s athletic. He can stand-up. He has very good ball skills. He’s very fluid through his hips. He’s a very natural football player, a very instinctive football player and a natural leader. He affected the guys on our team with his leadership every day.”

On the best thing about Werner’s leadership:

“He understood how to work. He understood what excellence was and he did not have a problem telling guys around him when they did not play to the level they should, or were doing things that were detrimental to the team. He did not have a problem speaking out. He can do it and the kids respected it and never resented it one bit because he lived the standard in which he preached.”

On if you were surprised that the Colts took Werner:

“I had a good feeling. It was funny, when we got around 15 or so I told (Werner), ‘I think you are going to go to Indianapolis.’ I think it’s a great fit because I think it’s one of the class organizations in the business. I think coach (Chuck) Pagano does a great job, their ownership is committed to winning, obviously. I think (Werner) is a prefect fit for what they do because of the type of player which usually plays in Indianapolis and the image that I get of Indianapolis. I can just see him being a great fit there.”

On one negative about Werner:

“It’s hard. I know as a coach you say that. I never coached a kid who has apologized to you when he made a mistake. If (Werner) made a mistake and you got on him about that, he would say, ‘Coach I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.’ I can’t sit here and give you any (negatives). Is he a 4.5 (40-yard dash) guy? No. But he plays much faster than he times. I don’t have negatives on him. That’s not a coaching thing. When you coach him, he’s just a pleasure to be around.”

On Werner learning English pretty quickly:

“He’s very smart. He’s very intelligent, does a great job in school. He works hard. He adapted to our culture very well.”

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