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Posted by mattbowenphoto on May 7, 2013 – 5:11 pm

2013_0503_Habitat_Build_0041Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer. I will be posting my “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery linked to this blog on! The photo galleries will always have a theme, ranging from game action to creative images around the Colts Complex!

Today’s gallery is about COMMUNITY.  This gallery shows how the Colts coaches and staff teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to build a well deserving family a house (or at least the framework for a house, nothing too technical).  I signed up for the 7am shift and was assigned to group 3.  My plan was to help with the build while taking photos along the way to document the event.  After a quick donut (or maybe two), I reported to my assigned group 3 work area.  This is where the example of our Colts Community really became apparent to me and I realized that I really needed to up my game!  “Up my game” you ask…let me explain.  In my group 3 work area stood our Head Coach, Chuck Pagano and our General Manager, Ryan Grigson.  They were not there to simply cut a ribbon or give a speech, they were there to work!  So, needless to say, I had to “up my game” both in photography and with a hammer!  We had just started laying out our framework, when it began to rain.  No one even skipped a beat…you had marketing assistants and offensive line coaches working together gathering lumber like they had been on the job site for weeks!  I split my time taking photos and hammering nails in the pouring rain along side Pagano and Grigson.  You could really feel the Colts staff community coming together led by these two men to help out a family in need in our COMMUNITY!

If you have a great theme idea for a “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery, please let me know!


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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:01 am

Each morning will take a look at the top headlines surrounding the Indianapolis Colts from around the globe. What is the local and national media saying about the Colts?

Take a look below at the top five pieces from Tuesday, May 7th:

Indianapolis Colts’ Bjoern Werner proof that ‘American’ football isn’t just for Americans anymore

By: Philip B. Wilson, Indianapolis Star

A very-informative piece from Philip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star taking a look at the record 10 foreign-born players selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The article highlights Colts first round draft pick Bjoern Werner and the growth that the NFL game has seen all around Europe, in particular Germany.

“Anytime I have the chance to talk to younger kids, I’m going to …just try to share something, give them some hope they can do it like I did it,” he said. “There’s so many football players in Germany right now that are so excited that I’m a Colt. You don’t understand how many Colts fans are over there now.

This season marks the first time that London will play host to two NFL games and with a record-number of foreign-born players drafted this season, that number won’t be dwindling any time soon.

Indianapolis Colts’ 10 undrafted rookies: Is there another Gary Brackett among them?

By: Mike Chappell, Indianapolis Star

Chappell broke down the 10 undrafted free agent with a brief synopsis on each, seeing if any of them can follow past Colts players footsteps who carved their way onto the team after being undrafted.

Past undrafted free agents for the Colts include Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt and Dominic Rhodes.

The 10 prospects (three cornerbacks, two wide receivers, one offensive tackle, one kicker/punter, one running back, one fullback and one linebacker) will head to Indianapolis this weekend to begin a three-day rookie minicamp.

From there, the Colts roster will be slowly trimmed to a final 53-man squad where past odds indicate at least one of these 10 finding their name on that list.

Finishing what he started: Freeman returns to Mary Hardin-Baylor to complete his degree

By: Brian Burnsed,

Among the nearly dozen Colts who headed back to school this semester, Jerrell Freeman returns to Indianapolis with a degree in criminal justice.

Freeman headed back to Mary Hardin-Baylor to fulfill a promise he made to his family and himself several years ago.

Despite setting a franchise record with 203 tackles last season, Freeman has remained the same humble product of a Division III school and three years in the Canadian Football League.

All the while, he has never forgot what remained in Waco, Texas.

“Coming out of high school, education was a big thing for [my family],” Freeman said. “Even now when I go out and talk to kids, I try to preach education, because it has allowed me to do the things I do now.”

Rivalry Between Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals Lacks Meaning

By: Eric Ivie, Yahoo! Sports

This commentary takes a look at the lack of a rivalry between the Colts and Bengals, even though the two teams are separated by just 112 miles.

Ivie’s column says that the rivalry between the two teams has “never mattered.”

I’m sure people in the southeast portion of Indiana would disagree with this assumption but I can see the rivalry gaining some ground around the state this season.

Instead of having their usual Week Four preseason meeting, the two will clash in the regular season on Dec. 8 in Cincinnati.

Both teams made the playoffs last season and are expected to be in the thick of the playoff race again in 2013.

Chuck Pagano: Colts will still be vertical

By: Paul Kuharsky,

Kuharsky’s blog is a must read for fans of the Colts looking for up-to-date information on the entire AFC South.

In this entry, Kuharsky takes a look at one of the more highly debated offseason questions for Colts fans.

Pep Hamilton’s offense will not be limited to the stereotype of the West Coast offense of a “dink and dunk” style passing attack.

“If we have success running the football, if we don’t get behind, that takes pressure off of everybody,” Pagano said. “Certainly we want to have balance. The way you have balance is you’ve got to have success running the football and get yourself in third-and-manageable so you can convert a higher percentage. You can’t get behind and have to drop back 628 times; it’s too much. You never want to put your quarterback or your offensive line in that situation. If we can hammer the nail, it’s going to take the pressure off of everybody…

…We’re still going to take our shots down the field. How many that is a game and what we’re going to ask as far as the offensive line provided time, I can’t tell you. The game will dictate that. But you’ve got to be able to hit your chunk plays, have a vertical game. The threat of that has still got to be there otherwise defenses are going to be sitting on all our receivers.”



Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 7:50 am

In describing Montori Hughes’ feelings on being selected by the Indianapolis Colts, look up the word grateful and attach whatever synonyms you want.

The road to the NFL wasn’t how Hughes envisioned it when he arrived to the University of Tennessee back in 2009.

After two seasons in Knoxville, academic struggles forced Hughes to transfer to the University of Tennessee-Martin and any career in the NFL would have to be put on hold until the work in the classroom was improved.

The move from the SEC to the Ohio Valley was a wakeup call for Hughes and after making progress in his studies the path to the professional ranks became a reality during the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

“It’s a blessing to have this opportunity,” Hughes said in an interview with “1070 The Fan” last week.

“A lot of people dream about this and as a kid you dream about playing in the NFL. The whole process has been going on and like I said, I’m soaking it all in and I’m just hanging out with the family until it’s time to go to work.”

The work begins on Friday for Hughes, as the Colts rookies will head to their new home for a three-day minicamp before OTAs resume the following week.

During the draft process, Hughes said he had a “wonderful” visit to Indianapolis and felt a strong relationship between himself and head coach Chuck Pagano.

Montori Hughes weighed in at 329 pounds at this year’s NFL Combine, yet as the fifth heaviest defensive tackle, the Colts draft pick put up impressive quickness numbers among the 21 defensive tackles invited to Indianapolis this past February.

Drills Montori Hughes Ranks
40-yard dash 5.23 seconds 15th
20-yard shuttle 4.70 seconds 8th
Three-cone drill 7.85 seconds 17th

The Colts return just two starts to the nose tackle position but Hughes won’t jump to any conclusions before he hits the practice field.

“You’ve got to have a worker’s mentality and just come in every day and work hard,” Hughes said. “I love to compete and just soak in some of the information that the vets that have been there for a while. Just work hard and try and perfect my technique so I can get out and contribute to the team for a championship.”

A vital component of any championship team is a strong rush defense.

That was stressed by Ryan Grigson following this year’s NFL Draft and the Colts general manager believes he’s added another piece (a rather large one) to that building.

“He’s 6-4 and change, 340 pounds and he can move like a cat. There are just very few human beings that have that ability,” Grigson said of Hughes

“He came in here on a visit and knocked everyone’s socks off, looked everyone in the eye and just really made a great impression. Every draft, every year since I’ve been doing this, you find very small handfuls of men and athletes that are this big and can bend and accelerate and decelerate and move laterally like this guy can.”

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