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Posted by craigkelleycolts on May 9, 2013 – 2:22 pm

In my 29th years here, I have come across hundreds of players, some staying a long while and others departing after a short stay.

A.Q. Shipley left the team today when we traded him to Baltimore.

I will be the first to admit I didn’t notice him too much early on last year or go by his locker to speak with him until early in the regular season.

When I did go by, it was after a game where he came in and played well in the clutch.  It was something he did a few times last year, and I started going by his locker a little more frequently.

A.Q. always had time for a visitor.  He always had a moment for a conversation, and he put effort and insight into his answers.

A.Q. is not the only guy in our locker room like that, and certainly there have been a few like him here through the years – regular guys playing a prominent sport.

A.Q. came here as a free agent who was signed by Ryan Grigson.  Ryan noted a time or two the grittiness on the line last year.  It was a tough year for injuries on the unit, and A.Q. was one of many who stood up.

He came to Indianapolis after being drafted in 2009 by Pittsburgh and spending time on the practice squad there and in Philadelphia.

To get a conditional draft pick for a player who joined your team as a free agent is a nice stroke for a personnel guy like Ryan.

A personnel-savvy organization like Baltimore obviously sees something in him, too.

A good trade is one that is a win-win for both sides.  I think this one could be.

A.Q.’s locker was not cleaned out when I went back to see him for maybe the final time late this morning.  I missed him later on when he left the building.

He may never read this, but it doesn’t matter.  Colts fans will see it, and I wanted them to know A.Q. is a cool guy.  He’s a grinder, and I wish him well.

I just felt like writing it.  That is what a blog is for.

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