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Posted by mattbowenphoto on May 14, 2013 – 4:12 pm

2013_0510_Rookie_Headshots_1331Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer. I will be posting my “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery linked to this blog on! The photo galleries will always have a theme, ranging from game action to creative images around the Colts Complex!

This week it’s all about ROOKIE MINI-CAMP!  This past weekend I spent the majority of my time following around a bunch of excited rookies at the Colts complex.  After they arrived at the complex and finished all of their paperwork, they were guided over to yours truly for their official headshot.  I set up my make-shift photo studio in the Colts Pavilion (where the players and staff eat) so no one would have any excuses about how they couldn’t find me to get their photo taken.  Due to my convenient location, I was able to also shoot 40 Colts staff headshots in my down time between player headshots.  I shot both a traditional headshot that the NFL uses and a more creative headshot that the Colts use for marketing purposes.  Each player spent a total of two minutes with me, just enough time to ID them and shoot a few images in two different lighting setups.  As you can see in the photo gallery,  the lighting setup for the different headshots were quite different.  I used a total of seven lights setup on two different triggering frequencies to achieve the dramatically different looks before they knew what hit them!  The rest of my time was spent on the practice field capturing them in action.  Overall, I had a great weekend following around some very talented football players doing what I love to do.  For me, it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you have a great theme idea for a “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery, please let me know!


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