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Posted by Kevin Bowen on May 23, 2013 – 9:16 am

Each morning will take a look at the top headlines surrounding the Indianapolis Colts from around the globe. What is the local and national media saying about the Colts?

Take a look below at the top five pieces from Thursday, May 23rd.

Colts QB Andrew Luck learns about organized team activities

By: Mike Chappell, Indianapolis Star

With Wednesday’s OTA practice open to the media, a few extra eyes got a look at Luck’s first complete minicamp after school conflicted last season.

Luck missed virtually all of OTAs last year but that is not the case in 2013 with a new offense being installed this spring.

Chappell wrote that Luck had his ups and downs in 11-on-11 work on Wednesday, finding T.Y. Hilton on more than one instance for a touchdown while also throwing an interception to inside linebacker Kelvin Sheppard.

“It’s great to get out on the field with the defense and troubleshoot some stuff,” Luck said. “All of us haven’t run this offense; I ran some of this stuff at Stanford.”

Irsay pledges funds for tornado relief

By: Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Florio and Irsay have had a few interesting interactions in the past but this one is for a good cause on both sides.

Like he has done so many times, Irsay’s in the news thanks to his charitable contributions.

Irsay has vowed to donate up to $25,000 to the relief efforts down in Oklahoma areas that were ravaged by this week’s tornado.

Florio writes…”we applaud Irsay’s efforts, we encourage other billionaires, millionaires, thousandaires, and hundredaires to do what they can, and we’ll be glad to publicize other efforts by other NFL teams to raise money to help folks whose insurance policies will take them only so far through this time of intense crisis.”

Colts Notebook: Luck enjoys first taste of OTAs

By: George Bremer, Anderson Herald Bulletin

Bremer’s notebook from Wednesday’s OTA goes into a bit more detail in describing the red zone action.

Along with pointing out two more touchdown throws for Luck, Bremer also credits new cornerback Greg Toler for some impressive pass breakups.

Other notebook items include first round draft pick Bjoern Werner moving around defensively and an update on inside linebacker Pat Angerer.

“We’re just trying to put (Werner) into the whole picture,” Colts linebackers coach Jeff FitzGerald said. “He’s going to learn his responsibilities (at rush linebacker). What I see from him is the ability to play ‘rush’ linebacker or ‘sam’ linebacker somewhere down the road. So he’s setting his feet, he’s getting wet. I think we’ve got him in the right spot right now, but we will have flexibility with him in time as he develops.”

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