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Posted by Kevin Bowen on May 31, 2013 – 9:02 am

Each morning will take a look at the top headlines surrounding the Indianapolis Colts from around the globe. What is the local and national media saying about the Colts?

Take a look below at the top five pieces from Friday, May 31st.

Former Boilermaker experience helps establish legacy

By: Andy Flores, The Purdue Exponent

Grigson headed back to his college days earlier this week as Purdue honored a former Boilermaker with the Drew Brees Mental Toughness Award

“It helped me to find out what I was truly made of, when I was pushed to the brink in every which way, mentally, physically and spiritually,” Grigson said. “It made me find out who I truly was and I build off (of) that because I know that I have inner strength, when it’s all said and done.”

In receiving the award, Grigson pointed to some cerebral characteristic in what he is trying to push on other people every day.

“Mental toughness is something I want to instill in my children (and) it’s something that I want to instill in (the Colts) organization because it definitely gets you through when facing adversity,” Grigson said. “In this league you never know what’s around the corner and if you don’t have mental toughness, you’re not going to survive very long or be successful really in any avenue in life, let alone the National Football League.”

Pagano amazed by collection of veterans

By: Tom James, The Tribune Star

In James’ extended notebook he takes a look at the impressive veteran participation that Chuck Pagano and the coaching staff has received during this off-season’s OTAs.

“Our goal is to come out here with the intention of getting better at something every day individually, as position groups, offense, defense, special teams. And as a team. We feel like we’re headed in the right direction.”

Pagano points out that the main goal during this time period is getting everyone acclimated before the pads are strapped on in late July.

“Between the [veteran] free agents, the draft choices, the college free agents, those type of guys, everybody we brought in here, they’ve done a great job of picking up the information. The coaches have been doing an outstanding job of presenting the information to them. So a bunch [of information] is sticking.”

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