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Posted by Kevin Bowen on June 4, 2013 – 7:30 am

Much has been made about the physical stature Josh Chapman brings to the nose tackle position.

At 6-0 and a few notches above 300 pounds, Chapman has the prototypical frame for what defensive coaches envision when plugging a nose tackle into the middle of their 3-4 scheme.

What Chapman might lack in height, he makes up for with a powerful base and is widely known as a stalwart in the weight room.`

How about Chapman away from the trenches?

“Josh is a guy who as a coach you love. He’s a guy who loves football,” Colts defensive line coach Gary Emanuel said.

“Last year when he was not playing, he knew all the calls. He could get on the board and write everything up. He knew everyone’s assignment. He could draw up the defense. He’s a football junkie.”

The Colts coaches are thrilled to have Chapman out on the practice field this offseason where last year he was resorted to rehab.

Chapman’s jubilation to be back on the girdiron is one thing but couple that with what he’s shown his coaches so far and things are looking bright for the Alabama product.

“He’s obviously happy to be out here, playing football again. He’s just ecstatic about being out here,” Colts head coach Chuck Pagano said.

“It’s like riding a bike for him. He hasn’t really missed a beat. We aren’t in pads and that sort of thing but from a mental standpoint, he’s great. From a technical standpoint, he’s doing a great job.”

The physical and mental makeup of Chapman is there and now back playing on two legs again, the second-year nose tackle embodies what playing that position is all about.

It’s one thing to have the physical characteristics to survive the beating of 600+ pounds on you every single play. But it’s a whole ‘nother for a guy to embrace being in the trenches at the NFL level.

“As a defensive (coach), you have to love those kinds of guys. Not like them, you love those kinds of guys,” Emanuel said of Chapman’s attitude.

“They understand that every play at that position, there’s going to be contact. Whether it’s run or pass, you’re going to hit somebody. You enjoy hitting people, and that’s what you like about playing on the line. You love guys who like that.”

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  1. By brentmc11 on Jun 4, 2013 | Reply

    This is a super blog Kevin!

    It just reiterates what we have been discussing in the forum.

    I love the fact that even though he was injured last year, he knew all of the responsibilities and could ‘draw them up.’

    Those of us who love Chap’s ‘upside’ cannot wait to see him with 2 good legs…he was darned tough with the Crimson Tide on one…ask LSU and the Mad Hatter 🙂

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