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Posted by Kevin Bowen on June 11, 2013 – 7:30 am

Greg Toler laughed when he heard what animal his position coach, Mike Gillhamer, compared him to last week.

“A cheetah?” Toler said making sure he heard right.

Yes, he was correct.

Gillhamer called Toler a cheetah, thanks to the new cornerback’s aggressive nature when the ball is in the air and his striking ability.

What exactly does that mean to Toler?

“Honestly, coach Gilhamer gives me a lot of credit for playing high level football,” Toler said. “He said he likes my intensity so I think he just likes the way I finish plays, instincts.”

It’s only a matter of times when Colts fans see why Gillhamer is gushing over the presence of Toler on the outside of the Indianapolis secondary.

Numerous times during OTAs, Toler has forced pass breakups and benefits from having an abnormally long wingspan.

“I think it helps me out in my press,” Toler said of his long arms. “When I press I can be a little more patient because my arm length gives me more reaction time where as a shorter guy would have to lunge. I can actually keep my distance with my arms and still make plays on the ball.”

Toler might not have been the headliner of the Colts 2013 free agent class but thanks a strong offseason he has already established himself opposite Vontae Davis.

The Colts secondary has had pieces in and out over the past few years and after a few key additions, it appears the unit has a strong starting corps together for 2013.

That corps includes Toler and the 6-0, 192-pound cornerback is hungry for a season in which the Colts secondary can be counted on to force turnovers.

“In meetings, coach just tell us that as long as we play as a cohesive unit, one guy makes a play then everyone makes a play,” Toler said. “We are just trying to get the camaraderie going and just keep coming one day at a time and trying to get better.”

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