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Colts Fan Fest traveled to Crawfordsville’s Milligan Park

Posted by sashworthcolts on June 21, 2013 – 3:07 pm

2013_Crawfordsville Fan Fest_Hunter Smith Band

The line extended far beyond Baldwin Memorial baseball field at our first Colts Fan Fest last Thursday in Crawfordsville’s Milligan Park. It was a hot night, but the fans didn’t mind. Tiny, our 30-foot inflatable football player, welcomed nearly a thousand fans into our event where they enjoyed eating Papa John’s pizza, getting autographs from Colts cheerleaders and players, walking through Colts In Motion, playing on our multiple inflatables and listening to the Hunter Smith Band.

An hour before the event even started, I wandered through the long, winding line to talk to the excited fans. Crawfordsville local, Ty Biddle loves the Colts, especially one in particular. The 13-year-old looks up to Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck. “I’m the quarterback at my school. I encourage my team to not get down, keep going and be in a happy mood because that’s what he does.”

2013_Crawfordsville Fan Fest_Player autographsAlthough Ty didn’t get to meet Andrew Luck that night, he did get to meet Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman and cornerback Greg Toler. Fan Fests are just as special to these guys as they are the fans. “My favorite part about meeting fans is putting smiles on the kids’ faces. I used to look up to guys like myself, so it’s a neat feeling,” Freeman said.

There were also several little girls walking around the event excited to meet “Miss Leanna” a.k.a. Colts Cheerleader Leanna E. She is a local idol for these girls since she is from Crawfordsville and works at the local elementary school.

Looking around the event, I saw many future Colts players at the Quarterback Challenge inflatable, fans swaying to the beat of the Hunter Smith Band’s country-music and many happy faces at the bottom of our Colts slide. Three in particular came from Roxanna’s foster children, Lillian, 5, Scarlet, 3, and Wesley, who will be 2 years old next month. “One at a time!” Roxanna kept repeating to the three young ones, who had to have gone down the slide at least twenty times each.

The real commotion came when Blue, the Colts mascot, appeared on top of the Colts In Motion trailer with a t-shirt gun. Fans were tumbling to the ground on top of each other trying to snag a great souvenir. Blue then shot a t-shirt at former Colts punter and lead singer, Hunter Smith. With their history together, it was a sight to see.

Blue missed the first two times, shooting the t-shirt way to the left and then far right. But the third time, Blue was right on target. Hunter Smith stopped mid-song to catch the t-shirt with guitar pick still in hand. “I’ve played a lot of concerts, but this is the best thing that I have ever done!”

I’d classify the Crawfordsville Fan Fest a definite success. We loved seeing so many dedicated Colts fans! We’re all excited to see what our next Fan Fest will bring us. See y’all next Thursday in Louisville at Waterfront Park!

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Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 2:52 pm

With the sports world slowing down in Indy, the fellas on The Last Word talk all things Colts this week as the team gets ready to head to Anderson University for training camp next month.  Jeffrey Gorman, Bob Lamey, Jimmy Matis and Matt Taylor recap the OTA and mini-camp periods, and explain what fans can expect from all the new faces on the Colts’ roster next season.  Tune in at 6PM on 1070AM, 107.5 FM, or

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:57 am

The men in the trenches poured into St. Elmo Steak House on Thursday night.

There was 266-pound Bjoern Werner, joined by a trio of 300+ pound linemen in Hugh Thornton (320), Khaled Holmes (302) and Montori Hughes (329).

Those draft picks, along with the entire Colts rookie class, enjoyed an evening at one of the most iconic restaurants in the state of Indiana with plenty of quality food to be had for the Colts first year players.

“We are very excited to have this squad join us for their first fine dining dinner in Indianapolis,” David Poore, operations manager, said. “We have a rich tradition of taking care of the Indianapolis Colts going way back to the mid-1980s.”

For nearly all of the Colts rookies, the dinner at St. Elmo was their first experience in a restaurant that is routinely nominated for some of the highest awards in the food business.

The restaurant has been a mainstay in downtown Indianapolis for over a century and the rookies experienced a variety of St. Elmo’s distinct qualities.

Before the Colts rookies could indulge in the steak-filled dinner, an etiquette class briefed the players on fine dining.

Next up was St. Elmo’s world famous shrimp cocktail and it’s safe to say that it lived up to hype in the eyes of the Colts rookies.

“That shrimp cocktail caught me off guard,” running back Kerwynn Williams said. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so flavorful but it was still very good. It was fantastic.”

The trip to St. Elmo was the second-to-last trip the Colts rookies will make in the community this offseason.

A stop at the Indianapolis Zoo will follow Friday morning before the rookies disperse across the country and then reconvene for training camp in late July.

“It’s definitely been a great experience,” Williams said of the rookies touring Indianapolis.

“The Colts do a great job getting us acclimated to the city, taking us around, giving us new experiences whether it be experiences like this where we go to a great restaurant, or whether it be going out into the community like we did at the Play 60 event the other day. They do a great job of letting us know how to be professional on and off the field.”

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Each morning will take a look at the top headlines surrounding the Indianapolis Colts from around the globe. What is the local and national media saying about the Colts?

Take a look below at the top five pieces from Friday, June 21st.

Colts rookie to be honored in Calif.

By: Phillip Nardiello

While the Colts rookies hang around today in Indianapolis, seventh round pick Justice Cunningham is out in Newport Beach, Calif. for Mr. Irrelevant week.

The four-day event highlights the final pick of each NFL draft and Cunningham’s schedule looks like the following:

The four-day long celebration dubbed “Irrelevant Week” began when Cunningham arrived in California on Wednesday with a small party at his hotel.

It continued on Thursday evening with the Lowsman Banquet at the Newport Beach Marriott where Cunningham was presented with the Lowsman Trophy. The trophy pokes fun at the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

On Friday, Cunningham will go to Disneyland and then attend the Angels game where he’ll help drag the infield dirt between innings.

He’ll learn how to surf and then do some sailing on Saturday.