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Colts Fan Fest traveled to Crawfordsville’s Milligan Park

Posted by sashworthcolts on June 21, 2013 – 3:07 pm

2013_Crawfordsville Fan Fest_Hunter Smith Band

The line extended far beyond Baldwin Memorial baseball field at our first Colts Fan Fest last Thursday in Crawfordsville’s Milligan Park. It was a hot night, but the fans didn’t mind. Tiny, our 30-foot inflatable football player, welcomed nearly a thousand fans into our event where they enjoyed eating Papa John’s pizza, getting autographs from Colts cheerleaders and players, walking through Colts In Motion, playing on our multiple inflatables and listening to the Hunter Smith Band.

An hour before the event even started, I wandered through the long, winding line to talk to the excited fans. Crawfordsville local, Ty Biddle loves the Colts, especially one in particular. The 13-year-old looks up to Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck. “I’m the quarterback at my school. I encourage my team to not get down, keep going and be in a happy mood because that’s what he does.”

2013_Crawfordsville Fan Fest_Player autographsAlthough Ty didn’t get to meet Andrew Luck that night, he did get to meet Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman and cornerback Greg Toler. Fan Fests are just as special to these guys as they are the fans. “My favorite part about meeting fans is putting smiles on the kids’ faces. I used to look up to guys like myself, so it’s a neat feeling,” Freeman said.

There were also several little girls walking around the event excited to meet “Miss Leanna” a.k.a. Colts Cheerleader Leanna E. She is a local idol for these girls since she is from Crawfordsville and works at the local elementary school.

Looking around the event, I saw many future Colts players at the Quarterback Challenge inflatable, fans swaying to the beat of the Hunter Smith Band’s country-music and many happy faces at the bottom of our Colts slide. Three in particular came from Roxanna’s foster children, Lillian, 5, Scarlet, 3, and Wesley, who will be 2 years old next month. “One at a time!” Roxanna kept repeating to the three young ones, who had to have gone down the slide at least twenty times each.

The real commotion came when Blue, the Colts mascot, appeared on top of the Colts In Motion trailer with a t-shirt gun. Fans were tumbling to the ground on top of each other trying to snag a great souvenir. Blue then shot a t-shirt at former Colts punter and lead singer, Hunter Smith. With their history together, it was a sight to see.

Blue missed the first two times, shooting the t-shirt way to the left and then far right. But the third time, Blue was right on target. Hunter Smith stopped mid-song to catch the t-shirt with guitar pick still in hand. “I’ve played a lot of concerts, but this is the best thing that I have ever done!”

I’d classify the Crawfordsville Fan Fest a definite success. We loved seeing so many dedicated Colts fans! We’re all excited to see what our next Fan Fest will bring us. See y’all next Thursday in Louisville at Waterfront Park!

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