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Chuck Pagano: “We’ve got unfinished business.”

Posted by Kevin Bowen on July 26, 2013 – 4:30 pm

When Chuck Pagano stands before his 90 players at the first team meeting of the 2013 training camp, he will pop in a highlight video.

The highlight video will include a clip of a scoreboard that shows just how close the Colts were last season.

Against the eventual Super Bowl XLVII Champions, there were the Colts down 17-9 early in the fourth quarter facing a first-and-five from the Ravens 18-yard line.

A penalty and two incompletions were sandwiched around a one-yard rush, thwarting a potential game tying drive with the Colts momentum ending in a missed 40-yard field goal.

Yes, the Colts proved numerous doubters wrong with their 2012 performance but there was still something missing.

“Well we didn’t accomplish our goal,” Pagano said earlier this week during the Colts Corporate Luncheon Series. “The only reason we came back (Monday) as a staff and the only reason these guys are showing up is one reason and one reason only and that’s to hoist the Lombardi.”

While celebrating under the confetti come February 2, 2014 remains the ultimate goal, Pagano will tell his team that the initial goal revolves around four teams.temp2013_0613_LOS_Practice_bowen_0117--nfl_mezz_1280_1024

Last year, the Colts fell a game short of winning the AFC South and capturing that division will punch their ticket into the month of January.

“First thing, we’ve got to retake the (AFC) South. The easiest way to get into the dance, get into the playoffs, is to win your division,” Pagano said.

“We’ve owned it for a long, long time but Houston’s had it for the last two years so we’ve got to re-take the South, get ourselves in the dance, and then go finish this year.”

Pagano’s meeting on Saturday with the 2013 Colts will span many topics but rest assured that in those last few moments he will harp on what it’s going to take to “hoist the Lombardi.”

“We’ve got unfinished business. We got into the dance but we didn’t accomplish our number one goal.”

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