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Camp Diary: Darrius Heyward-Bey Day One

Posted by Kevin Bowen on July 28, 2013 – 10:24 pm

Darrius Heyward-Bey enters his first training as a member of the Indianapolis Colts looking for one thing—establishing trust with Andrew Luck.

“I just always tell him, ‘Trust me.’

How exactly DHB goes about gaining Luck’s trust will come each afternoon when the Colts hit the practice field.

“You got to make plays out there,” Heyward-Bey said. “When (Luck) throws it up there, you got to come down with the ball. That’s what a quarterback looks for and that’s what I’m going to do.”

As the Colts hit the field Sunday afternoon for the first practice of the 2013 campaign, DHB was one of the first players out there.

The sound of the jugs machine was being ramped up with DHB taking reps 20 minutes before the special teams portion of practice started.temp2013_0728_TC_1337--nfl_mezz_1280_1024

On the back of DHB’s shirt was the “hoist it” mantra that the team has adopted in an effort to hold the Lombardi Trophy up come early February.

Having never experienced the playoffs, DHB is anxious to hopefully have his season extended past the new year.

“I’m on a team that believes in winning,” Heyward-Bey said of the Colts. “It’s an opportunity to win the Super Bowl and go to the playoffs, which I’ve never done before. So, I’m excited.”

When DHB hit the free agent market this past offseason he wanted to find a place with a winning culture.

The Colts fit that bill and the five-year wide receiver is now apart of an organization that has high expectations year in and year out.

“Just the way they do their business around here,” Heyward-Bey said of what made him choose Indianapolis.

“It’s all about making sure everybody’s comfortable, making sure all the players are taken care of, and winning. To go from 2-14 to 11 wins in one season, that’s amazing, and that starts from the bottom. It starts from the owner all the way down to the equipment guys.”

Check back with later in the week for another camp update from Darrius Heyward-Bey. Here was a one-on-one interview from DHB after Sunday morning’s walk-through practice.

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3 Takeaways from Day One: Competition, Griff Whalen and the Secondary among the highlights

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:10 pm

The 2013 Colts training camp is underway with the team embarking on a two and a half hour afternoon practice on Sunday.

A crowd of 4,100 fans watched over the Anderson University practice fields with the Colts in shells to start training camp.

Here are three takeaways from Day One…

  1. The “cauldron of competition” is in full swing: Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson spent all offseason wanting competition and that’s exactly what they’ve got with training camp underway.temp2013_0728_TC_1381--nfl_mezz_1280_1024

Across both units, the talent extends well into the Colts’ second units and many of the matchups in training camp will have the coaches attention.

My favorite from day one comes when the receivers and corners got after each other in one-on-one battles.

Watching Reggie Wayne vs. Vontae Davis and Darrius Heyward-Bey vs. Greg Toler was entertaining all afternoon, with each player winning different reps.

There was Wayne’s left-handed snag followed by a Davis pass breakup right in front of the packed bleachers.

Pagano and Grigson will have their hands full trying to trim this roster down to 53 players come September.

  1. Don’t sleep on the Stanford product Griff Whalen: Who led the Colts in receiving during last year’s preseason?

Whalen would be the answer with his 12 catches for 125 yards.

Unfortunately a foot injury sidelined Whalen for his rookie season but the 2012 undrafted free agent is fresh off a productive offseason in his collegiate offense.

Whalen has a chance to get some important reps early on in the season and he made a strong case for that on Sunday afternoon.

What Whalen lacks in size, he makes up for with Spiderman like hands and showed the abilities to rise for several catches in traffic.

  1. The Colts secondary is hungry for turnovers: If you looked purely at the takeaways number of the Colts last season, the playoffs should have been an afterthought.

However, the Colts overcame the third fewest (15) takeaways in the NFL last year.

During the offseason, the secondary spoke up about the need to create more turnovers.

Sunday was proof of that with the highlight of the afternoon coming when Cassius Vaughn had an interception for a touchdown during 11-on-11 work.

Darius Butler also added a pair of interceptions on the afternoon.

Something about LaRon Landry’s presence down the middle of the field that I think will force opposing quarterback’s to look towards the outside patterns in 2013.

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Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 6:48 pm

Here are some videos that we have been posting to our official Instagram account. Follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes footage of Colts Camp.

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The Colts are asking for help with a missing person case

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:29 am

It has come to the Colts attention that a good friend of the team, Phil Paligraf, has gone missing.

The Colts are asking for help on any information on possible whereabouts of Paligraf who was last seen in Crawfordsville, Indiana on Saturday afternoon.

Paligraf was believed to be heading back to Indianapolis.

Any piece of information can help.

Please contact 317-773-1282 with information.

Below is a picture of Paligraf and his missing pickup truck:



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Bjoern Werner eager for his first NFL training camp

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:00 am

Bjoern Werner isn’t revealing any secrets.

He knows that in the next few days Werner will have to stand in front of his Colts teammates and sing a song that will inevitably invoke a room full of laughter.

What might the song of choice be?

“It’s a surprise,” Werner said with a rye smile.

“I have something planned already. We have a rookie talent show so I’m probably the first one to go up.”

That smile is the same one the Colts have seen for the three months that Werner has been in the NFL.temp2013_0727_TC_0483--nfl_mezz_1280_1024

The rookie is simply happy to be playing professional football and while some veterans dread the three-week training camp, Werner could not be more thrilled.

“It’s my first time that I have to go somewhere for training camp. That’s something new to me right away,” Werner said.

“I’m pretty excited about it and seeing each other 24/7. I can’t wait.”

Earlier this week, Werner signed his rookie contract and while there was never a doubt it could get done prior to training camp, the Colts first round draft pick is happy to have it done.

“Now I can focus on football,” Werner said. “I’m part of this team now and I’m trying to help the team win.”

While last season it was a foregone conclusion that Andrew Luck was going to be the Colts starting quarterback, there are some questions surrounding this year’s first round draft pick and his role as an outside linebacker

  • Can Werner make the transition to a new stand-up position?
  • Will he be more of a third-down pass-rushing specialist?
  • Is Werner better suited for the RUSH or WILL outside position?

Speaking with Werner on Saturday would indicate that those questions are the least of his worries.

“Honestly, I have no expectations for myself,” Werner said.

“I just want to come in and work hard every day and see what happens. I had so much fun doing OTAs and minicamp and stuff like that. So, being here all day with them, even when I’m the rookie, is going to be fun.”

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Colts Daily Headlines: July 28th Edition

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:03 am

The Colts have moved into Anderson and the 2013 training camp is about to commence. The discussions on Saturday surrounded around a Kenyan rugby player, Reggie Wayne’s arrival, Andrew Luck’s take on the new offense and the physicality of the Colts defense.

Each morning will take a look at the top headlines surrounding the Indianapolis Colts from around the globe. What is the local and national media saying about the Colts?

Take a look below at the top pieces from Sunday, July 28th.  

Colts new acquisition Adongo learns NFL basics like how to put on a helmet

By: Mike Chappell, Indy Star

Five days into life in the United States, Daniel Adongo was very poised.

The 23-year old rugby player is about to embark on his first experience of playing football.

For the past two weeks Adongo and the Colts have communicated via e-mail.

“To get an email from a National Football League team, you definitely know they’re not kidding,” he said.

What can Adongo bring to the Colts?

“Servitude, loyalty, aggression, physicality and being a team man,” he said. “Being the person I am, I went with my gut feeling. If something feels right, I’m not going to dodge (it) or second-guess myself.

“Rugby is always going to be there. To have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity felt right to me.”

Wayne arrives at AU in helicopter

By: George Bremer, The Herald Bulletin

The grand entrance came via the sky as Reggie Wayne entered the 2013 training camp via the co-pilot’s seat of an IU Health Life Line helicopter.

His message behind the arrival…

“I sat back and thought, ‘We’ve got a pretty good team,'” Wayne said after stepping out of the chopper on the intramural fields beside the AU soccer field. “I really think our team this year is better than last year. If we don’t hurt ourselves, the sky’s the limit for us. So … why not come in through the sky?”

Wayne arrived with a special guest, Matt Sercer, a 20-year-old farmer from Plainfield who lost a foot — and nearly his life — in a farm accident last December. Doctors told Sercer he would never walk again, but he had little trouble stepping out of the helicopter beside Wayne.

“Guys like Matt and stories like Matt are the real heroes, they’re the real heroes,” Wayne said. “And it inspires you to go out there and do great and prove people wrong. A lot of people didn’t think Matt was going to be able to walk again, and he’s out here moonwalking with me.”

Luck embraces old-school attack

By: George Bremer, The Herald Bulletin

Luck hasn’t offered to many particulars when describing what the new Colts offense will look like in 2013.

The second-year quarterback offered a little insight into Pep Hamilton’s scheme upon arriving to Anderson on Saturday.

“I think it’ll be a detailed, exact offense,” Luck said. “We have a fullback now as opposed to last year. That’ll be the biggest difference I think people notice. Personnel and formations change a little bit because of that. It’s still football. At the end of the day, football is football whether you’re (new Philadelphia Eagles head coach) Chip Kelly of whatever offense you’re running. It’s football.”

Like the 23-year old that he is, Luck was giddy heading to Anderson for three weeks.

“I love camp,” Luck said. “Last night, going to bed, it’s like you’re a little kid before your first day of school. You’re nervous. You don’t know what to expect. It’s a nice way to sort of forget about the world and focus on football. It’s simple in that way, and I enjoy it. It’s fun.”

Colts ready to get physical on defense

By: Rick Teverbaugh, The Herald Bulletin

There is a bit of swagger across the Colts defense in 2013 and the backend of the secondary might be the most physical unit.

Antoine Bethea is paired with LaRon Landry and the Colts veteran described what exactly a physical defense means.

“A mindset. Have a mindset and just keep that mindset all the way through the season,” he said. “We want to be a physical defense, and we just need to start that here in camp. Being physical 16 games, 60 minutes. Everybody always says it starts up front, but we got to have 11 guys out there striking. I just think when opposing offenses see that on film, when they get out there they know, have a sense that we are going to have 11 guys out there running around. Might have guys tip-toeing on the other side of the ball.”

Bethea has spent eight years as a part of the Indy defense, and he is pondering that this year’s team might be as physical as any team on which he’s played.

“I think it can,” he said. “We’ve been talking, it maybe was my second year when it was myself, Bob (Sanders), Kelvin (Hayden), Marlin (Jackson), we had some physical guys on the defense. But with LaRon (Landry), Vontae (Davis), Greg (Toler), really our whole defense, we have something special, I think.”

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