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As The Koala Bear Stretches Out From Hibernation

Posted by coltsindianapolis on August 5, 2013 – 9:46 am

Actually that’s not true. Firstly a “Koala” is a marsupial not a bear. And secondly, they don’t hibernate, though Koalas are said to be a in a state of permanently stoned because they live exclusively on a diet of eucalyptus leaves! However, the days have been getting longer so I am excited and not just because spring is coming, the mating season, but rather the NFL is upon us! July is the middle month of winter here down under and I know you are feeling sorry for us. After all the average temperature was so cold at 19 degrees Celsius…..that’s a tad over 66 degrees Fahrenheit. So cold, hardly got to the beach, but all that is behind us now. The Hall of Fame game is moments away as I write this blog, and for all COLTS STRONG people we are turning our stomachs over with adrenalin charged excitement. The big question that those outside our COLTSTRONG fraternity are asking is: “how will the sophomore jinx affect the Colts this year?”  Yet we realize that last year our quarterback was sacked no less than forty one times; our quarter back will tell you, he was angry at himself for throwing too many interceptions; our defense let through more yardage than they were proud of. Even so, we made the playoffs! So we believe that with an ounce of luck, (actually 239 pounds of Luck and standing 6-4), we are entitled to be feeling some confidence. Regardless of results we still remain COLTSTRONG.


Remember, it’s 9am Monday, August 5th over here and I have just started work; I’ll be consulting soon, but I have my NFL Game>Pass subscription so I won’t be missing a game this year. But whenever and wherever our boys take the field, my heart will be with them and my thoughts with all of you. And my prayers that the upcoming winter is kind to all in Indiana. I think of you as my brothers and sisters, all part of my Indianapolis family. I pray that God keeps you all safe (please Lord, few injuries on the gridiron too), and you continue to prosper and be rewarded for your labor. When I was over there last year, every person I met treated me with such kindness and it is explained in your geographical location, for if America were a human body, Indianapolis stands exactly where you find the heart. Thank you one and all in Indianapolis; now let’s hold on to our hats because here we go!


Rooting for the Colts a half a world away.  Our resident Aussie blogger, Rob Zammit, is a veterinarian and dedicated Colts fan.

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  1. By Tootie on Aug 21, 2013 | Reply

    The koala is quiet – hope he is o.k.and hasn’t overdosed on gum leaves!

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