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Kerwynn Williams catching the eye of important people

Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 23, 2013 – 9:00 am

With Delone Carter being traded earlier this week, a few more reps have opened up at the running back position.

One back who has gotten a ton of reps for the Colts this training camp is Kerwynn Williams.

The 2013 seventh-round draft pick has made the most of those chances.

“Every time he touches the ball, he seems to make things happen,” head coach Chuck Pagano said earlier this week. “Whether it’s returning kicks, returning punts, lining up at tailback, he’s done a lot of good things.

“He’s got good vision, quick feet. He’s a tough kid, a quick study, quick learner. He’s a guy that has caught everybody’s eye and making a case for himself to make this roster.”

Kerwynn Williams’ Stats

  Bills Giants
Touches 12 14
Yards 126 72


Against the Bills, Williams returned five kicks for 89 yards, and touched the ball via rush, catch and punt return an additional seven times.

The following week against the Giants, Williams had a kick return for 22 yards and two punt returns for 21 yards.

Those number of reps should not dwindle as the Colts head into the final preseason games of 2013.

“He’s one of the guys that has been somewhat opportunistic as far as getting an opportunity to make a play and of course making the play,” offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said of Williams.

“He’s been able to create his own yards. Even in our scrimmages over the course of training camp, he shows a knack for making a guy miss in the hole and getting more out of plays that in most cases you would think we’re starting to break down. He’s done well for himself.”

Williams was very politically correct when talking about his first NFL training camp.

He feels as if he’s improving each week with the biggest challenge coming with the multiple opposing defenses and picking them up in pass blocking situations.

As a late round draft pick fighting to secure his spot on the 53-man roster it’s pretty clear that Williams play alone is doing enough talking.

“I’m definitely trying to do the best that I can and hopefully I can continue to do that and earn that praise.”

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2 Responses to “Kerwynn Williams catching the eye of important people”

  1. By zachary haskamp on Aug 26, 2013 | Reply

    This guy will make for an amazing pair along-side Ballard. I see the RB’s of the Colts to be just as big a discussion this year as the Safety’s. This team has made MONSTER SIZED moves this postseason and we are seeing the actual “results” right now in the preseason. I don’t know that the Colts will have any greater success than what Ballard would offer with Bradshaw. I think the best duo here, is Ballard and Williams. I see a great future for this young very super athletic guy. I will be paying very close attention to the decisions that will be made this next week. I know this guy can do amazing things. I am not sure after seeing his returning attempts against Cleveland, that that is where he belongs, but as a back he is HUGE. In my personal, but yet unprofessional opinion, I believe Kerwynn Williams is the best back pick next to Ballard. Bradshaw will be interesting to see as well, but for the Colts long-term future Williams is the key player. On other notes I think the Colts have made great progress in the safeties, Swanson looked great against the Bills, Werner looks to be the Colts No. 1 pick, Heyward-bey looks like a perfect addition to Wayne and T.Y., the lines Offensive and Defensive have changed dramatically, that is where I believe the Couching staff has made the best overall adjustments. I think the staff will make the best determinations needed and will be very difficult decisions that must be made. Though the only bit I have to complain about is that the Colts over the last ten years have held on to people that are injury-prone or just are very inconsistent, like Coby Fleener and Donald Brown-his past season performances have not been well at all. He has always average low average runs per game and has miss many blocks. In that opinion, which may not be agreed with by the majority, I think the Colts should honestly part ways with these two particular guys. Coby Fleener has not looked like an NFL player once since he’s been on the field and has been out for multiple injuries. I know it is early to say, but he could be another Bob Sanders, in that since. I think and am sure with the moves made this year and the game to game, and attack the Colts bring to the table this year even with one of the toughest if not the toughest schedule, they will win their division and be in the top four teams at seasons end. This is the perfect team in the making and one very well designed and structured team on both sides of the ball. I can’t wait to see what they can overcome and concur.

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