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“Be Inspired” Pork Tailgate Recipe Contest – Dolphins

Posted by on September 13, 2013 – 5:20 pm

The Colts and Indiana Pork have partnered in search of the best pork tailgate recipe in all of Colts Nation, and guess who is in charge of it? Yours truly! We’re going to be searching for the best pork tailgate recipes you have to offer. This week, our favorite was from Paul Woolsey of Indianapolis, Indiana. I must admit, this is something I have NEVER heard of, but man does it sound delicious!

Hoosier Dog
1 ea 3 oz cubed pork cutlet
3 oz Buttermilk
3 oz Seasoned Flour
2oz Crushed Crackers
1 ea Hot Dog
1 ea Hoagie Roll
3 oz shredded pork
1 oz BBQ sauce
2 oz Corn Salsa (recipe below)
1 oz Shagbark Mustard Sauce (recipe below)
1 oz Bacon Bits

1. Dip lightly pounded pork cutlet into buttermilk
2. Combine Seasoned Flour and Crushed Crackers
3. Dredge pork cutlet into flour and crushed cracker mixture
4. Roll Hot Dog into Breaded Pork Cutlet and secure with tooth picks
5. Deep Fry until golden brown
6. Place Hoosier Dog into warmed Hoagie Roll
7. Top with Shredded BBQ Pulled Pork, Corn Salsa, Shagbark Mustard Sauce and Bacon Bits

Corn Salsa
1 Jar of your favorite Salsa
½ Can of Corn Kernels

1. Combine Well

Shagbark Mustard Sauce
2 oz Yellow Mustard
1 TBSP Shagbark Syrup or good quality Maple Syrup

This could very well be the best use of a pork cutlet I’ve ever seen! Paul will receive a prize pack consisting of a $75 Meijer gift certificate, Bacon Nation Cook Book, Indiana Pork Apron, Colts hat, Colts yearbook and Colts 2012 Season DVD. PLUS he will be entered into the grand prize which is the Traeger Lil’ Pig Grill.

Think your recipe has what it takes? Enter it here.

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

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