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Cory Redding on Chuck Pagano: “You want to go through a brick wall for that guy”

Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 10, 2013 – 11:00 am

On Wednesday, Colts defensive end Cory Redding joined The Jim Rome Show.

As usual, Redding was a great interview and he shared some interesting insights with Rome.

Here are a few of the highlights:

On coming back against Seattle:

“It just shows the heart of our team and the true grit, no matter what. Coach always talks about taking it one play at a time and don’t judge. What do you mean by don’t judge? Whenever somebody maybe isn’t going as strong, don’t start pointing fingers. It ain’t about that. It’s about team development. Don’t judge, play one-play-at-a-time.”

On Chuck Pagano and the love his team has for him:

“That’s the character of Chuck. He built that relationship with the people throughout the building in the offseason. He’s talking to you about your family, about your personal life, more than just football. You have some coaches that are just all football and that’s cool, but when you’ve got a coach that cares about you off the field, more than on the field, you will want to go through a brick wall for that guy. He was hit with that situation last year and we just rallied behind him. That’s our job.”

On if it feels like this team is going to be great:

“That’s our goal. Why step on the field if you are not chasing greatness? That’s the mindset of every man in this locker room, we’ve bought in, we’ve pushed all our chips in. We are throwing everything in there because we know we have one heck of a coach, one heck of a team and this is a great organization. We are looking each other in the eye, telling each other, “I’ve got your back, no matter what.”

On how good Andrew Luck can be:

“You all have no clue (laughs). Jim, when I tell you that you have no clue with this kid… this kid is amazing. This is a great situation for him to be in. He’s got that grit, that fight, wants to have the ball in his hands all the time. He’s real, real critical of himself. Whenever he messes up, he’s the first one to cuss himself out because he knows he could have done better. This kid is going to be something spectacular down the road.”

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