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Jerrell Freeman knows what lies ahead, but happy to be done with the read-option

Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 10, 2013 – 9:00 am

On perhaps the last read-option play the Colts defense will face in a while, it seemed fitting Jerrell Freeman made the tackle.

With Russell Wilson having only Freeman to maneuver around before endless green turf in his sights, there was the Colts inside linebacker stopping the Seattle quarterback on a key third-and-two in the fourth quarter.temp2013_1006_SEA_6511--nfl_mezz_1280_1024

“I got to get him down,” Freeman said of what was going through his mind when he saw Wilson in the open field.

“I knew he was going to go to that stiff-arm. He tried to throw it out there and I just knocked it down and made the tackle. I just ended up being one-on-one with him. It was like yeah, just got to make this play. I was like, he’s not about to outrun me, so I definitely got to go get him before he gets this first down.”

Freeman’s game-high 13 tackles against the Seahawks puts him 10th in the NFL in tackles after five weeks.

The Colts defense will now transition to one of the league’s best passers in Philip Rivers but Freeman is glad to see the read-option absent from the schedule for a while.

“Rivers presents his own problems. He is a gun-slinger,” Freeman said. “He puts the ball where he wants it. He just brings a lot of knowledge of the game.

“We got a nice little string of quarterbacks we’re going to play here that do the same thing, so we’re definitely going to have to be on our P’s and Q’s about disguising things and not letting him see what we’re doing.”

Now in his second season as the signal caller of the Colts 3-4 defense, Freeman says the familiarity in this scheme has allowed his game to grow (3.0 sacks in 2013).

Pagano acknowledges the plays Freeman made on Sunday and the head coach loves what he’s seeing from the Colts 2012 leading tackler.

“He’s just starting to pick up where he left off last season, coming on the scene and playing as well as he played last year and all the production that he had,” Pagano said of Freeman.

“He’s a tremendous athlete. He’s got great speed and he’s got a nose for the football and he’s got playmaking ability.”

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