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Colts Daily Headlines: October 18th Edition

Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 18, 2013 – 8:45 am

The Colts will conclude their practice schedule for Denver later this morning. Today’s news looks at Robert Mathis facing his former teammate and Pep Hamilton’s game plan this week.

Take a look below at the top pieces from Friday, October 18th.  

Colts LB Robert Mathis finally gets to hit Peyton Manning

By: Stephen Holder, Indy Star

This time there will be no one in a Colts shirt that will reprimand Robert Mathis for hitting Peyton Manning on Sunday night.

Tempting as it might have been, Robert Mathis always knew the price for hitting Peyton Manning during any of the thousands of practice sessions in which they faced off was much too high.

“If you come within two yards of him, you might get cut,” Mathis joked Thursday. “That’s just the truth.”

The Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker has registered an astounding 101 sacks in an illustrious 11-season career. But he has never laid a finger on Manning, who is superior to any of the dozens of quarterbacks Mathis has taken down. Mathis finally gets the chance Sunday night when the Denver Broncos visit Lucas Oil Stadium in an AFC showdown pitting Manning against his former team.

Quarterbacks are considered off limits in practice in the NFL, and any player who makes contact with one will learn a difficult lesson. Coaches have been known to throw players out of practice for such a violation. That’s all the more true when that player is Manning, the personification of a franchise quarterback.

Just ask Mathis, who once nearly made what might have been a career-altering mistake.

“I came pretty close (to hitting Manning) my rookie year,” Mathis sheepishly admitted. “I got an earful from more than just the coaches. You learn from it.”

Colts’ Hamilton hoping to grind out long drives against Broncos

By: Tom James, The Terre Haute Tribune

Even though Pep Hamilton won’t be game planning against Peyton Manning this week, what he does from a play calling standpoint could dictate the impact for the 16-year veteran.

As for Hamilton’s gameplan, it’s relatively simple. Play keep away. Limit the number of opportunities that Denver’s offense is on the field. Don’t get into a play-for-play, point-for-point scenario. Control the tempo.

“It’s important for us to control the line of scrimmage and establish a running game. I feel like that’s the formula that works for us,” Hamilton said Thursday.

“We had a few games where we won the time-of-possession battle and as we all know in this room, we didn’t do that this past Monday night [in a 19-9 loss at San Diego]. We feel like it’s important that we control the line of scrimmage.”

But while the plan is pretty basic, executing it will be the tough part.

“Quite naturally, the game and the score of the game will dictate what we’re able to do offensively. So the flow of the game, it’ll kind of take care of itself,” the Colts’ assistant coach said. “It’s our goal as an offense to, at the end of the game, have at least one more point than the opponent and have a chance to win the game, of course.”

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