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“Be Inspired” Pork Tailgate Recipe Contest Winner – Broncos

Posted by on October 19, 2013 – 6:51 pm

The Colts and Indiana Pork have partnered in search of the best pork tailgate recipe in all of Colts Nation, and guess who is in charge of it? Yours truly! We’re going to be searching for the best pork tailgate recipes you have to offer. This week’s  winner is Gabrielle Lewis from St. Paul, Indiana. Not only does the recipe sound AMAZING, it gives you a variety of options. Not one, not two, not even three or four varieties of deliciousness, BUT five different types of sandwiches all within the same sandwich  to really get your tailgate squealing! This right here is the “Glutton for Pork Lovin’ – Open Face 5 Little Pig Sandwich”

Glutton for Pork Lovin’ – Open Face 5 Little Pig Sandwich
• This sandwich may take a lot of effort and it may be pork overkill, if such a thing even exists, but it is well worth it in the end! THIS IS A FORK SANDWICH.

You will need 8 slices of bread or 8 Hamburger Buns – preferably toasted.

#1 Little Pig –
1 lb – Pork Sausage (plain roll style, unflavored breakfast sausage)
1 lb – Pork Chorizo (Hot or Mild, I prefer HOT)
Combine Pork Sausage with Pork Chorizo until well combined.
Divide and form into 8 – 4oz Pork Burgers
Cook over charcoal (my preference) until fully cooked. Reserve – HOT, until ready for assembly

#2 Little Pig –
1 lb – Pulled Pork
4 oz – Of your favorite BBQ Sauce
Store bought or Smokehouse bought Pulled Pork will work just fine, unless you are like me and have to smoke your own. If you choose to smoke your own – you know the way…
Otherwise, combine the Pulled Pork and your Favorite BBQ Sauce on the stove and bring it up to temperature. Wrap and hold – HOT, until ready for assembly.

#3 Little Pig –
16 ea – Thick Slices of Bacon
Prepare this in your normal fashion, crispy or not. Reserve – HOT, until ready for assembly.

#4 Little Pig –
8 ea – 3 oz Breaded Tenderloins
Deep Fried and reserved – HOT, until ready for assembly
Breaded Tenderloin Recipe:
8 ea – 3oz Cubed Pork Tenderloins
2 Cups – Milk
1 ea – Egg
2 oz Flour
In a mixing bowl, combine Milk, Egg and Flour mix together well – set to side
1 Cup – Flour
1 Tbsp – Seasoned Salt (more or less to your taste)
1 Cup – Crushed Crackers
In another mixing bowl, combine the Flour, Seasoned Salt and Crushed Crackers
Dip the Cubed Pork Tenderloins (one by one) into the Milk, Egg and Flour mixture coating well, but allowing excess batter to drip off.
Then dredge the Pork tenderloins into the Flour, Seasoned Salt and Crushed Cracker mixture, ensuring they are coated well.
Deep fry each one until golden brown and done.

#5 Little Pig –
Sausage Gravy
1 lb Pork Sausage (plain roll style, unflavored breakfast sausage)
3 oz Flour
½ gallon – Milk
Salt and Pepper (to your taste)
Brown off Pork Sausage in skillet until cooked. Add flour and continue to cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Slowly add the Milk and cook until it thickens. Season with Salt and Pepper – Reserve – HOT…

Ready for assembly –
Take toasted bread or bottom of hamburger bun and put on a plate.
1. Place Pork Burger on top of Bread
2. Top Burger with BBQ Pulled Pork
3. Add 2 slices of cooked Bacon
4. Top that with the Fried Breaded Tenderloin
5. SMOTHER with Sausage Gravy

I like to top mine with some Frank’s Hot Sauce!

This WILL NOT let you down!!!

Gabrielle will receive a prize pack consisting of a $75 Meijer gift certificate, Bacon Nation Cook Book, Indiana Pork Apron, Colts hat, Colts yearbook and Colts 2012 Season DVD. PLUS he will be entered into the grand prize which is the Traeger Lil’ Pig Grill.

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

Think your recipe has what it takes? Enter it here.

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