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Pagano talks Reggie Wayne’s surgery, return from bye week and his team’s outlook on the 2nd half

Posted by Kevin Bowen on October 29, 2013 – 9:37 am

With the regular season back in action, the Chuck Pagano show returns hosted by ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday nights (Tuesday this week due to Monday Night game).

Here’s some of the highlights from Pagano’s show following the team’s bye week:

On the tempo of Monday’s practice:

“They were really on point. They were fresh obviously and eager to get back out there. The mental part of it was great but the speed at which they practiced at and the tempo, it was a little bit shorter then normal, but it was outstanding.”

On Reggie Wayne’s surgery last Friday:

“That phone doesn’t stop blowing up. He’s watching games yesterday. You get a text every five, 10 minutes, “Coach, did you see that? Could you believe what they just did there?” Surgery went well. It was last Friday down in Miami. Spirits are good. He’s going to take it one day at a time, like everybody has to do and just keep chopping wood as we say. He’s already started his rehab. He’s going at it three times a day. It’s Reggie being Reggie so if there’s any doubters out there, forget it.”

On playing Houston and five divisional games to close out the year:

“We are happy where we are at but records don’t mean anything, especially with a division game, on the road. These guys, the past two years they’ve been the division champions. We just got to stick to the process. The minute you start reading the press clippings, the minute you start patting yourself on the back, that’s when you get your fanny kicked. We know how hard it is to play down there, great football team.”

On the resiliency of his football team:

“We’ve got a tight group, great locker room, great veteran leadership. They just won’t allow themselves to buy into the notion that because we’ve lost this guy, that guy, whoever, we will never use that as an excuse. There’s no player, no coach, nobody in this organization who will ever use that as an excuse. We hate to lose anybody. We know that’s part of the game. That’s why we stress to these guys week-in-and-week-out that you never know when you’re number is going to get called. You may not be a starter today but make sure you are preparing for a starter because you never know.”

On the biggest improvements from last season to 2013:

“Being familiar on the defensive side system wise and even though we changed coordinators on the offensive side, the guys have done a great job on both sides of the ball. We are taking care of the little things. You look at turnover margin—plus 7, you look at penalties, leading the league or top two in the league in (fewest committed) penalties. We are not shooting ourselves in the foot. We are taking care of the football, managing the game. We are doing the little things.”

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2 Responses to “Pagano talks Reggie Wayne’s surgery, return from bye week and his team’s outlook on the 2nd half”

  1. By Aaron on Oct 30, 2013 | Reply

    gotta beat us. we ain’t gonna beat ourselves.

  2. By Don Green on Oct 30, 2013 | Reply

    Get well Reggie you will be soooo missed but take care of yourself and don’t come back until you are 100% you deserve it. Colts forever Reggie Reggie Reggie!!!

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