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Matt Hasselbeck previews his former team, the Tennessee Titans

Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 13, 2013 – 9:00 am

There’s no player on the Colts roster that has a better understanding of Thursday night’s opponent then Matt Hasselbeck.

From 2011-2012, Hasselbeck started 21 games at the quarterback position for the Titans.

Earlier this week, “Voice of the Colts” Bob Lamey caught up with Hasselbeck to preview the 4-5 Titans.

On what Hasselbeck thinks the Titans mindset is heading into Thursday night:

“They are in a similar situation, probably a little embarrassed to lose a game at home like we did. It’s Thursday Night Football, they don’t get many nationally televised games at home. Their crowd will be into it. Their backs are up against the wall. Their season is up against the wall so we know it’s going to be just as tough of game as any game this season. We need to be ready to go in a short week.”

On what Hasselbeck has seen from the Titans defense:

“I think what you’ve seen is they create a lot of turnovers. That’s been their difference in the start of the season this year and the games they’ve won versus the games they haven’t won. They really have created turnovers, particularly in the secondary. I don’t know if it’s a case of educated guessing but these are things we have to find out in our film study. How are they able to come up with those turnovers?”

On Titans quarterback Jake Locker being lost for the season and new starter Ryan Fitzpatrick:

“It’s too bad for Jake. It’s one thing after another with his injuries and I hope he gets better soon. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very, very smart player, surprisingly athletic and he kind of gets on streaks where he gets hot. If he gets hot, look out, he’s real dangerous.”

On elusive Titans running back Chris Johnson and the challenge he presents:

“He’s kind of like a track guy. He doesn’t break a lot of tackles but if you do give him an open hole, he’s got the big play ability to take it to the house.”

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One Response to “Matt Hasselbeck previews his former team, the Tennessee Titans”

  1. By Ray on Nov 13, 2013 | Reply

    I’m glad Matt is on our team. He’s a good QB and brings a lot of knowledge to the position for Luck to lean on. The insight/Intel is great however I’m sure they change the def calls around since he’s been gone but the players MO/tendencies will always remain the same which I hope will help us in the end.. Let go guys, let’s get this one, we need it. Lets go Blue.

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