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Colts Players can Attest to Playmaking Ability of Chris Rainey

Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 20, 2013 – 2:56 pm

Weslye Saunders was keeping something from his teammates on Wednesday morning.

They knew Saunders had played with new running back Chris Rainey in Pittsburgh and against him in college.

Yet, Saunders wanted his teammates to get their own look at the electric Rainey on the football field before he offered his own opinion.

“We are getting a special player,” Saunders said of Rainey. “That guy is a hell of a player. Tough little dude.”

The 5-9, 180-pound Rainey is known for his All-American track speed that he showcased in the University of Florida’s spread offense.

Rainey was chosen in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL draft and played in all 16 games of his rookie season with the Steelers.

Whether it was running the ball (26 carries for 102 yards), catching it (14 receptions for 60 yards) or impacting the game on special teams (39 kick returns for 1,035 yards), Rainey showcased his versatility last season.

However, the Steelers cut Rainey after an off the field incident in early January.

Rainey is “blessed” to have a second chance and says he has learned from his mistakes.

“Hell yeah,” Rainey said when asked if he’s learned. “Eleven months is a long time, so I’m just glad to be back.”

In practice on Wednesday, Rainey worked as a return man and also a scout team running back.

His dynamic ability was used in multiple ways at Florida and while he’s not exactly sure where he will fit in with the Colts, he’s grateful to be back in the NFL and playing for a contenting team.

“I know I’m a playmaker,” Rainey said. “I came to help the team win. Wherever they put me, I’ll be ready.”

As a former SEC opponent, Colts nose tackle Josh Chapman can attest to Rainey’s playmaking ability.

Safe to say Chapman is glad to have Rainey in his locker room this time around.

“We got a fast, dangerous player,” Chapman said of Rainey.

“You don’t find many small guys that run that tough. He’s pretty fast and I know I don’t like chasing him.”

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10 Responses to “Colts Players can Attest to Playmaking Ability of Chris Rainey”

  1. By startputtingthepastbehindme on Nov 21, 2013 | Reply

    He already had his “second chance” at Pittsburgh after having stalked his ex-girlfriend while in FL BEFORE he played for the Steelers. Then he slaps his girlfriend last winter while in Pittsburgh. Why is Grigson bringing these kind of characters into our team? No man is lower than one that would hit a woman. I hope the boos rain down from LOS if he EVER plays a game there in a Colts uniform!

  2. By Chase on Nov 21, 2013 | Reply

    Glad we got him! Hopefully he can help get some more spark in our special teams! Maybe have a role in our offence? that would be nice!

  3. By Leon Dawit on Nov 21, 2013 | Reply

    Why do you call yourself “Start putting the past behind me”.

  4. By Tony Ping on Nov 21, 2013 | Reply

    Yeah really who has the pseudonym “start putting the past behind me” blasts a guy for some bad decisions in his past. Look I give Rainey some benefit of the doubt because if i didnt make a few dumb decisions I would be nowhere near where im at. Im glad to have him as a Colt I hope his abilities make you eat your words.

  5. By Andy on Nov 22, 2013 | Reply

    Its so easy to throw stones behind a keyboard.
    As with Polian, I put my faith in Chuck and Ryan, otherwise I wouldnt wear my blue on Sunday.
    Do I think everyone on the team is a perfect human being.. ?? Probably not. Do I think finger pointers are perfect..?? Not for me to say! I know people I work with that have done far worse, I still have to work with them and I am one of the lucky few that can say, I love my Job!
    This is our team, Indy is lucky to even have a team to love. Im for one glad they are here and hope everyone does the most between the lines when they have the chance.
    I cant imagine any Colts fan watching the team hiost the Lombadi trophy and thinking.. boy that man they signed is a bad person.. If thats where your mind goes you will never enjoy anything.
    I shall not cast the stone, nor judge those that do. That part is already taken care of, and not by me.
    Bring another one home for us!
    And thank you for being here!

  6. By ColtIUFan on Nov 23, 2013 | Reply

    While I don’t agree with abuse to women I do believe in self defense. Whether that is the case with Chris Rainey or not I do not know and I will not place judgment against him. I will tell you this – I will defend my family, myself and my home regardless of peoples opinion. Now as for your comment and opinion “No man is lower than one that would hit a woman.” I respectfully disagree. One that would harm a child or commit murder rank higher on my list of “No Man/Person is Lower”.

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