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Andrew Luck talks Reggie Wayne, the young receivers and Trent Richardson

Posted by Kevin Bowen on November 22, 2013 – 10:00 am

Andrew Luck was a guest of Reggie Wayne’s earlier this week on the “Query and Schultz Show” in Indianapolis.

While Wayne joined the show for the first time since his injury, Luck was making his debut.

Here are some of Luck’s highlights from the show:

On having Reggie Wayne back for the Houston game and now in the building:

“I don’t think he could survive sitting at home, watching the guys play without him. His drive and his motivation, even being hurt, he’s still such a locker room presence, still such a voice for the team. I think we wanted him back. Obviously, Mr. Irsay made it happen with whatever strings he pulled. I was very happy to see Reggie walk into the team meeting the night before the game and give us some words and it means a lot when he’s here. It really does.”

On Wayne’s presence now around the complex:

“You can tell he’s taken on more of a coaching role in a sense and breaking it down for T.Y. Hilton, LaVon Brazill or the other guys, or helping (Coby) Fleener out with releases. He’s still incredibly actively involved because again he’s still apart of the Colts fabric. I can’t imagine the Colts without Reggie Wayne. You just don’t imagine it, so I’m thankful he’s around.”

On how the Colts offense is adjusting to life without Wayne:

“It’s definitely a transition. I think what I always admired about Reggie was third down he made a play. When you needed to make a play in the fourth quarter he was open, you needed a two-minute drive, Reggie was getting open. So to lose that safety net, if you will, is different. But I’ve been really impressed with how the other receivers, tight ends, have approached it as a challenge as the guy that gets open on a big third down.”

On Trent Richardson:

“I think he’s done great and I think it’s unfair the flak that he’s been catching from folks. They don’t understand what he’s doing protection wise, what he’s doing coming out of the backfield and how tough it is to switch teams midseason. He’s in Cleveland on a Wednesday then he’s in Indianapolis on a Thursday preparing for third down against another team. Never seen a playbook before, new teammates, new everything. I think the way he’s been able to adjust has been great. He’s a smart, smart football player. He’s a great football player. I think it will be a short amount of time before people get their heads around that.”

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2 Responses to “Andrew Luck talks Reggie Wayne, the young receivers and Trent Richardson”

  1. By sanford gilliam on Nov 27, 2013 | Reply

    am a big Colts fan!! but we need help at wide receiver only guy thats good, is T.Y HILTON,, andrew luck needs to find his tight end, more,, during games,, fleener is a big guy,,and hes fast andrew luck is more of a wide receiver guy,, then a tight end guy, he need to be more like brady, and throw to his tight ends more, like 80% of the time, and if its open throw to the wide outs,, since reggie wayne is out, now we see andrew luck, as a rookie,, a life with out riggie wayne,, andrew luck just need to trust his tight ends, more,, fleener should be a pro bowl nfl tight end,thats how good he is.

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