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“Be Inspired” Pork Tailgate Recipe Contest Winner – Jaguars

Posted by on December 28, 2013 – 8:15 pm

The Colts and Indiana Pork have partnered in search of the best pork tailgate recipe in all of Colts Nation, and guess who is in charge of it? Yours truly! We’re going to be searching for the best pork tailgate recipes you have to offer. This week’s  winner is Francisco Aguilar-Lopez from Greenfield, IN. Now, when it comes to pork, everyone knows that there is royalty in the pork kingdom that comes in the form of bacon… And what is better than bacon? Bacon stuffed with sausage. This “Bacon Bomb” recipe will explode in your mouth, literally!

1# of thick cut bacon
2#- your favorite ground sausage
2 TBS + 2 TBS- your favorite BBQ rub
1/4 cup- thin BBQ sauce

Hickory Chips
Hamburger Buns
Spicy Pickle Chips

Lay out the bacon in a tight lattice pattern as though you were making a top for a pie.
Make sure that the edges of the slices touch.

Season the bacon with the first 2 TBS of the rub

Form the sausage into a square patty that is slightly smaller than the bacon lattice.

Roll the entire bacon/sausage into a log, with the bacon on the outside.
Tuck the loose ends of the bacon around the log to seal the ends.

Season the entire log with the remaining rub.

Bring your smoker (or grill) to 225 degrees and add some of the hickory chips. (if using a grill, wood chips can be placed in a foil pouch with a few holes punched in to allow smoke to escape)
Place the Bacon Bomb onto the rack with the seam on the bottom.

Smoke to 160 degrees.
Brush with a thin bbq sauce and continue cooking to 165 degrees.

Remove the finished roll and allow to rest for about 8 minutes.
Slice into 3/4″ slices and serve on white buns with additional sauce and spicy pickle slices.

This recipe is a great base for experimentation;
Alternate stuffings..
Italian Sausage with Cubes of Mozzarella and Spicy Tomato glaze
Bratwurst with Swiss and Sauerkraut and Beer Mop

Francisco will receive a prize pack consisting of a $75 Meijer gift certificate, Bacon Nation Cook Book, Indiana Pork Apron, Colts hat, Colts yearbook and Colts 2012 Season DVD. PLUS he will be entered into the grand prize which is the Traeger Lil’ Pig Grill.

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

This is the GRAND PRIZE!!

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The roof will be closed for tomorrow’s matchup against the Jaguars

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