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Sophia Saucerman Ready to Represent the Colts at Punt, Pass & Kick National Finals

Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 10, 2014 – 3:58 pm

Sophia Saucerman will walk into enemy territory on Sunday wearing her Colts jersey proudly.

For the second straight year, Saucerman will represent the Colts at the National Punt Pass & Kick Finals.

Saucerman has moved up to 12-13-year old age group but is back on the national stage competing in Denver this weekend.

“It was really special because last year I was the oldest in my age division and this year I’m the youngest in the division so I was really excited that I made it,” Saucerman said on Friday.

The 52nd annual NFL Punt, Pass & Kick will take place Saturday at Valor Christian High School in Denver with the 40 finalists being honored at Mile High Stadium during the Bronco/Chargers game on Sunday afternoon.

The finals are routinely held in a city where the NFL team secured a playoff bye.

Last year’s competition took Saucerman down to Atlanta.

“The NFL threw out the red carpet for the kids,” Gus Saucerman, Sophia’s father, said of last year’s trip to Atlanta.

“It was unbelievable from flights down, transportation, great hotels, traveling in the bus, going underneath the stadiums, seeing the stadiums before the game was a very unique experience for her. It was a great experience seeing kids from across the country, and very, very talented kids.”

The remarkable feat of making back-to-back national appearances comes from a diligent work ethic for the younger Saucerman.

She participates in year around soccer for FC Pride and her skills at goalkeeper certainly translates to this competition.

Her favorite player is Colts punter Pat McAfee, who ironically enough won the 2003 Punt Pass & Kick National Finals.

On Saturday night, Saucerman will be shifting her eyes to the television set to cheer on her favorite team before turning around and representing them in Mile High Stadium the next day.

“She’s very excited and very proud to represent the Colts,” Gus said.

“She’s sporting the Colts jersey this weekend and hopefully she can pull something out for the Colts.”

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