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Coby Fleener Super Bowl Update: Day Two

Posted by Kevin Bowen on January 30, 2014 – 10:36 am

Intro: A few Colts players are a bit busy this week on the “other” side of the media. Coby Fleener is serving as a correspondent at the Super Bowl for Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback. What did Fleener see at Media Day on Tuesday?

INDIANAPOLIS— Coby Fleener is putting his Stanford education to work this week in covering one of the most action-packed weeks in sports.

As a correspondent for Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, Fleener is attending various media availabilities at Super Bowl XLVIII.

He will produce content for Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback and had his second piece published on Wednesday night.

Fleener is one of 6,329 media members credentialed this week and he experienced the chaos of Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday.

Yesterday, we saw Fleener’s video day from media day. His second piece looks at the sports clichés that the players are sticking to this week and how Fleener himself goes about media interviews.

Here are few excerpts from Fleener’s piece:

One thing I do know from being on both sides of the microphone is that football players (and professional athletes in general) are notorious for their clichéd answers. During my career I’ve been interviewed countless times, and I often wonder what the reporter could possibly get out of what I’m saying. I’m about as bland and clichéd as possible, and once the cameras are finally off some reporters actually give me a hard time about it.

Russell Wilson

What he said: “I expect to be fighting for a Super Bowl every year. That’s kind of our mindset. That’s our team. We have a championship mindset. Our goal is to go 1-0.”

Parsed: Are we a good team? You’re darn right we deserve to be here. Unlike every other team in the NFL, our goal is to win the Super Bowl at the end of the year. In case you guys thought our goal was different, we want to win this game.


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