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“Be Inspired” Pork Tailgate Recipe Contest Winner – Washington Week

Posted by on November 29, 2014 – 10:14 am

It’s a new Colts football season and that means that it’s tailgating season! Just like last year, the Colts and Indiana Pork have partnered in search of the best pork tailgate recipe in all of Colts Nation, and guess who is in charge of it? Yours truly! We’re going to be searching for the best pork tailgate recipes you have to offer. We want to see some creativity and of course plenty of pork! What something to sweeten the deal? How about a year supply of bacon! Yes, the grand prize winner will receive a year supply of bacon. The weekly winners will receive a prize package consisting of a $50 Meijer gift certificate,101 Things to Do With Bacon Book, Indiana Pork Apron, Colts hat, Colts yearbook and Colts 2013 Season DVD.

This week’s winning recipe comes from Areli B. of Hopkinton, MA  that has a very different twist on a tailgate and cookout staple. Now everyone has been to tailgates that serve up hot dogs. Some do the very basic ketchup, mustard and relish whereas some take it to the extreme. Areli’s recipe combines simplicity as well as unique flavors and textures then brings it all together with bacon. Grab a few ingredients at the store and you’re ready to go with these Bacon Burrito Dogs!

Bacon Burrito Dog
-8 Pork Hot dogs or sausages
-8 Fajita flour tortillas
-1 lb Bacon
-4 oz Shredded Monterrey cheese
-1 Tbs Canola oil
-Fresh salsa

Heat on low a cast iron skillet, add oil. Assemble the burritos by placing the hot dog and cheese and wrapping tight the tortilla (eggroll style). Wrap the bacon around the burrito. Cook the burrito and turn it around until the bacon is crisp. Cut into halves, serve with fresh salsa.

Bacon Burrito Dog






Thanks for sharing Areli! Think your tailgate recipe is better? Enter it here.

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