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Key to Future 3rd Down Success is Finding Managebale Situations

Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 19, 2013 – 2:20 pm

The slow starts for the Colts offense over the past two months have been difficult to put a finger on.

A lack of execution has been the most frequent answer from many Colts players.

When it boils down though, the inability to sustain drives due to a 5-of-40 third-down performance in first halves is the most alarming number.

That was the case heading into Sunday’s game versus the Houston Texans.

However, a 5-of-5 third-down effort followed in the first quarter and it was no coincidence that led to a 20-3 halftime lead.

Here are a few reasons why the Colts were so successful in the first half on Sunday:

3rd and manageable: Of the five conversions in the first quarter, four came in third-and-three or smaller situations. The Colts got into those down and distances thanks to plenty of first-down success. The Colts had gains of 7, 0, 7, 5 and 8 yards on first-down during those five conversions. In possessing the ball for 11:05 of the opening quarter, the Colts can point directly to ample first-down success in allowing for more manageable third-down conversions.

1st down success: Building off that point, the Colts averaged 4.5 yards on their 28 first-down plays on Sunday. The Colts gained at least 5 yards on 11 separate first-down plays against the Texans. A reason why the Colts did not see the same third-down success the rest of the game is that 9 of those 11 plays of at least five yards came in the opening quarter. After the first quarter, the Colts had just two third-downs that were less than a 3rd-and-5 situation. That relates directly to fewer “big” plays on first down.

Pep Hamilton’s thoughts: The next step for the Colts offense comes in trying to build off the sustained drives they showed early on Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs are second in the NFL in allowing just 31.9 percent conversions on third-down.

“Having that run/pass threat on third-down makes it more feasible to convert third-downs,” Hamilton said on Thursday. “It’s our goal to be efficient on first and second down and, if there is a third-down, make sure that it’s third-and-short-or-medium.

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Reggie Wayne talks the feeling when he learned of his torn ACL and a possible life after football on radio show

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:00 am

On Tuesday, it was once again the “Reggie Wayne Show” with Queary and Schultz.

The one-hour show aired on WNDE here are some of the highlights from No. 87:

On the fast start on Sunday:

“It was a good game, real good. Our mentality was to come out do the things we’ve been trying to do. That’s to start fast and just keep our foot on the gas pedal. That’s kind of how it was. It was a great team victory, all three phases.”

On the play of Griff Whalen:

“He’s a true professional. He’s what you look for in a teammate. He never pouts. He just waits for his number to get called. He’s been on the active roster. He’s been on the practice squad, been going back and forth. One thing about Griff, he played at Stanford. He’s been with Pep Hamilton. He understands the offense. He knows Andrew pretty good. He can play any position.

“He just sits back, waits on his number to be called. He was doing it all. He was doing offensive stuff. He was returning punts. I think it kind of surprised everybody that he was returning punts. He practiced that all week, got his opportunity and made some great plays for us.”

On the feeling when he found out that he had torn his ACL

“I saw the long face of my head trainer, Dave Hammer, saw a couple of my trainers look at me like, ‘Sorry, dude.’ I already knew what it was. My dark time came from the time (Hammer) told me that I had a torn ACL. From that time it probably went from there until another 2-3 hours. They told me that then I drove home and shared the news with my family and kind of put my head together with my family and figured out what I was going to do from that point on, along with a couple of tears, here and there.

“I played in 189 games in a row, that was tough. That was probably the toughest thing of it. I take so much pride in just answering that bell every week. I just want to be out there with my teammates. That’s why I’m still here. That’s why I’m on the sideline. I just want to be out there with him. That was the toughest thing for me. Then after that it was on to rehab and move forward.”

On if Wayne would ever pursue a career in television after his playing days are over:

“I’m not against it. If the opportunity is right, if the timing is right, I’m all for it. I do also want to enjoy my family. I have beautiful kids, a beautiful wife, who’ve put the sacrifice in throughout my career. I want to make sure that I enjoy every bit of all that stuff. If the opportunity came and the timing and stuff was right, I’m all for it. If not, I’ll be one of those guys with my feet in the sand, on the Corona commercial.”

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Andrew Luck’s Ability to Run a Nightmare for Opposing Defenses

Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 18, 2013 – 3:32 pm

On 15 separate occasions this season, the Colts have faced various third downs and things have bogged down.

Whether it be premier coverage in the secondary or an intense pass rush, the thought and eventual action has crossed Andrew Luck’s mind to tuck and utilize his 4.6 40-yard dash speed that people, and specifically defenses, seem to forget.

“That’s just instincts,” Chuck Pagano said of Luck’s ability to know when to run. “That’s just Andrew being Andrew and being the athlete he is. He gives you that dimension at the quarterback position.

“He’s able to create his own yards and get you first downs when they got everything else covered, especially on third downs. It’s great for us and it’s something else that our opponent defenses have to worry about when you’ve got an athletic guy back there that’s strong and can shrug off guys and get yards.”

3rd Down Rushes


1st Downs


Andrew Luck


149 (9.9 YPC)




With a 6’4”, 230-pound frame, Luck is unique in that every one of those runs, outside of the occasional quarterback sneak, comes from No. 12 deciding when to take off.

Luck has never looked at his running as highly as the stats indicate.

“It’s probably effective because it’s not supposed to happen,” Luck says of his runs.

“I need to get the ball to the guys who can really run.”

Many would argue Luck fits that script.

On Luck’s 15 third-down rushes in 2013, he is averaging 9.9 yards per carry (up from 4.8 yards per carry last season).

“He’s got “it.” Pagano says when describing Luck.

“He’s got that sixth sense, he knows exactly the clock in his head is always ticking. He knows where to go with the ball and when it doesn’t happen and when it breaks down, the guy’s a threat.

Of course there is the topic of sliding that Pagano has mentioned to his quarterback a few times.

Is Luck ever going to learn to slide?

“What’s the local baseball team we have down here? Pagano said on Wednesday.

A reporter interjected, The Indians. You going to send him over there to learn to slide?

“Yeah, we might in the offseason. It’s that or him and Clyde (Christensen) in Clyde’s back yard with a slip’n’slide.”

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Playoffs and Colts scenarios

Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 10:44 am

INDIANAPOLIS – With two weeks to go in the season, Indianapolis is the lone crowned division champion, while only three other teams have qualified for the 12-team playoff field – Denver, Kansas City and Seattle.

Currently slotted fourth in AFC seedings with a 9-5 record, the Colts could climb as high as the second seed, but a victory this Sunday at Kansas City is one determining factor.

A Colts win at the 11-3 Chiefs is essential for any possible movement upward, but outcomes in games involving New England and Cincinnati are components as well.  A loss cements the Colts in the fourth seed.

Moving up from a fourth seed is an important thing Indianapolis hopes to accomplish.  Getting to the second seed means an automatic ticket past the Wild Card Round.

Even moving to the third seed is important and while it means a Wild Card game is necessary, it is one step closer to possibly hosting an AFC Championship game.

That was the scenario in 2006 when the third-seeded Colts and fourth-seeded Patriots advanced in the Divisional Playoffs and the RCA Dome was the site for the title match leading to Super Bowl XLI.

Chuck Pagano has indicated the Colts will do whatever is necessary in each phase of the game to win on Sunday.

Kansas City will do the same since finishing with a better record than Denver (11-3) means one less playoff game.  The Chiefs have lost twice to Denver, and the Broncos finish on the road against Houston and Oakland, teams with combined records of 6-22.

Listed below are the current AFC standings, the remaining schedule for teams competing for the playoffs and Colts scenarios:


Team Record Div. Record Conf. Record
x-Denver 11-3 4-1 7-3
New England     10-4 3-2 7-3
Cincinnati 9-5 2-3 7-4
y-Indianapolis 9-5 5-0 7-3
x-Kansas City   11-3 2-3 7-3
Baltimore 8-6 3-2 6-4
Miami 8-6 2-2 7-3
San Diego 7-7 2-2 4-6
Pittsburgh 6-8 3-2 5-6

 [y] Clinched Division Title [x] Clinched Playoff Berth


Team Week 16 Week 17
Denver @ Houston (2-12) @ Oakland (4-10)
New England @ Baltimore (8-6) vs. Buffalo (5-9)
Cincinnati vs. Minnesota (4-9-1) vs. Baltimore (8-6)
Indianapolis @ Kansas City (11-3) vs. Jacksonville (4-10)
Kansas City vs. Indianapolis (9-5) @ San Diego (7-7)
Baltimore vs. New England (10-4) @ Cincinnati (9-5)
Miami @ Buffalo (5-9) vs. N.Y. Jets (6-8)
San Diego vs. Oakland (4-10) vs. Kansas City (11-3)
Pittsburgh @ Green Bay (7-6-1) vs. Cleveland (4-10)


Colts Win + New England Loss + Cincinnati Loss = No. 2 Seed

Colts Win + New England Loss + Cincinnati Win = No. 3 Seed

Colts Win + New England Win + Cincinnati Loss = No. 3 Seed

Colts Win + New England Win + Cincinnati Win = No. 4 Seed

Colts Loss = No. 4 Seed

*Note: the Colts playoff seed would not be final based on these scenarios. Week 17 games will have impact on final seeding.

NEW ENGLAND at BALTIMORE:  Coming off a last-minute loss at Miami, New England has won 17 of its last 19 December games and has not dropped consecutive contests since weeks two and three in 2012.  Baltimore has won four straight games to tie the NFL’s longest current streak.  Baltimore hosts on a short week, having gained a last-minute 18-16 win at Detroit on Monday.  These teams have met in the last two AFC Championship games, with each team winning once.  New England’s loss last week kept the Patriots from passing Denver (11-3) for the top seed, and the Patriots want to stay in front of Cincinnati (9-5) since the Bengals beat New England in October, 13-6.  It is the lone time the Patriots have been kept in single digits this year and broke a string of consecutive games with a TD pass by Tom Brady at 52.  A Patriots win closes out the AFC East.  If New England ends up tied with Denver for the top mark, the Patriots have beaten the Broncos.  Baltimore has beaten Cincinnati once and visits the Bengals in week 17.  Cincinnati is undefeated at home and hosts Minnesota Sunday.  Baltimore must win to remain alive in the division hunt, pending a Cincinnati win.  The Ravens own the sixth seed at the moment, but are tied with Miami, who plays at 5-9 Buffalo.  At 8-6, the Ravens and Dolphins could be battling for the AFC’s last playoff seed.  STAT TO NOTE:  Brady is 43-7 for his career in December, the best mark among QBs in the Super Bowl era and 146 regular-season starting wins are 5th-most in history.  Ray Rice has three 100-yard rushing games in his last six overall outings against NE.  Bill Belichick is 5-3 vs. Baltimore, John Harbaugh is 3-3 vs. NE.

MINNESOTA at CINCINNATI:  After a 10-point loss in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati returns home where it is 6-0.  The loss last week kept Cincinnati from climbing into the second seed, while they fell to 2-3 in the division.  Prior to last week, Cincinnati had not lost by double digits since week four and their four prior losses had come by 19 total points (with two defeats in overtime).  The Bengals must avoid going into week 17 tied with Baltimore since they have lost to the Ravens already and want to ice a first division title since 2009.  Cincinnati has fallen in the Wild Card Round in four tries since 2005, including the last two seasons.  Avoiding the Wild Card round is motivation.  Andy Dalton is hot with five TD passes in the past two games (101.5 rating), while the RB combination of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard has been effective.  A stingy Cincinnati defense that allowed 30 points in Pittsburgh and 28 to Indianapolis ranks second in the AFC at 19.6 points per game and wants to get back to that average.  Minnesota is the lone NFC North team not in the hunt, but they snapped a five-game Philadelphia winning streak by rolling to a 48-30 home win last Sunday.  Adrian Peterson can present problems to any defense, and Matt Cassell (382 yards, 116.6 rating) is coming off a hot performance.  STAT TO NOTE:  Dalton has 27 TD passes to tie a career-best and the Bengals are 14-1 when he has a 100-plus rating.  Since entering the league in 2007, Peterson tops all rushers with 10,070 yards and 86 TDs.  Marvin Lewis is 1-1 against Minnesota, Leslie Frazier is facing Cincinnati for the first time.

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AFC Playoff Picture with 2 Weeks Remaining

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 1:00 am

We normally post the “Eye on the Prize” mid-week but since the Colts have clinched the AFC South, we now look big picture.

The Colts have guaranteed themselves at least one home playoff game in 2013 and can earn anywhere from a 1-4 seed in the AFC.

Right now in the AFC, the Colts (9-5) have clinched the AFC South.

Denver (11-3) and Kansas City (11-3) have also clinched a playoff berth.

Here’s a look at the current AFC Playoff Picture with Miami on the heels of the 6th and final playoff spot:

1.  Denver (11-3, 7-3 in the AFC): Has clinched a playoff spot. Can clinch the AFC West with a win and Kansas City loss this weekend.

-Remaining Schedule: @Texans, @Raiders

2.  New England (10-4, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a Bengals loss. Can clinch the AFC East with a win or a Miami loss.

-Remaining Schedule: @Ravens, Bills

3.  Cincinnati (9-5, 7-4 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win or a Miami lossCan clinch the AFC North with a win and a Baltimore loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Vikings, Ravens

4.  Indianapolis (9-5, 7-3 in the AFC): Have won the AFC South.

-Remaining Schedule: @Chiefs, Jaguars

5.  Kansas City (11-3, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win, or Miami loss, or Baltimore loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Colts, @Chargers

6.  Baltimore (8-6, 6-4 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Miami loss and a Chargers loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Patriots, @Bengals

7.  Miami (8-6, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Ravens loss and a Bengals loss.

-Remaining Schedule: @Bills, Jets

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Colts have won their division and still can advance to Divisional Round. Denver, Kansas City and Seattle have clinched playoff berths. Check out all playoff scenarios for Week 16.

Posted by craigkelleycolts on December 17, 2013 – 11:38 am



CLINCHED: Denver – playoff spot

Indianapolis – AFC South

Kansas City – playoff spot


Denver clinches AFC West division and a first-round bye with:

1)    DEN win + KC loss

Denver clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1)    DEN win + KC loss + NE loss or tie


New England clinches AFC East division with:

1)    NE win or tie OR

2)    MIA loss or tie

New England clinches a first-round bye with:

1)    NE win + CIN loss or tie + IND loss or tie OR

2)    NE tie + CIN loss + IND loss

New England clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CIN loss or tie


Cincinnati clinches AFC North division with:

1)    CIN win + BAL loss or tie OR

2)    CIN tie + BAL loss

Cincinnati clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CIN win + MIA loss or tie OR

2)    CIN tie + MIA loss


Baltimore clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    BAL win + MIA loss + SD loss or tie


Miami clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    MIA win + BAL loss + CIN loss


CLINCHED: Seattle – playoff spot


Seattle clinches NFC West division and home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1)    SEA win or tie OR

2)    SF loss or tie


New Orleans clinches NFC South division and a first-round bye with:

1)    NO win

New Orleans clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    ARI loss OR

2)    NO tie + SF loss or tie OR

3)    NO tie + ARI tie OR

4)    SF loss + ARI tie


Carolina clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CAR win OR

2)    CAR tie + ARI loss OR

3)    CAR tie + SF loss OR

4)    ARI loss + SF loss


San Francisco clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    SF win OR

2)    ARI loss OR

3)    SF tie + ARI tie


Philadelphia clinches NFC East division with:

1)    PHI win + DAL loss or tie OR

2)    PHI tie + DAL loss


Chicago clinches NFC North division with:

1)    CHI win + DET loss or tie + GB loss

Information provided by National Football League.


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Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 11:18 am

The Indianapolis Colts today agreed to terms with running back Shaun Draughn and placed inside linebacker Pat Angerer on Injured Reserve.

Draughn, 6-0, 205 pounds, has appeared in 20 career games, rushing 63 times for 235 yards and two touchdowns, while catching 24 passes for 158 yards. He has also returned 25 kickoffs for 590 yards (23.6 avg.). Draughn was originally signed by the Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent on July 28, 2011 before joining the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad on October 5. He was then elevated to the active roster on December 31 and was waived on August 31, 2013. Draughn was signed by the Baltimore Ravens on September 11 and played in three games, returning two kicks for 53 yards (26.5 avg.). He was waived by the Ravens on October 10.

Angerer played in 11 games (nine starts) this season and totaled 87 tackles (48 solo), a half of a sack, two passes defensed and an interception. For his career, he has appeared in 54 games (39 starts), recording 365 tackles (203 solo), 2.5 sacks, eight passes defensed, four forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and two interceptions.

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Pagano talks the play of Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson’s progress and Bjoern Werner’s on radio show

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:59 am

With the regular season back in action, the Chuck Pagano show returns hosted by ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday nights.

Here’s some of the highlights from Pagano’s show following the team’s 25-3 win over the Houston Texans.

On earning a team win with a 25-3 victory over the Texans:

“Great team win. Having clinched the division, we said in these final three weeks, starting with the ballgame yesterday that we wanted to catch fire if you will, start trending in the right direction, get some momentum going, play a complete game and we did that in all three phases. Offense, we get off to a fast start finally, drove the length of the field, 11 plays, I think 80 yards scored a touchdown, great start. Defense came up big all day long. Special teams did a nice job. Adam (Vinatieri) was 3-for-3 I guess, a couple of extra points in the game. We got contributions from all three phases a bunch of players, guys that never played certain positions before and because of the way the work and the way they study and the expectations are, next man up, if they don’t believe it now, they will never believe it. Every one of those guys prepares as a starter.”

On the play of Andrew Luck on Sunday:

“We had the one hiccup there but he’s been doing a great job. His numbers show that. Andrew will tell you that the only thing that he really cares about first and foremost is the W and we did get that. He made good decisions, winning football, like always. He extended some plays, creating again. We’ve got to get him on the ground, maybe a little sooner (laughs) than he likes. He’s getting first downs, extending plays and doing a lot of great things for us.”

On Trent Richardson taking over the lead running back role with Donald Brown sidelined:

“You talk about practice and he’s practiced as well as anybody the last couple of weeks. His last couple of ball games, you can see the results of what he’s doing during the week, preparation wise. He’s becoming more comfortable terminology wise, with the scheme, with the guys in front of him, all those things. Again, it was great to see him have the production both running the football and the pass game yesterday. Certainly it’s doing wonders for his confidence and obviously helping our offense.”

On the Colts being 10-0 in back-to-back games under Chuck Pagano:

“I just think these guys are able to move on, win or lose. They are able to put the last game behind them, make corrections that you always have and stick to the process. It’s the next game. Stick to the process. Our guys do a great job of that. Our coaches do a great job of that. Our players do a great job of that. It’s a formula that’s obviously working and has worked so there’s no reason to get away from that.

On rookie Bjoern Werner getting his first full NFL sack and how he’s coming along:

“Absolutely, he played a good game yesterday. The last three weeks, he’s really played good football and gotten better each and every week. You go back and you talk about practice, he’s amped up his preparation, the way he’s studying, the way he’s becoming a pro. He was out for a while. He missed some time with an injury. That’s never easy. He’s a rookie. He’s young. He’s learning. He played with his hand in the dirt his whole career in college. Now he’s standing up, he’s dropping, he’s doing a whole bunch of different things. He’s getting more comfortable. He’s gaining confidence and yesterday he had his best outing to date. He did some great things so love where he’s at, the direction he’s heading.”

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Be a part of Colts history

Posted by coltsindianapolis on December 16, 2013 – 4:02 pm


The Indianapolis Colts are pleased to announce that
you again have the opportunity to purchase your own
personalized brick to be placed in the “Colts Walk of Fame”
at Lucas Oil Stadium!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Place your order by December 20, 2013 to receive an emailed Certificate of Purchase or emailed Gift Certificate.



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Posted by mattbowenphoto on May 14, 2013 – 4:12 pm

2013_0510_Rookie_Headshots_1331Hey Colts fans, it’s Matt Bowen your Colts Team Photographer. I will be posting my “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery linked to this blog on! The photo galleries will always have a theme, ranging from game action to creative images around the Colts Complex!

This week it’s all about ROOKIE MINI-CAMP!  This past weekend I spent the majority of my time following around a bunch of excited rookies at the Colts complex.  After they arrived at the complex and finished all of their paperwork, they were guided over to yours truly for their official headshot.  I set up my make-shift photo studio in the Colts Pavilion (where the players and staff eat) so no one would have any excuses about how they couldn’t find me to get their photo taken.  Due to my convenient location, I was able to also shoot 40 Colts staff headshots in my down time between player headshots.  I shot both a traditional headshot that the NFL uses and a more creative headshot that the Colts use for marketing purposes.  Each player spent a total of two minutes with me, just enough time to ID them and shoot a few images in two different lighting setups.  As you can see in the photo gallery,  the lighting setup for the different headshots were quite different.  I used a total of seven lights setup on two different triggering frequencies to achieve the dramatically different looks before they knew what hit them!  The rest of my time was spent on the practice field capturing them in action.  Overall, I had a great weekend following around some very talented football players doing what I love to do.  For me, it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you have a great theme idea for a “Tuesday’s Top 10″ photo gallery, please let me know!


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