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Key to Future 3rd Down Success is Finding Managebale Situations

Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 19, 2013 – 2:20 pm

The slow starts for the Colts offense over the past two months have been difficult to put a finger on.

A lack of execution has been the most frequent answer from many Colts players.

When it boils down though, the inability to sustain drives due to a 5-of-40 third-down performance in first halves is the most alarming number.

That was the case heading into Sunday’s game versus the Houston Texans.

However, a 5-of-5 third-down effort followed in the first quarter and it was no coincidence that led to a 20-3 halftime lead.

Here are a few reasons why the Colts were so successful in the first half on Sunday:

3rd and manageable: Of the five conversions in the first quarter, four came in third-and-three or smaller situations. The Colts got into those down and distances thanks to plenty of first-down success. The Colts had gains of 7, 0, 7, 5 and 8 yards on first-down during those five conversions. In possessing the ball for 11:05 of the opening quarter, the Colts can point directly to ample first-down success in allowing for more manageable third-down conversions.

1st down success: Building off that point, the Colts averaged 4.5 yards on their 28 first-down plays on Sunday. The Colts gained at least 5 yards on 11 separate first-down plays against the Texans. A reason why the Colts did not see the same third-down success the rest of the game is that 9 of those 11 plays of at least five yards came in the opening quarter. After the first quarter, the Colts had just two third-downs that were less than a 3rd-and-5 situation. That relates directly to fewer “big” plays on first down.

Pep Hamilton’s thoughts: The next step for the Colts offense comes in trying to build off the sustained drives they showed early on Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs are second in the NFL in allowing just 31.9 percent conversions on third-down.

“Having that run/pass threat on third-down makes it more feasible to convert third-downs,” Hamilton said on Thursday. “It’s our goal to be efficient on first and second down and, if there is a third-down, make sure that it’s third-and-short-or-medium.

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Reggie Wayne talks the feeling when he learned of his torn ACL and a possible life after football on radio show

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 9:00 am

On Tuesday, it was once again the “Reggie Wayne Show” with Queary and Schultz.

The one-hour show aired on WNDE here are some of the highlights from No. 87:

On the fast start on Sunday:

“It was a good game, real good. Our mentality was to come out do the things we’ve been trying to do. That’s to start fast and just keep our foot on the gas pedal. That’s kind of how it was. It was a great team victory, all three phases.”

On the play of Griff Whalen:

“He’s a true professional. He’s what you look for in a teammate. He never pouts. He just waits for his number to get called. He’s been on the active roster. He’s been on the practice squad, been going back and forth. One thing about Griff, he played at Stanford. He’s been with Pep Hamilton. He understands the offense. He knows Andrew pretty good. He can play any position.

“He just sits back, waits on his number to be called. He was doing it all. He was doing offensive stuff. He was returning punts. I think it kind of surprised everybody that he was returning punts. He practiced that all week, got his opportunity and made some great plays for us.”

On the feeling when he found out that he had torn his ACL

“I saw the long face of my head trainer, Dave Hammer, saw a couple of my trainers look at me like, ‘Sorry, dude.’ I already knew what it was. My dark time came from the time (Hammer) told me that I had a torn ACL. From that time it probably went from there until another 2-3 hours. They told me that then I drove home and shared the news with my family and kind of put my head together with my family and figured out what I was going to do from that point on, along with a couple of tears, here and there.

“I played in 189 games in a row, that was tough. That was probably the toughest thing of it. I take so much pride in just answering that bell every week. I just want to be out there with my teammates. That’s why I’m still here. That’s why I’m on the sideline. I just want to be out there with him. That was the toughest thing for me. Then after that it was on to rehab and move forward.”

On if Wayne would ever pursue a career in television after his playing days are over:

“I’m not against it. If the opportunity is right, if the timing is right, I’m all for it. I do also want to enjoy my family. I have beautiful kids, a beautiful wife, who’ve put the sacrifice in throughout my career. I want to make sure that I enjoy every bit of all that stuff. If the opportunity came and the timing and stuff was right, I’m all for it. If not, I’ll be one of those guys with my feet in the sand, on the Corona commercial.”

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Andrew Luck’s Ability to Run a Nightmare for Opposing Defenses

Posted by Kevin Bowen on December 18, 2013 – 3:32 pm

On 15 separate occasions this season, the Colts have faced various third downs and things have bogged down.

Whether it be premier coverage in the secondary or an intense pass rush, the thought and eventual action has crossed Andrew Luck’s mind to tuck and utilize his 4.6 40-yard dash speed that people, and specifically defenses, seem to forget.

“That’s just instincts,” Chuck Pagano said of Luck’s ability to know when to run. “That’s just Andrew being Andrew and being the athlete he is. He gives you that dimension at the quarterback position.

“He’s able to create his own yards and get you first downs when they got everything else covered, especially on third downs. It’s great for us and it’s something else that our opponent defenses have to worry about when you’ve got an athletic guy back there that’s strong and can shrug off guys and get yards.”

3rd Down Rushes


1st Downs


Andrew Luck


149 (9.9 YPC)




With a 6’4”, 230-pound frame, Luck is unique in that every one of those runs, outside of the occasional quarterback sneak, comes from No. 12 deciding when to take off.

Luck has never looked at his running as highly as the stats indicate.

“It’s probably effective because it’s not supposed to happen,” Luck says of his runs.

“I need to get the ball to the guys who can really run.”

Many would argue Luck fits that script.

On Luck’s 15 third-down rushes in 2013, he is averaging 9.9 yards per carry (up from 4.8 yards per carry last season).

“He’s got “it.” Pagano says when describing Luck.

“He’s got that sixth sense, he knows exactly the clock in his head is always ticking. He knows where to go with the ball and when it doesn’t happen and when it breaks down, the guy’s a threat.

Of course there is the topic of sliding that Pagano has mentioned to his quarterback a few times.

Is Luck ever going to learn to slide?

“What’s the local baseball team we have down here? Pagano said on Wednesday.

A reporter interjected, The Indians. You going to send him over there to learn to slide?

“Yeah, we might in the offseason. It’s that or him and Clyde (Christensen) in Clyde’s back yard with a slip’n’slide.”

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Playoffs and Colts scenarios

Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 10:44 am

INDIANAPOLIS – With two weeks to go in the season, Indianapolis is the lone crowned division champion, while only three other teams have qualified for the 12-team playoff field – Denver, Kansas City and Seattle.

Currently slotted fourth in AFC seedings with a 9-5 record, the Colts could climb as high as the second seed, but a victory this Sunday at Kansas City is one determining factor.

A Colts win at the 11-3 Chiefs is essential for any possible movement upward, but outcomes in games involving New England and Cincinnati are components as well.  A loss cements the Colts in the fourth seed.

Moving up from a fourth seed is an important thing Indianapolis hopes to accomplish.  Getting to the second seed means an automatic ticket past the Wild Card Round.

Even moving to the third seed is important and while it means a Wild Card game is necessary, it is one step closer to possibly hosting an AFC Championship game.

That was the scenario in 2006 when the third-seeded Colts and fourth-seeded Patriots advanced in the Divisional Playoffs and the RCA Dome was the site for the title match leading to Super Bowl XLI.

Chuck Pagano has indicated the Colts will do whatever is necessary in each phase of the game to win on Sunday.

Kansas City will do the same since finishing with a better record than Denver (11-3) means one less playoff game.  The Chiefs have lost twice to Denver, and the Broncos finish on the road against Houston and Oakland, teams with combined records of 6-22.

Listed below are the current AFC standings, the remaining schedule for teams competing for the playoffs and Colts scenarios:


Team Record Div. Record Conf. Record
x-Denver 11-3 4-1 7-3
New England     10-4 3-2 7-3
Cincinnati 9-5 2-3 7-4
y-Indianapolis 9-5 5-0 7-3
x-Kansas City   11-3 2-3 7-3
Baltimore 8-6 3-2 6-4
Miami 8-6 2-2 7-3
San Diego 7-7 2-2 4-6
Pittsburgh 6-8 3-2 5-6

 [y] Clinched Division Title [x] Clinched Playoff Berth


Team Week 16 Week 17
Denver @ Houston (2-12) @ Oakland (4-10)
New England @ Baltimore (8-6) vs. Buffalo (5-9)
Cincinnati vs. Minnesota (4-9-1) vs. Baltimore (8-6)
Indianapolis @ Kansas City (11-3) vs. Jacksonville (4-10)
Kansas City vs. Indianapolis (9-5) @ San Diego (7-7)
Baltimore vs. New England (10-4) @ Cincinnati (9-5)
Miami @ Buffalo (5-9) vs. N.Y. Jets (6-8)
San Diego vs. Oakland (4-10) vs. Kansas City (11-3)
Pittsburgh @ Green Bay (7-6-1) vs. Cleveland (4-10)


Colts Win + New England Loss + Cincinnati Loss = No. 2 Seed

Colts Win + New England Loss + Cincinnati Win = No. 3 Seed

Colts Win + New England Win + Cincinnati Loss = No. 3 Seed

Colts Win + New England Win + Cincinnati Win = No. 4 Seed

Colts Loss = No. 4 Seed

*Note: the Colts playoff seed would not be final based on these scenarios. Week 17 games will have impact on final seeding.

NEW ENGLAND at BALTIMORE:  Coming off a last-minute loss at Miami, New England has won 17 of its last 19 December games and has not dropped consecutive contests since weeks two and three in 2012.  Baltimore has won four straight games to tie the NFL’s longest current streak.  Baltimore hosts on a short week, having gained a last-minute 18-16 win at Detroit on Monday.  These teams have met in the last two AFC Championship games, with each team winning once.  New England’s loss last week kept the Patriots from passing Denver (11-3) for the top seed, and the Patriots want to stay in front of Cincinnati (9-5) since the Bengals beat New England in October, 13-6.  It is the lone time the Patriots have been kept in single digits this year and broke a string of consecutive games with a TD pass by Tom Brady at 52.  A Patriots win closes out the AFC East.  If New England ends up tied with Denver for the top mark, the Patriots have beaten the Broncos.  Baltimore has beaten Cincinnati once and visits the Bengals in week 17.  Cincinnati is undefeated at home and hosts Minnesota Sunday.  Baltimore must win to remain alive in the division hunt, pending a Cincinnati win.  The Ravens own the sixth seed at the moment, but are tied with Miami, who plays at 5-9 Buffalo.  At 8-6, the Ravens and Dolphins could be battling for the AFC’s last playoff seed.  STAT TO NOTE:  Brady is 43-7 for his career in December, the best mark among QBs in the Super Bowl era and 146 regular-season starting wins are 5th-most in history.  Ray Rice has three 100-yard rushing games in his last six overall outings against NE.  Bill Belichick is 5-3 vs. Baltimore, John Harbaugh is 3-3 vs. NE.

MINNESOTA at CINCINNATI:  After a 10-point loss in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati returns home where it is 6-0.  The loss last week kept Cincinnati from climbing into the second seed, while they fell to 2-3 in the division.  Prior to last week, Cincinnati had not lost by double digits since week four and their four prior losses had come by 19 total points (with two defeats in overtime).  The Bengals must avoid going into week 17 tied with Baltimore since they have lost to the Ravens already and want to ice a first division title since 2009.  Cincinnati has fallen in the Wild Card Round in four tries since 2005, including the last two seasons.  Avoiding the Wild Card round is motivation.  Andy Dalton is hot with five TD passes in the past two games (101.5 rating), while the RB combination of BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard has been effective.  A stingy Cincinnati defense that allowed 30 points in Pittsburgh and 28 to Indianapolis ranks second in the AFC at 19.6 points per game and wants to get back to that average.  Minnesota is the lone NFC North team not in the hunt, but they snapped a five-game Philadelphia winning streak by rolling to a 48-30 home win last Sunday.  Adrian Peterson can present problems to any defense, and Matt Cassell (382 yards, 116.6 rating) is coming off a hot performance.  STAT TO NOTE:  Dalton has 27 TD passes to tie a career-best and the Bengals are 14-1 when he has a 100-plus rating.  Since entering the league in 2007, Peterson tops all rushers with 10,070 yards and 86 TDs.  Marvin Lewis is 1-1 against Minnesota, Leslie Frazier is facing Cincinnati for the first time.

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AFC Playoff Picture with 2 Weeks Remaining

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 1:00 am

We normally post the “Eye on the Prize” mid-week but since the Colts have clinched the AFC South, we now look big picture.

The Colts have guaranteed themselves at least one home playoff game in 2013 and can earn anywhere from a 1-4 seed in the AFC.

Right now in the AFC, the Colts (9-5) have clinched the AFC South.

Denver (11-3) and Kansas City (11-3) have also clinched a playoff berth.

Here’s a look at the current AFC Playoff Picture with Miami on the heels of the 6th and final playoff spot:

1.  Denver (11-3, 7-3 in the AFC): Has clinched a playoff spot. Can clinch the AFC West with a win and Kansas City loss this weekend.

-Remaining Schedule: @Texans, @Raiders

2.  New England (10-4, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a Bengals loss. Can clinch the AFC East with a win or a Miami loss.

-Remaining Schedule: @Ravens, Bills

3.  Cincinnati (9-5, 7-4 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win or a Miami lossCan clinch the AFC North with a win and a Baltimore loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Vikings, Ravens

4.  Indianapolis (9-5, 7-3 in the AFC): Have won the AFC South.

-Remaining Schedule: @Chiefs, Jaguars

5.  Kansas City (11-3, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win, or Miami loss, or Baltimore loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Colts, @Chargers

6.  Baltimore (8-6, 6-4 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Miami loss and a Chargers loss.

-Remaining Schedule: Patriots, @Bengals

7.  Miami (8-6, 7-3 in the AFC): Can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Ravens loss and a Bengals loss.

-Remaining Schedule: @Bills, Jets

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Colts have won their division and still can advance to Divisional Round. Denver, Kansas City and Seattle have clinched playoff berths. Check out all playoff scenarios for Week 16.

Posted by craigkelleycolts on December 17, 2013 – 11:38 am



CLINCHED: Denver – playoff spot

Indianapolis – AFC South

Kansas City – playoff spot


Denver clinches AFC West division and a first-round bye with:

1)    DEN win + KC loss

Denver clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:

1)    DEN win + KC loss + NE loss or tie


New England clinches AFC East division with:

1)    NE win or tie OR

2)    MIA loss or tie

New England clinches a first-round bye with:

1)    NE win + CIN loss or tie + IND loss or tie OR

2)    NE tie + CIN loss + IND loss

New England clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CIN loss or tie


Cincinnati clinches AFC North division with:

1)    CIN win + BAL loss or tie OR

2)    CIN tie + BAL loss

Cincinnati clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CIN win + MIA loss or tie OR

2)    CIN tie + MIA loss


Baltimore clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    BAL win + MIA loss + SD loss or tie


Miami clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    MIA win + BAL loss + CIN loss


CLINCHED: Seattle – playoff spot


Seattle clinches NFC West division and home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1)    SEA win or tie OR

2)    SF loss or tie


New Orleans clinches NFC South division and a first-round bye with:

1)    NO win

New Orleans clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    ARI loss OR

2)    NO tie + SF loss or tie OR

3)    NO tie + ARI tie OR

4)    SF loss + ARI tie


Carolina clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    CAR win OR

2)    CAR tie + ARI loss OR

3)    CAR tie + SF loss OR

4)    ARI loss + SF loss


San Francisco clinches a playoff spot with:

1)    SF win OR

2)    ARI loss OR

3)    SF tie + ARI tie


Philadelphia clinches NFC East division with:

1)    PHI win + DAL loss or tie OR

2)    PHI tie + DAL loss


Chicago clinches NFC North division with:

1)    CHI win + DET loss or tie + GB loss

Information provided by National Football League.


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Posted by coltsindianapolis on – 11:18 am

The Indianapolis Colts today agreed to terms with running back Shaun Draughn and placed inside linebacker Pat Angerer on Injured Reserve.

Draughn, 6-0, 205 pounds, has appeared in 20 career games, rushing 63 times for 235 yards and two touchdowns, while catching 24 passes for 158 yards. He has also returned 25 kickoffs for 590 yards (23.6 avg.). Draughn was originally signed by the Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent on July 28, 2011 before joining the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad on October 5. He was then elevated to the active roster on December 31 and was waived on August 31, 2013. Draughn was signed by the Baltimore Ravens on September 11 and played in three games, returning two kicks for 53 yards (26.5 avg.). He was waived by the Ravens on October 10.

Angerer played in 11 games (nine starts) this season and totaled 87 tackles (48 solo), a half of a sack, two passes defensed and an interception. For his career, he has appeared in 54 games (39 starts), recording 365 tackles (203 solo), 2.5 sacks, eight passes defensed, four forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and two interceptions.

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Pagano talks the play of Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson’s progress and Bjoern Werner’s on radio show

Posted by Kevin Bowen on – 8:59 am

With the regular season back in action, the Chuck Pagano show returns hosted by ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday nights.

Here’s some of the highlights from Pagano’s show following the team’s 25-3 win over the Houston Texans.

On earning a team win with a 25-3 victory over the Texans:

“Great team win. Having clinched the division, we said in these final three weeks, starting with the ballgame yesterday that we wanted to catch fire if you will, start trending in the right direction, get some momentum going, play a complete game and we did that in all three phases. Offense, we get off to a fast start finally, drove the length of the field, 11 plays, I think 80 yards scored a touchdown, great start. Defense came up big all day long. Special teams did a nice job. Adam (Vinatieri) was 3-for-3 I guess, a couple of extra points in the game. We got contributions from all three phases a bunch of players, guys that never played certain positions before and because of the way the work and the way they study and the expectations are, next man up, if they don’t believe it now, they will never believe it. Every one of those guys prepares as a starter.”

On the play of Andrew Luck on Sunday:

“We had the one hiccup there but he’s been doing a great job. His numbers show that. Andrew will tell you that the only thing that he really cares about first and foremost is the W and we did get that. He made good decisions, winning football, like always. He extended some plays, creating again. We’ve got to get him on the ground, maybe a little sooner (laughs) than he likes. He’s getting first downs, extending plays and doing a lot of great things for us.”

On Trent Richardson taking over the lead running back role with Donald Brown sidelined:

“You talk about practice and he’s practiced as well as anybody the last couple of weeks. His last couple of ball games, you can see the results of what he’s doing during the week, preparation wise. He’s becoming more comfortable terminology wise, with the scheme, with the guys in front of him, all those things. Again, it was great to see him have the production both running the football and the pass game yesterday. Certainly it’s doing wonders for his confidence and obviously helping our offense.”

On the Colts being 10-0 in back-to-back games under Chuck Pagano:

“I just think these guys are able to move on, win or lose. They are able to put the last game behind them, make corrections that you always have and stick to the process. It’s the next game. Stick to the process. Our guys do a great job of that. Our coaches do a great job of that. Our players do a great job of that. It’s a formula that’s obviously working and has worked so there’s no reason to get away from that.

On rookie Bjoern Werner getting his first full NFL sack and how he’s coming along:

“Absolutely, he played a good game yesterday. The last three weeks, he’s really played good football and gotten better each and every week. You go back and you talk about practice, he’s amped up his preparation, the way he’s studying, the way he’s becoming a pro. He was out for a while. He missed some time with an injury. That’s never easy. He’s a rookie. He’s young. He’s learning. He played with his hand in the dirt his whole career in college. Now he’s standing up, he’s dropping, he’s doing a whole bunch of different things. He’s getting more comfortable. He’s gaining confidence and yesterday he had his best outing to date. He did some great things so love where he’s at, the direction he’s heading.”

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Be a part of Colts history

Posted by coltsindianapolis on December 16, 2013 – 4:02 pm


The Indianapolis Colts are pleased to announce that
you again have the opportunity to purchase your own
personalized brick to be placed in the “Colts Walk of Fame”
at Lucas Oil Stadium!

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Place your order by December 20, 2013 to receive an emailed Certificate of Purchase or emailed Gift Certificate.



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Posted by coltsindianapolis on August 22, 2012 – 3:48 pm

By Paul Condry and Matt Kopsea – Regional Radio Sports Network/Indiana Football Digest


Fort Wayne Snider ended F.W. Bishop Luers’ 11-game winning streak with a 10-7 victory over the Saints.

Ben Davis halted Indianapolis Cathedral’s nine-game winning streak with a 24-21 decision over the Irish.

Wheeler had its 43-game regular season winning streak halted with a 30-12 loss to Boone Grove.

Princeton snapped its 29-game losing streak with a 42-34 win over Wood Memorial.

South Vermillion ended its 21-game losing streak with a 26-7 triumph over Covington.

Beech Grove had its 19-game losing streak snapped with a 31-20 win over Indianapolis Lutheran.

Peru ended its 13-game losing streak with a 26-6 win over Wabash.

Frankfort had its 11-game losing streak come to an end with a 21-8 win over Western.

Michigan City snapped a nine-game losing streak with a 33-0 win over Gary Roosevelt.

Bloomington South ended a stretch of eight losses in a row with a 34-20 win over Bedford North Lawrence.

Pike Central blanked North Knox, 15-0, to end its eight-game skid.

Plainfield downed Danville, 29-26, to bring its eight-game losing streak to a halt.

Shenandoah saw its 18-game regular season game winning streak end with a 35-27 loss to Hagerstown.

New Palestine’s 17-game regular season game winning streak come to a close with a 26-20 loss to Whiteland.

Pioneer ended its 17-game regular season winning streak with a 33-12 loss to Lewis-Cass.



Longest current winning streaks

Lafayette Central Catholic has won 45 straight games.

Carmel and Indianapolis Bishop Chatard have won nine games in a row.

Longest current losing streaks

Indiana Deaf School has lost 32 consecutive games.

DeKalb and Tri have dropped 22 games in a row.

Frontier has 19 straight losses.

Lafayette Harrison and New Castle have dropped 17 consecutive games.

Central Noble has lost 16 games in a row.

LaVille and Riverton Parke have suffered 14 straight losses.

Fort Wayne Wayne has dropped 13 consecutive games.

Northridge and Silver Creek have lost 12 straight contests.

Madison has 10 consecutive defeats.

Rushville and Wabash have nine losses in a row.

Fort Wayne Concordia, Shelbyville, and Union (Dugger) have eight straight defeats.

Hammond Clark, Indianapolis Northwest, Muncie Central, Prairie Heights, Taylor, and Tecumseh have seven losses in a row.

Cascade, Forest Park, Knox, Lake Station, McCutcheon, and Woodlan have dropped six consecutive games.


Consecutive regular season wins

Lafayette Central Catholic 34, North Putnam 21, Fountain Central 18, Leo 17, Warren Central 17, Homestead 16, Bremen 14, Brownstown Central 13, Linton-Stockton 13, Penn 12, Churubusco 11, Andrean 10, Castle 10, Avon 8, Charleston 8, Kokomo 8, Lawrence Central 8, Milan 8, Pendleton Heights 7, Mishawaka Marian 6, North Posey 6, Northwestern 6, South Putnam 6, Wawasee 6.


Consecutive regular season losses

Indiana Deaf School 29, Tri 20, DeKalb 19, Frontier 17, Lafayette Harrison 15, New Castle 15, Central Noble 14, Northridge 13, LaVille 12, Riverton Parke 12, Delphi 10, Fort Wayne Wayne 11, Silver Creek 11, Madison 9, Rushville 8, Salem 8, Wabash 8, Fort Wayne Concordia 7, Lafayette Jeff 7, Indianapolis Northwest 7, Monrovia 7, Shelbyville 7, South Bend Riley 7, Union (Dugger) 7, Hammond Clark 6, Muncie Central 6, Park Tudor 6, Plymouth 6, Prairie Heights 6, Taylor 6.



Quarterback Mitch Hartman’s six-yard scoring strike to Rodney Applewhite in overtime helped South Bend Clay escape with a 12-6 win over South Bend Riley. Mike Anderson tallied 99 yards and one score on 21 attempts for the Wildcats.


Penn junior signal caller Zach Oakley racked up 139 yards and one touchdown on 15 carries as the No 6 (Class 5A) Kingsmen held on for a 35-28 win over Valparaiso. Senior back Matt Hummel added nine rushes for 136 yards and two scores before leaving with a knee injury as the Kingsmen rolled up 356 yards on the ground. Stephen Simms accumulated 104 yards rushing and 252 all-purpose yards to go along with three scores for the Vikings.


Wide out Ethan Pike hauled in four passes, good for 136 yards and three scores, leading visiting No. 6 (Class 2A) Bremen to a 42-26 win over Plymouth Pike added an interception as the Lions won the Rockpile for the first time since 1988. Bremen junior quarterback Kai Slough finished 9-of-18 for 231 yards and four scores, and Reid Zellmer chipped in 138 yards rushing and two scores on 19 attempts. Despite playing with sprained ankle, senior back Sam Stevens still managed to tally 251 yards and two touchdowns on 26 attempts for the Rockies.


Mishawaka quarterback Sam Schrader rambled for 246 yards and passed for 135 more yards, leading No. 7 (Class 4A) Mishawaka to a 57-42 win over Portage. An IFD Prime Time 25 selection, Schrader threw for two scores and ran for another as the Cavemen rolled 615 total yards, including 480 on the ground. Matt Carver added four rushes for 100 yards and three scores, while Tyler McDaniel had 112 yards rushing and one touchdown for Mishawaka. Rashaan Coleman paced the Indians with 24 carries for 188 yards rushing and four scores (three rushing, one receiving). Portage signal caller Gage Pearman added 280 yards (18-of-30) with two scores through the air.


Eastern Michigan recruit DuWhan Alford accumulated 100 yards rushing on 16 carries and three scores, helping No. 9 (Class 4A) Concord to 30-25 win over South Bend Washington. Daigien Morgan completed 3-of-4 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown, caught nine passes for 84 yards, and ran four times for 32 yards and one score for the Panthers. Kelly Kolat added 119 yards passing and two touchdown passes for Washington. Ryan Tepe booted a 45-yard field goal for the Minutemen.


Zionsville quarterback Parker Dunshee was 13 of 17 passing for 186 yards with four touchdown passes, and running back Cole Wendt rushed 19 times for 144 yards and a score as the Eagles flew past Lafayette Jefferson, 41-20. John Naumcheff hauled in three touchdown passes for Zionsville, and Darian Green rolled up 141 yards on 15 carries for Jeff in the loss.

In Indiana’s oldest rivalry game, Lowell’s George Fields rushed 26 times for 199 yards with three touchdowns in the Red Devils 28-21 loss at Crown Point. Jake Jatis had 234 yards passing for Crown Point. With the win, the Bulldogs secured the “old leather helmet” for the third straight year.

Bloomington South’s Eli Eads racked up 137 yards rushing in the Panthers’ 34-20 win over Bedford North Lawrence.

Hobart’s Ian Drobac rushed 11 times for 100 yards and scored two touchdowns as the Brickies defeated Gary West, 52-14. Signal caller Andrew Barras completed 11 of 18 passes for 179 yards and a touchdown, and Aaron DelGrosso had a 49-yard field goal in the contest for Hobart. The Brickies have won eight straight season opening games.

South Putnam sophomore Lucas Lorian racked up 179 rushing yards with four touchdowns to lead Eagles past Owen Valley, 33-7.Larry Shaffer rushed eight times for 120 yards in the loss for the Patriots.

Wawasee quarterback D.J. Semon rushed 13 times for 134 yards with a 92-yard score as the Warriors upended Whitko, 20-7. Warriors’ punter Derrick Sorenson had a 68-yard punt in the game. Semon, Sorenson, and Gabe Rhodes combined for 294 yards rushing and three scores for Wawasee.

Griffith’s Austin Brown rushed for 152 yards and scored five touchdowns and passed for 147 yards with a score to lead the Panthers to a 42-35 win over Hammond Morton. The versatile Brown also had an interception on defense as the Panthers ended a five losing streak to nearby Morton. Governors’ junior tailback Kendall Huff had 13 catches for 119 yards to go along with 15 rushes for 96 yards, and Nate McClurg had 10 receptions for 103 yards. Morton senior quarterback Jimmy Glidewell was 30-of-53 passing for 326 yards with one touchdown, while Eleazar Henderson chipped in with 95 rushing yards in the loss.

Ben Davis quarterback Kyle Castner was 18-for-22 passing for 152 yards and a touchdown as the Giants knocked off Class 4A No 1 Indianapolis Cathedral, 24-21. Fighting Irish QB Connor Rice passed for 295 yards and two scores and ran for another tally in the loss.

Triton Central’s Dakota Nelson recorded a 78 and an 85-yard kickoff return for touchdowns as the Tigers rolled past Park Tudor, 42-13. The senior Nelson also hauled in a 68-yard pass reception for a score. Senior Nick Anders rushed 13 times for 148 yards for Triton Central.

Cody Poynter rushed 26 times for 212 yards and scored all four of his team’s touchdowns as Boone Grove defeated Wheeler, 30-12. Wheeler’s last lost in the regular season was in 2007, snapping a 43-game winning streak. With the triumph, the Wolves matched last year’s win total.

Chad Banschbach had 17 carries, good for 107 yards rushing and five touchdowns in Lawrenceburg’s 63-19 thrashing of South Dearborn. Sam Fette was 14-of-21 for 247 yards and two scores, and Colin Solomon recorded 14 tackles for the Tigers.

Chesterton quarterback Chris Katsafaros had 113 yards rushing and 88 yards passing with a touchdown in the Trojans’ 24-7 win over St. Joe. Signal caller Matt Monserez was 22-of-36 for 215 yards for the Indians, while A.J. Snyder had an interception and blocked kick for Chesterton.

Western Boone’s Riggs Baxter had seven tackles and two interceptions, and LV Bowden racked 18 stops with three pass break ups, one forced fumble and three tackles for loss as the Stars defeated Sheridan, 28-6.

Austin Karazsia was 12-of-15 for 269 yards with four touchdown passes as Linton Stockton rolled past Eastern Greene, 40-0. Koye Kaiser piled up 146 rushing yards with two scores and another 71 yards through the air for the Miners.

Angola quarterback Brady Boots was 11-of-15 passing for 249 yards with a pair of scores as the Hornets stung West Noble, 56-19. Austin Bauer scored three touchdowns and racked up 266 all-purpose yards, while Reece Oberlin had five receptions for 111 yards for Angola.

Winamac quarterback Zach Shidler was 8-of-14 passing for 245 yards with two scores and Richie Doty had 8 tackles, four tackles for loss and one sack as the Warriors defeated Knox, 26-9. Levi Schultz had three receptions for 135 yards with two scores, while Tyler Katske added two touchdown runs and 15 tackles for Winamac.

Andrean senior Shamir Johnson rushed for 131 yards on 21 carries with three touchdowns in helping the 59ers to their 17th straight win over parochial rival Hammond Bishop Noll, 48-12. In addition, Andrean junior quarterback Matt DeSomer had 42 yards rushing and was 11 for 23 for 228 yards with three touchdown passes. Andrean has won four straight openers.

Lakeland’s one-two punch of Joey Fuller (123 rushing yards) and Cory Troyer (110 rushing yards) was too much for Prairie Heights as the Lakers rolled to 35-7 win. Lakeland coach Keith Thompson has never lost a season opener at Lakeland. Fuller also returned a punt for another score, while Troyer added a touchdown reception for the Lakers.

Brown County junior quarterback Dillon Boknecht completed 14-of-27 passes for 232 yards and a touchdown and added a TD run in the Eagles’ 22-14 win at Cloverdale. Senior Julian Ercoli had three receptions for 103 yards, and senior Dylan Quackenbush rushed for 100 yards on 13 rushes.

Cardinal Ritter junior quarterback Jake Purichia passed for 228 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 79 yards and two scores as the Raiders won a 42-41 thriller over Heritage Christian at the PeyBack Classic at Lucas Oil Stadium. In addition, Logan Beaman rushed 26 times for 209 yards and a touchdown for Ritter. Heritage Christian’s Matt Hunt passed for 242 yards and four touchdowns, and ran for 129 yards and two scores in the loss. Anthony Warrum had six receptions for 147 yards and two touchdowns for the Eagles.

Nick Faus was 20-of-28 for 294 yards and three touchdowns, leading Elkhart Central to a 51-3 drubbing of Elkhart Memorial. Faus added a rushing score as the Blazers captured the “Mangy Lion” for the first time since 2007. Central wide out Spencer Schnell had seven catches for 109 yards and two scores along with a 48-yard punt return for a touchdown.

Devan Emerson ran for 120 yards and a touchdown, helping No. 3 (Class 3A) Jimtown roll to a 27-0 win over NorthWood. Signal caller Brody Olson tossed a pair of touchdown passes to Carter Gill and hauled in an interception for the Jimmies.

Quarterback Caston Sanchez threw for 130 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 69 yards and another score, lifting North Judson to a 41-15 win over John Glenn. Eric Beckman added three catches for 130 yards and two scores, including a 91-yard strike from Sanchez for the Bluejays.

Making his varsity debut, junior Tristan McClone tallied 295 yards and three touchdowns on 43 attempts, helping Warsaw post a 20-14 win over Columbia City. It marked the 100th career victory for Tigers’ coach Phil Jensen. McClone was three attempts shy of breaking Rod Wildman’s single-game school record for carries, a mark that was set in 1972 against Wawasee. He was also just 16 yards shy of breaking Brad Seiss’ single-game school record for rushing yards, a mark that was set in 2000 against Wawasee. Zach Shepler added 14 tackles for Warsaw, while Adam Neely paced the Eagles with 28 carries for 135 yards and one touchdown.

Hayes Barnes tallied four touchdowns as Culver Military Academy held on for a 27-22 win over Tippecanoe Valley. Barnes had 90 yards through the air and 72 on the ground for the Eagles. Signal caller Ben Shriver was 9-of-16 for 108 yards and two scores for the Vikings in the setback.

Blake Dailey rambled 17 times for 144 yards and one touchdown in Mississinewa’s 20-8 win over Manchester. Jacob Casper led the Squires with 109 yards rushing in 13 attempts.

Kyle Ostrander rushed for 111 yards and four touchdowns in Fairfield’s 56-0 shutout of Central Noble. Cameron Kitson added 101 yards on the ground and three scores to help the Falcons snap a six-game losing streak.

Nick Dobkins accumulated 119 yards rushing and two scores, helping New Prairie roll to 42-14 win over LaPorte in Russ Radtke’s debut as the Cougars’ coach. Tyler Littlejohn had 15 catches for 202 yards and one score for the Slicers.

Michael Hamilton tallied 215 yards rushing and three scores on 24 carries, guiding West Central to a 41-21 win over Culver Community. Chantz Marlatt added 75 yards on the ground and one score to go along with touchdown pass from Hamilton for the Trojans.

Jeremy Gonzalez carried the football 26 times for 181 yards and one touchdown in Caston’s 28-20 win over Triton. Quentin Douglas tossed a pair of scores to Daniel Scales and ran for another tally for the Comets. Bryson Mosier completed 9-of-17 passes for 120 yards and three touchdowns for the Trojans.

Michael Whitfield rolled 307 all-purpose yards and five touchdowns as Mishawaka Marian cruised to a 48-17 win over DeKalb. Whitfield ran for 147 yards and four scores and returned the opening kickoff 82 yards for another tally. Joe Walter added 12 tackles as the Knights handed DeKalb its 22nd straight loss.

Kyle Sturdy ran for two touchdowns and threw for 137 yards and another score in South Central’s 20-6 win over LaVille. Levi Lucas accounted for LaVille’s tally with a 90-yard kickoff return to begin the second half.

Frank Karczewski tossed a pair of touchdown passes in South Bend Adams’ 46-20 win over Northridge. Gavin Miller added a pair of scores, including a 70-yard interception return, for the Eagles. Tanner Adams threw and ran for scores for the Raiders, who have lost 12 straight games.

Josh Spitanle’s 21-yard field goal in the third quarter was the difference as Fort Wayne Snider edged three-time defending Class 2A state champion Fort Wayne Bishop Luers, 10-7. The Panthers forced three turnovers and limited Bishop Luers to just 230 total yards. Signal caller Quinn Cook was 15-of-29 for 153 yards and one score for the Knights.

Kankakee Valley’s Tyler Birky carried 27 times for 340 yards and five touchdowns to power the Kougars to their first win over Rensselaer Central, 49-39, since 2007. In capturing the Cracker Barrel, the Kougars’ ground game gained 572 yards.


D’Marcus Moon rambled 27 times for 203 yards and two touchdowns in Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger’s 20-7 triumph over Fort Wayne South.


Matt Skowronek enjoyed a solid debut at quarterback by going 12-of-22 for 99 yards and one score as Homestead cruised to a 53-12 win over Huntington North. Grayson Bastin added 92 yards rushing and three touchdowns on 15 carries as the Spartans scored 46 unanswered points to erase a 12-7 deficit. Drew Schnitz finished 10-of-20 for 146 yards and two scores for the Vikings.


Chris Terry passed for 139 yards and one score and rambled for 63 yards on the ground, helping Carroll (Allen) cruise to a 45-7 win over Goshen.


Cory Miller tallied three touchdowns and Jay Petrie added two in Churubusco’s 46-13 triumph over Fremont. Jason Nicodemus chipped in 137 yards rushing and one score on 11 attempts for the Eagles.


Signal caller Noah Follett was 15-of-22 for 156 yards and three touchdowns as Garrett held on for a 32-27 win over Eastside. Porter also ran for 59 yards and a score as the Railroaders were successful in Chris DePew’s debut as head coach. Brandon Porter chipped in a touchdown run and reception for Garrett, while Blake Blaker threw for 203 yards and three scores for the Blazers.


Brad Busse and Josh Hall combined for more than 250 yards rushing and three scores in Bellmont’s 26-19 win over Woodlan. Busse tallied 134 yards and one score on 18 attempts, while Hall had 17 carries for 120 yards and two touchdowns. Woodlan running back T.J. Sewell accumulated 194 yards and two scores on 11 attempts.


In New Haven’s 20-14 win over Heritage, Kevin Ware passed for 123 yards and one touchdown and ran for another score. Anthony Moore chipped in 24 carries for 138 yards and a touchdown for the Bulldogs.


Rance Harris carried the football 16 times for 100 yards and two touchdowns as Leo rolled to a 56-14 win over Norwell. Lions’ signal caller Sam Walters completed only three passes, but they were all for touchdowns.

Dalton Combs was 9-of-13 for 149 yards and two touchdowns in Adams Central’s 53-14 victory over Blackford. Kyle Baker added three scores, while Alex Byerly and Braxton Wolf added two apiece for the Flying Jets. One of Wolf’s touchdowns came on a 100-yard interception return. Trace Oswalt paced the Bruins with a pair of scores.

Quarterback C.J. Jackson was a one-man wrecking crew for Fort Wayne North in a 54-33 win over Fort Wayne Concordia Lutheran. Jackson was 14-of-22 for 282 yards passing with two touchdowns and ran 16 times for 166 yards and two scores. Zach McKinstry added four catches for 103 yards for the Redskins. David Morrison was 21-of-32 for 187 yards and one score for Concordia. Brandon Webb had seven receptions for 116 yards, and Brydon Williams added two touchdowns for the Cadets.

Nic Weimer finished 15-of-23 for 199 yards and three touchdowns as East Noble rolled to a 40-7 win over Fort Wayne Northrop. Weimer also ran for a score for the Knights in coach Luke Amstutz’s first game at East Noble. Northrop quarterback Colin Brockhouse completed 20-of-39 passes for 217 yards.

Running back Levi Weddle rambled 28 times for 254 yards and four touchdowns as Springs Valley posted a 46-29 win over Silver Creek. Weddle also completed 4-of-10 passes for 65 yards and two scores, while Ryan Warren added 165 yards on the ground on 29 carries for the Blackhawks. Quarterback Brooks Howell was 15-of-21 for 167 yards and two touchdowns, and Layne Taylor added 144 yards rushing on 16 attempts for Silver Creek.

Alex Cowan passed for 137 yards and two scores and ran for 118 yards and another tally in Columbus East’s 31-28 win over Bloomington North. Markell Jones added 21 carries for 138 yards and one touchdown for the Olympians. Lorrell Williams tossed for 103 yards and one touchdown and ran for 84 yards and another score for North. Ty Smith added 108 yards on the ground and one touchdown for the Cougars.

Christian Perry scored two touchdowns and Robert Webb passed for 116 yards (8-of-20) in Southport’s 27-13 loss to Indianapolis Roncalli.

Cole Sermersheim had 33 carries for 197 yards and Devon Traylor added a pair of touchdowns in Jasper’s 21-7 victory over Evansville Memorial. Linebacker Kelsey Coslett recorded 21 tackles, including 13 solos, for Memorial.

Caleb Robinson had 19 tackles and Carter Lewis added 18 as Greencastle used a 15-point fourth quarter to rally for a 21-7 victory over Monrovia Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium. Nate Christy added a pair of touchdowns for the Tiger Cubs.

Running back Martayveus Carter tallied 213 yards rushing and four touchdowns on just nine carries in East Chicago Central’s 48-20 win over Hammond. Carter also hauled in two passes for 47 yards and one score and recorded 14 tackles, including 11 solos, for the Cardinals. Carlos Fernandez was 8-of-15 for 163 yards and one score, and Patrick Shaw added 13 tackles, including 10 solos, for EC Central.

Speedway quarterback Austin Anglea went 12-of-18 for 122 yards and four touchdowns and ran for a score in a 49-2 thrashing of Lapel. Justin Brent hauled in three touchdown passes, and freshman kicker Melanie McHenry converted all seven of her extra-point attempts for the Sparkplugs. Logan Alberts was the lone bright spot for Lapel with 16 carries for 114 yards.

Frankton rolled up 348 yards on the ground in a 45-0 blanking of Anderson Prep Academy. Nic Clark had 17 carries for 127 yards and two scores, and Zac Turner added two more tallies for the Eagles. Cole Douglas chipped in 85 yards rushing and a touchdown on his four attempts for Frankton.

Running back Nick McElroy ran for 132 yards and two touchdowns in Clinton Prairie’s 41-8 drubbing of Frontier. Signal caller Ryan Walker was 8-of-10 for 114 yards and two scores for the Gophers.

Jake Hobson paced a balanced attack with 119 yards rushing and one score, helping Greenwood roll to a 52-6 win over Anderson. Kyle Deal added 102 yards on the ground and two scores, while Ben Heller and Ethan Bailey chipped in two touchdowns apiece for the Woodman. Jerian Beard finished with 19 carries for 152 yards and one score for the Indians.

Rocky Leffler scored a pair of touchdowns, leading Indianapolis Scecina Memorial to a 27-12 win over Elwood. Austin Dauenhauer tossed two touchdown passes in the setback for the Panthers.

Quarterback Blaize Kelly was 22-of-35 for 298 yards and one touchdown in Alexandria’s 14-6 win over Wes-Del. Kelly also ran for a score in the victory.

Nathan Rogers returned a pair of interceptions for scores, guiding North Montgomery to a 32-6 win over Benton Central. Brett Warren also returned a pick for a touchdown for the Chargers. North Montgomery signal caller Jalen West finished 13-of-21 for 163 yards and one touchdown and also ran for 53 yards.

Jesse Furrow went 5-of-11 for 134 yards and two touchdowns and ran for a third score in Pendleton Heights’ 42-13 win over Muncie Central. Jon Furrow chipped in 118 yards on the ground and one score for the Arabians.

Cole Barlett accounted for almost 300 total yards and three touchdowns in Hagerstown’s 35-27 win over Shenandoah. Barlett ran 11 times for 175 yards and one score and completed 8-of-14 passes for 114 yards and two scores. Evan Young had 211 yards rushing and two touchdowns, and T.J. Netherly added 101 yards rushing for the Raiders, who had their 18-game regular season winning streak halted.

Jared Fishero ran for a score and passed for another, helping Fountain Central rally for a 21-18 win over Southmont. Quarterback Devon Burton had 19 carries for 132 yards and two touchdowns and completed 7-of-13 passes for 124 yards and another tally for the Mounties.

Cade Wilke and Ke’Andre Vaughn tallied two touchdowns as Evansville Reitz held on for a 29-23 victory over Henderson County (Ky.).

Evansville Mater Dei quarterback Jace Hartz was 11-of-20 for 209 yards and four scores, leading the Wildcats to a 34-7 win over Heritage Hills. Wide out Jacob Fleming added a pair of touchdown receptions for Mater Dei, and Gabe Konerding ran 78 yards for Heritage Hills’ tally.

Aaron Killebrew had 149 total yards and three touchdowns, helping Evansville Harrison roll to a 52-7 win over West Vigo. Quarterback Eric Blackman was 14-of-21 for 180 yards and one touchdown and ran for another score for the Warriors.

Princeton saw its 29-game losing streak come to a halt with a 42-34 win over Wood Memorial. Deon Hardiman rambled for 243 yards and one touchdown, caught a pass for another score, and returned a fumble 65 yards for a third score as the Tigers gave new coach Waylon Schenk a victory in his debut. Princeton signal caller Colton Wilder tossed a pair of touchdowns, while Jayson Jamerson ran for two scores, intercepted a pass, and forced a fumble.

Michael Cannato’s extra-point in the third quarter was the difference as Mt. Vernon (Posey) held on for a 7-6 win over Tell City.

Daniel Perez tallied a pair of scores as Southridge rolled to a 48-14 win over Clarksville. Marquise Parrish had kickoff returns of 85 and 95 yards for touchdowns for the Generals in defeat.

Jake McConnell connected on field goals of 34 and 48 yards in Booneville’s 20-3 win over Washington. Evan Hendrickson completed 7-of-15 passes for 153 yards for the Pioneers, and Tyler Edmiston netted 112 yards rushing on 21 carries for the Hatchets.

Running back Wes Harness ran 18 times for 169 yards and four scores, lifting North Posey to a 51-0 triumph over South Spencer. Nick Neidig caught a touchdown pass and booted a field goal for the Vikings.

Freshman quarterback Eric Wilhite went 10-of-18 for 182 yards and two touchdowns in Castle’s 35-24 win over Terre Haute North. Jon-Marc Anderson had five catches for 111 yards and one score, and Andrew Finch added 127 yards rushing on 34 carries for the Knights.

Tyler Metcalfe tossed a pair of touchdown passes to Isaac Hampton in Indianapolis Broad Ripple’s 18-9 win over Northview. Jamonte Hampton added 106 yards rushing on 26 attempts for the Rockets.

Jason Kirchhoff tallied 148 yards rushing and one score on 22 attempts in North Decatur’s 33-14 win over Union County. It marked a successful debut in Garry Sauley’s return as head coach for the Chargers. Signal caller Brock Ricke completed 6-of-12 passes for 107 yards and three touchdowns for the winners.

Josh Smith came up with three interceptions as South Decatur cruised to a 28-13 win over Cambridge City Lincoln.

Nyles Edwards’ 26-yard field goal with 2.3 seconds left allowed Avon to escape with a 17-14 win over Hamilton Southeastern.

Matt Siergiej ran for 121 yards and Blake Luker tossed for 107 yards and two scores in New Palestine’s 26-20 loss to Whiteland.

Tayler Persons’ one-yard run in overtime was the difference as Kokomo edged Mt. Vernon (Fortville), 28-21. Michael Copeland added 23 carries for 95 yards and two scores for the Wildkats.

Trenton Brazel had seven carries for 87 yards and one touchdown and hauled in three passes for 36 yards and another tally in Northwestern’s 27-13 win over Clinton Central. Brandon Curry chipped in 109 yards rushing and one score on 13 carries for the Tigers. Clinton Central quarterback Jeff Scott threw for one touchdown and ran 17 times for 106 yards and another score.

Wide out Dominique Booth caught 11 passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns, leading Indianapolis Pike to a 23-6 win over North Central (Indianapolis). Signal caller Brent Lyles finished 19-of-32 for 198 yards, and running back Derrick Wilkerson added 124 yards rushing on 19 attempts for the Red Devils. James Mitchell returned a kickoff 95 yards for North Central’s tally.

James Gilbert tallied 103 yards rushing and three touchdowns on 21 attempts, leading Indianapolis Tech to a 33-20 triumph over Fort Wayne Wayne. Dylan Massey added two scores for the Titans. Rajshawn Mosley added 15 tackles, four quarterback sacks, and four tackles for losses, and William Lee tallied 12 tackles for Tech.

Brody Forbes connected on a 27-yard field goal with 23.1 seconds left, helping West Lafayette rally for a 9-7 win over Tri-West.

Tipton quarterback Austin Hooker went 17-of-27 for 261 yards and two touchdowns in the Blue Devils’ 19-14 win over Hamilton Heights Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium. Hooker also had 18 rushes for 65 yards and a score, while James Altherr and Josh Snider added 11 and 10 tackles respectively for Tipton. Corey Beck completed 16-of-34 passes for 276 yards and one score for the Huskies. Landon Cunningham finished with 13 tackles and Spencer Dull had 12 for Hamilton Heights.

Westfield quarterback Nick Ferrer threw four touchdown passes, two of them to Kory Kostecka, in the Shamrocks’ 27-7 triumph against Lafayette Harrison. Drezden Johnson’s 95-yard kickoff return for a score was the lone bright spot for the Raiders, who have dropped 17 straight contests.

Jordan Ham rambled for 74 yards and a score as Frankfort downed Western, 21-8, to snap an 11-game losing streak.

Brandon Dovers booted field goals of 33, 27, and 43 yards Saturday, helping Brownsburg post a 36-9 win over McCutcheon. Indiana recruit Chase Dutra added a 74-yard punt return for a score for the Bulldogs. Nate Deno had a 95-yard kickoff return to lead the Mavericks.

Tyler Munson carried the football 16 times for 194 yards, including a 91-yard touchdown, leading Seeger to a 24-14 win over Rockville. Trevor Bowlus chipped in 13 tackles for the Patriots. Ryan Lewis passed and ran for scores for the Rox.

Jake Reneau and Ryan Spesard combined for 230 yards rushing and three touchdowns in Carroll (Flora)’s 41-19 win over Tri-County. Reneau finished with 126 yards and one score, and Spesard added 104 yards and two touchdowns. Brandon Dillon hauled in two touchdown passes for the Cougars, while Riley Benner tossed three touchdown passes for the Cavaliers.

Chad Schultz accumulated three touchdowns, including a 75-yard punt return as North Newton downed South Newton, 37-20. Austin Drinski had a pair of scores, including a 98-yard kickoff return for South Newton. Jared Chavez added 18 tackles and Jake West had 12 for the Rebels in the setback.

Carson Davis accumulated 190 yards and four scores on just eight carries in Attica’s 66-0 blanking of Riverton Parke. Lance Whorall and Tyler Jordan added two scores apiece as the Red Ramblers rolled up 406 yards on the ground.

Cole Hileman turned in quite a performance for North White in its 37-15 win over Taylor. Hileman had three rushes for 158 yards, including a 96-yard romp for a touchdown, completed 3-of-7 passes for 69 yards and one score, and recorded 16 tackles.

Will Rogers had nine carries for 99 yards and two touchdowns as Twin Lakes posted a 33-9 win over Logansport. Zach Diener added a pair of scores as the Indians won the coaching debut of Justin Gardiner. Bo Bullard threw for 111 yards and one score, and Braxton Berkshire had 12 tackles for the Berries.

Karson Allen tallied 25 carries for 196 yards in Covington’s 26-7 loss to South Vermillion.

Tuwan Payton had 14 carries for 228 yards and three touchdowns as New Albany posted a 28-15 win over Providence. Matt Bell ran 24 times for 115 yards and one score for Providence.

Tyler Frindley completed 13-of-23 passes for 225 yards and three touchdowns in Jeffersonville’s 29-25 loss to Louisville Eastern. Frindey also had eight carries for 76 yards and one score. Ricky Embry added five catches for 135 yards and two scores for the Red Devils, who have not won a season-opener since 1992.

Sophomore quarterback Ryan Washington ran and threw for scores in Michigan City’s 33-0 shutout over Gary Roosevelt. James Washington added a touchdown run and interception as the Wolves snapped their nine-game losing streak.

Quarterback Aaron Daniel accounted for more than 260 total yards and six touchdowns in Charlestown’s 67-14 thrashing of Madison. Daniel threw for 120 yards and three scores and rambled for 149 yards and three more tallies.

Jamie Antonoglou was a one-man machine for Union City in its 33-0 win over Tri. Antonoglou ran for a touchdown, returned a punt 63 yards for another score, and recorded 12 tackles. The Indians limited Tri to just 52 total yards.

Dillon Bailey rushed 15 times for 189 yards and five touchdowns and threw for another score in North Central (Farmersburg)’s 60-14 thrashing of Union (Dugger). Chase VanSchoyck added 139 yards on the ground and one score on 16 attempts, and Jordan Caton chipped in two more touchdowns for the Thunderbirds. Sterling Langley scored twice for the Bulldogs.

Anthony Taylor-Cooper tossed for 135 yards (8-of-13) and a pair of touchdown passes as Warren Central rolled to a 35-7 win over Merrillville at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Whiting signal caller A.J. Veloz threw two touchdown passes Saturday in the Oilers’ 47-0 blanking of Hammond Clark in the “Battle of 119th Street.” Keegan Rooke and Rudy Wanek added two touchdowns apiece for the Oilers.

Purdue recruit David Yancey overcame a bout with strep throat to run for 105 yards and two scores in Lake Central’s 40-0 win over Munster.

Before leaving with a leg injury, East Central running back Greg Bonomini had 19 carries for 110 yards and three touchdowns in the first half of the Trojans’ 35-6 win over Richmond. Bonomini’s replacement, Cade Knueven, had 17 rushes for 99 yards and two scores in the second half.

Dakota Ervin and Blake Evans tallied two scores each in Connersville’s 34-27 win over Rushville. Clay Tressler threw for two touchdowns and ran for another score for Rushville.

Tyler Seibert accounted for 234 all-purpose yards and four touchdowns, leading Terre Haute South to 34-24 win over Indian Creek. Seibert had five catches for 173 yards and three scores and carried the football five times for 61 yards and one score. Signal caller Danny Etling completed 15-of-27 passes for 267 yards and four scores for the Braves. Indian Creek signal caller Matthew Wray went 15-of-27 for 193 yards and two touchdown passes to Kyle Meiklejohn. Brendon Smith added 11 catches for 128 yards for the Braves in defeat.

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