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Posted by coltsindianapolis on June 10, 2013 – 1:22 pm

Is it football season yet? No, but we’re getting closer! What better way to get ready for the season than to hold a photo contest? Throughout the 2013 season, we will be holding a handful of contest, promotions, and ways for YOU the fans to win Colts prizes. The first contest of the 2013 season is underway and we’re looking for COLTSTRONG Pets! That’s right, we’re introducing the Colts Extra Points COLTSTRONG Pet Contest so we can see your four-legged fans and what their Colts pride looks like. You can submit an entry or simply vote a join in on all the fun.

You could win:

COLTSTRONG Pet Contest Grand Prize
– Winner: Colts vs. Oakland (season opener)
– Two (2) Club seats
– One (1) parking pass
– Two (2) pre-game field passes
– $100 Colts Grille Gift Card
– Photo of winning pet featured in article
– Top Three Runners-up (based on votes)
– Two (2) tickets to a selected Colts game
– Two (2) pre-game field passes
– $50 Colts Grille Gift Card
Fun categories
– Cutest: Colts Yearbook and $50 Colts Grille Gift Card
– Funniest: Colts Yearbook and $50 Colts Grille Gift Card
– COLTSTRONGiest: Colts Yearbook and $50 Colts Grille Gift Card


Find out why Colts Fans love the Colts Extra Points Credit Card!

Find out why Colts Fans love the Colts Extra Points Credit Card!

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Posted by on August 13, 2012 – 10:26 am

What’s up Colts Nation!? Well, it has officially began, the highly anticipated Indianapolis Colts “new era” is officially underway and man it feels good to be a Colts fan! Now before I get into yesterday’s game, I realize it was a preseason game, and I realize that in years past these games haven’t exactly mattered to a majority of you. However, preseason games do serve a purpose and when you look a Colts team that has a lot of young and new players you realize the importance of this year’s preseason. In addition to that, preseason games allow for coaches to evaluate every position, tells them where they can improve, and sets the tone for the next week of camp.

But most importantly, we won, and I think every single member of Colts Nation feels better about this team today than they did yesterday. All the anticipation was worth it and now we get to watch this team grow. The team we saw on Sunday will not be the same team we will see this weekend against the Steelers. They will improve. This team will continue to improve every game and that is something both players and coaches will pride themselves on.

And how about Andrew Luck’s first play ever from scrimmage as a Colts? You want to talk about COTLSTRONG, Lucas Oil Stadium was rocking after Luck completed a 63-yard touchdown pass to running back Donald Brown!  I’m not going to lie; I got goose bumps when I saw them connect and instantly knew Brown was taking it to the house. What a way to kick-off a season and especially a career.

Prior to the game, I hit up a few tailgating spots. For it being a pre-season game I was pretty impressed with the turnout. One of my favorites was the “Blue Scoot Crew” who had a Colts bus with memorabilia all over the place. They even had a built in restroom which of course was covered in blue. Before every game this season, I will be searching for the best tailgate spots and food in all of Colts Nation. I will write a blog this week with complete details.


Well that’s it for today. Be sure to check back to my homepage on for more information and follow me on Twitter to chat it up!

Yours in Football,

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Colts Fan Fest: Terre Haute

Posted by on July 17, 2012 – 4:04 pm

Wednesday, July 11 marked a big day for the Indianapolis Colts: the final Fan Fest of the summer. Saving one of the best stops for last, we made sure to go all out for our fans in Terre Haute.

You would think at this point, we would be able to make it to our Fan Fest destination without any problems. After all, we’ve been doing this all summer. However, the Colts summer crew likes to keep things interesting. Tiny led the box truck astray, taking along with him the Play 60 zone, bounce house and inflatable slide. Thankfully, Google Maps didn’t let us down and we were able to arrive in Terre Haute right on time.

Tiny decided to be quite stubborn for us, and making sure he was standing upright for fans to see proved to be more difficult than usual. Personally, I think Tiny was a little sad that it was his last Fan Fest. Can you blame him?

Besides Tiny causing a few issues, the other inflatables proved to be a hit with fans of all ages. Even a few moms and dads tried going down the slide with their kids. No injuries were reported from the bounce house, with the exception of a few head bumps and hard hits.

Adam Vinatieri and Anthony Castonzo came out to meet some of their biggest fans at Deming Park. Vinatieri, Colts kicker as well as a fan favorite, has made countless trips to meet with fans throughout his NFL career. “My favorite thing about interacting with the fans is the stories you hear firsthand,” said Vinatieri. “Like where they were when we won the Super Bowl. You get to relate to the other side of the field.”

Castonzo, the Colts 2011 first round draft pick, has traveled all over the state this summer to meet with fans. Castonzo described his favorite Colts fan as “super die-hard.”

“I love fans that really have a passion for the sport and excitement for the team.” said Castonzo.

It was obvious from the turn out that Terre Haute fans fit Castonzo’s description.  A backup on the interstate left fans waiting a little longer to meet the players. Nonetheless, fans waited around so that they could have a chance to show their support for the Colts.

“Not having practice every day [in the off season] allows me to have the chance to spend time in the community,” said Castonzo. “I feel like it’s my duty to give back to the fans because they give so much to the team.”

Fans like the Padgett family enjoyed looking at the newest items in our traveling Pro Shop while waiting for the players to arrive. The Padgetts are avid Colts fans and have traveled to several Colts events over the years. We wanted to know their family’s favorite thing about the Indianapolis Colts. Of course their response was, “Winning!”

The Weaver family was also very excited to attend last Wednesday’s Fan Fest. These season ticket holders love getting out to Colts events in their community to meet other Colts fans.

Tiny and I also love meeting some of our biggest Colts fans at each Fan Fest. Terre Haute fans, you all are great! We loved being able to sing and dance along with you all while the Jai Baker Band took your song requests. Jai and the band told us they don’t do that very often, so you all should feel pretty special!

Thanks again for coming out to our final Fan Fest of the season. We wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. We’ll look forward to your COLTSTRONG support this season!

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Colts Fan Fest: Rushville

Posted by on June 26, 2012 – 3:01 pm

It was another extremely warm day when we arrived in Rushville at Riverside Park for Saturday’s Fan Fest. But when has a little heat and humidity stopped us before? With Tiny riding shotgun in our caravan, we drove down the winding gravel road only to be greeted like rock stars by the staff members from the park. “Feel free to make yourselves at home in the green room!” one of the staff members told us. Green room?! Ok, I think I can handle this celebrity treatment.

Little did we know that we would be sharing the green room with Free Fallin’, one of the best Tom Petty tribute bands in the area. One of the band members even offered us VIP passes to the show later in the evening. However, because we’re always so busy during the Fan Fest we had to decline his offer. I hope some lucky Colts fan was able to enjoy the VIP experience!

Rushville is the smallest city that our Fan Fest has visited this summer, but this community is definitely not lacking in Colts spirit. Fans spilled in from all directions decked out in their favorite Colts gear. Several fans waited in line to purchase a new jersey for the upcoming season. I listened to one young fan give a very convincing argument to his parents as to why he needed a new Andrew Luck jersey. “But Dad, he’s my favorite player! I need it!”

Colts Rookie, Dwayne Allen, took in his first experience meeting Colts fans at the Rushville Fan Fest event. “I’ve never been to Rushville, but these fans seem like they love the Colts. It’s cool to see that they’re just as eager for football season to start,” said Allen.

Allen gave a shout out to the Rushville community through Twitter later in the evening with his tweet, “…Awesome town with great fans!”

I was especially excited to visit Rushville because my family decided to come out for the event! My parents, grandfather and aunt all came to the Fan Fest. They claim that they were there to visit with me, but I think they were more excited about registering to win free tickets and getting some autographs. I tried to convince my dad to take a trip down the inflatable slide or at least spend a few minutes inside the bounce house, but he wasn’t feeling it. That would’ve made for the perfect Kodak moment.

By the time I talked to Michelle and Tom Richardson and their son Adam they had endured the heat for more than an hour, but they weren’t planning on leaving anytime soon. Adam went to a Colts game a few seasons ago with tickets he won from a radio contest. “His dad and I are hoping his luck will rub off on us, and we’ll win some tickets from the register-to-win!” said Michelle.

The field goal challenge was a huge hit with the fans. Anyone and everyone took their turn at the tee. Even fellow Colts intern Ally tried to see if she could make it through the posts. While she gave it a valiant effort, after coming off a hip surgery a few months ago, her leg strength wasn’t quite there.

What a fun way to end a busy week of Fan Fests! With two of our favorite players, the inflatables, the Pro Shop, Colts In Motion and of course, Tiny, we went all out for our Rushville fans. Thank you, Rushville fans for coming out to show your Colts spirit. We know that we can count on you to be COLTSTRONG this season!

We’ll be back on the road again this week with Tiny leading the way down to Princeton Wednesday and New Albany Thursday. We’re excited to meet some crazy Colts fans down in Southern Indiana!

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Posted by on April 26, 2012 – 5:58 pm


Wow, what a great day to be an Indianapolis Colts fan! I know the last few months have been full of mixed emotions, but tonight is finally the night that the Colts will name Andrew Luck their next quarterback.
I remember a little over a year ago when all the speculation was about Andrew Luck going pro after his junior year. As a Colts fan, whoever would have thought that Luck would be our next quarterback? I know I sure didn’t! But here we are, it’s April 26th 2012, and the Indianapolis Colts have the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck happens to be who we’re taking as GM Ryan Grigson said earlier this week. It sure has been a wild ride.

Obviously Luck is just one piece to this new era of Colts football. I’ve been watching some of the videos on during workouts and practices and man is there a new level of energy or what!? All of the coaches and players talk about the energy that surrounds this team and it’s traveled out of the complex and right into my head. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE 2012 SEASON!!!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I am most excited for. This whole new regime and new era has me super excited to be in Lucas Oil Stadium during the 2012 season. My favorite part is the excitement that surrounds the 2012 Colts. I’m like a little kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve!

We have a new quarterback, who happens to be Andrew Luck, a new coaching staff headed up by Chuck Pagano with a new level of intensity, not to mention “building the monster” that is our defense, some key offseason additions such as Cory Redding and Tom Zbikowski, as well as the new Nike Jerseys and New Era hats. Such a thrilling time to be a Colts fan!

So in closing fellow Colts fans I say this, think about the great memories from the past decade of Colts football, cherish them for what they are, but at the same time, share the same level of excitement and energy that the players and coaches have exemplified. What is great about this season is we don’t know what will happen, we don’t have expectations, but we all know we’ll be along for the ride. A ride that has me on the edge of my seat, ready for the Indianapolis Colts to continue their pursuit of greatness sharing the same passion as me and you!

The Colts No. 1 pick Andrew Luck will put on the New Era 59Fifty Draft Cap in a few hours when he’s drafted. Get your own right here from the Colts Pro Shop and be like Andrew in this new era of Colts Football!


Forever in Football,

Colts Fan Casey

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