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NFL Combine: Carson Wiggs

Posted by coltsindianapolis on February 24, 2012 – 4:18 pm

Representing the only player from Indiana or Purdue University at this week’s NFL Combine, Boilermakers kicker Carson Wiggs is taking a brief break from his second semester senior year to pursue the next level.

With 12 hours left to graduate, Wiggs is hoping to write the next chapter of his life on the NFL gridiron.

“Senior year (of high school) when I was getting recruited, I realized football was working out for me and I had a chance at the college level,” Wiggs said. “The NFL crept into the back of my mind and it got bigger every day.”

That chance has turned into a reality as Wiggs finished his four-year career at Purdue as the program’s all-team leading field goal kicker percentage wise.

Wiggs has one of the strongest legs of any kicker eligible for the draft and kicked a 67-yarder during Purdue’s Spring Game in 2011.

The 67-yard field goal would have tied an NCAA record and the Texas native would go on to make his final nine field goals of his 2011 season.

One of the unique aspects that Wiggs brings with him to this week’s combine is he spent time as a kicker and a punter at Purdue.

“I always sit down at the table and hear, ‘Oh, we get a dual threat guy’ which is good for me to hear that they are actually noticing that,” Wiggs said. “If I do make a team, I can step in, and if the punter gets hurt, I can step in and get it done.”

Still two months away from the NFL Draft, Wiggs said he is hearing that he could be a seventh round pick but just the opportunity to have his name called is an accomplishment in itself.

“It just blows my mind that I could get drafted,” Wiggs said. “Watching those guys in New York get drafted, obviously I’m not going to be there, but just seeing that kind of situation that I have a chance to be in similar shoes that they are is very exciting.”

Kevin Bowen
24 February 2012

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