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Former Colts Punter Hunter Smith finding enjoyment in music around the state of Indiana

Posted by Kevin Bowen on July 2, 2013 – 11:10 am

After 12 years of life in the NFL, Hunter Smith was ready for his next challenge.

The days of booming footballs were behind him and next up was the thrill of performing music in front of thousands of people.

“I looked around at the rest of the NFL and I saw people were having a really hard time making that transition from football to normal life and I knew that the reason for that difficulty was they didn’t have anything else going on,” Smith said last week on “The Ride with JMV”.

“I just decided that I’m going to say, “This is the line. I’ve crossed it. I’m done and it’s time to move on with life.”

Smith spent 10 of his 12 NFL seasons as the punter for the Indianapolis Colts and has returned to the state where he went to college to further pursue a career in the music industry.

The Hunter Smith Band is continuing to grow and opened up for Rascal Flatts at Klipsch Music Center over the weekend.

Over the next three months, the band will perform at seven different venues across the state (Schedule Here).

Following the 2010 season with the Redskins, Smith sat down with his family and realized the joy of playing in the NFL had diminished.

The decision was not easy, but he felt the time was then to hang up the cleats and pick up the guitar.

“My experience is most NFL players leave the NFL game, lonely, injured or cut. There are very few Ray Lewis’ in the world. As a result most people leave the game not on their terms,” Smith said.

“I just knew with young children, I didn’t want to go play a year there, a year here, and do that whole thing. I knew it was time to put aside possibly any desire I had to play the game, which had dwindled and move forward with life in a different direction.”

That direction has led him to playing in Iowa (at Dallas Clark’s charity golf outing) and Louisville (at the Colts Fan Fest).

The trips around the Midwest, and even one to Texas, are one thing with the Hunter Smith Band but nothing compares to being permanently back in Indiana.

Smith recalls a story that former Colts quarterback Jim Harbaugh told him several years ago on calling Indiana home.

“Jim Harbaugh told me, “Indianapolis is the Land of Milk and Honey. If I could ever go back, I will because I love the people there.”

“My wife and I have found that to be true,” Smith said. “I’ve never forgotten that he said that. It’s resonated through the years and as the result we plan on living and dying here.”

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 15, 2012 – 7:35 pm

The Colts will welcome some familiar faces to Anderson on Thursday as 17 former players are expected to be in attendance at the 6:30 p.m. practice.

Punter Hunter Smith (1999-2008) will be one of those in attendance and is performing at Colts City prior to the night practice.

Head coach Chuck Pagano spoke after Wednesday afternoon’s practice and addressed what the team will be working on Thursday evening with the special guests watching from the sideline.

“We got a lot of situational stuff, a lot of team stuff. It’ll be obviously for the fans. They’ve been awesome the whole time here, so it’ll be a last shot for them to come out and hopefully the weather will hold out,” Pagano said.

“We have (17) alums coming, former Colt greats that we’re looking forward to having here at practice and welcome those guys in.”

Below is a list of the guest players expected to make an appearance:

1.       Bill Brooks

2.       Rick DeMulling

3.       Ray Donaldson

4.       Stan Eisenhooth

5.       Tarik Glenn

6.       Mark Herrmann

7.       Darvell Huffman

8.       Danny Kight

9.       Chuckie Nworkorie

10.     Mike Prior

11.     Gary Padjen

12.     Tony Walker

13.     Devon McDonald

14.     Roosevelt Potts

15.     Damon Watts

16.     Reggie Thornton

17.     Hunter Smith (performing)

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