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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 28, 2012 – 10:26 am

In the family of players that is the NFL, those that enter the league in the same draft class tend to cling to each other.

Going through the jump from college to the NFL can be a strenuous process so being able to lean on fellow players making the same leap is often beneficial.

This was the case back in 2009 as cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Jerraud Powers entered the NFL Draft.

Little did those two know that flash forward three years and their paths would cross again, this time in the same locker room.

“We were the same draft class, 2009, so we ran into each other a lot through the whole process,” Powers said. “I just kept in contact by him wishing me well, and me wishing him well throughout games, seeing him at certain events. We’ve been good friends ever since we’ve both entered the NFL.”

As Davis walked into the locker room Monday morning, he saw some more familiar faces in his new home.

“I know most of the guys, (Jerraud) Powers, Joe Lefeged,” Davis said. “It’s crazy, this league is so small. I’m excited to get to know more of the guys.”

Cornerback Brandon King spent a majority of the 2011 season with Davis and the Miami Dolphins and it’s that familiarity in the secondary room which should make the transition to Indianapolis easier.

“Any time you can go to a team and you know some guys on the team, you kind of don’t feel like the outcast, you can blend in with guys,” Powers said. “It’s not like he’s just a new face that nobody knows him. Everybody has at least heard of Vontae because of his production and what he’s done on the football field.”

Safety Antoine Bethea has a view of Davis’ ability from afar and calls him an ‘aggressive, fast’ corner that can cover.

Powers and him will now get a first-hand look at Davis’ talent and are happy to have another player of his caliber in an already talented secondary.

“You add another playmaker on the field,” Powers said. “He’s made a lot of plays for Miami, interceptions, hitting, no matter what it is, he’s made them. He’ll come at you, loves to play man-to-man coverage, loves the type of scheme we are in.”

If all goes well over the next two weeks, Davis is expected to start opposite Powers in the season opener in Chicago.

Colts fans got a brief scare on Saturday when Powers left the Redskins game with a knee sprain. On Monday though, Powers re-assured those worried that had the game been Week 1 of the regular season, he would have been back on the field.

“I’m fine,” Powers said.

“On the play with Robert Griffin III, I hit him on the sideline and kind of banged my knee a little bit. It ended up getting tight a little bit. I just came out for precautionary reasons but if it was a (regular season) game, I definitely wouldn’t have come out.”

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 22, 2012 – 7:54 am

Some would call it a gift he didn’t deserve.

But ask any defender and an interception is an interception no matter how it falls into your hands.

That was the case for Antoine Bethea on Sunday evening as the Pro Bowl safety almost seemed a bit surprised when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s pass ended up in his outstretched hands.

“It’s the easiest interception I’ve gotten so far (in his seven-year career),” Bethea said. “Hopefully, there are some more that’s coming.”

The interception for Bethea came on the game’s initial drive as on a third-and-6, Roethlisberger looked to his right and didn’t seem to see the Colts safety lurking in the flat.

It’s turnovers like those that the Colts hope to  be recipients of a lot during the regular season. Cornerback Jerraud Powers joked with his secondary mate of how easy the interception was, but didn’t do it without acknowledging those up front for disrupting Roethlisberger.

“You saw the one with Antoine, we were kind of laughing about it, I don’t think Antoine has ever had a pick that just comes right to him,” Powers said. “It was one of those situations where they were causing pressure up front, (Roethilsberger) had to get the ball out quick and it went right to him. I think we’ll have more of that once the season gets here.”

Through the first two games of the preseason, the Colts front seven has been able to get some pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

The Colts have recorded five sacks and it’s that pressure that has those in the secondary excited about what could happen during the regular season.

“When they’re playing great, the front seven, usually the backend is playing pretty good too,” Powers said. “When they can get pressure on the quarterback and cause havoc up there, it makes our job easier because quarterbacks are trying to get the ball out and quick and we can kind of sit back there and just make plays, make some easy picks.”

Last season, Bethea and Powers combined for just two interceptions in 28 total games played.

The secondary hasn’t received a ton of attention in regards to adapting to a new defensive scheme but the members know that the chances are there to create turnovers in 2012.

“In the new scheme we are in now, there is opportunity to get some cheap ones, some tipped balls, quarterbacks really not seeing you, just throwing it to you,” Bethea said. “Coaches always say if you catch the ones that are thrown to you, you’ll lead the league (in interceptions). That’s just something we want to harp on and hopefully I’ll get some more this year.”


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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 21, 2012 – 4:12 pm

Not many questions stir up a reaction out of Colts safety Antoine Bethea.

But even the ever stoic Bethea cracked a bit of a smile on Tuesday afternoon when commenting on the play of outside linebacker Jerry Hughes this preseason.

“Jerry has an extreme amount of talent. Seeing him in this system, he’s just flourishing. He’s out there making plays, making sacks, dropping in coverage, making tackles,” Bethea said.

Those same sentiments echoed throughout the Colts locker room on Tuesday as teammates glowed when talking about the production that No. 92 has had in opposing backfields the past two weeks.

“With Jerry coming in and not having the success that he probably thought he would have early on, and for him to start getting that success now, it’s always good to see,” Powers said.

Hughes has seen significant playing time from his new outside linebacker position this preseason and has thrived in his new role.

He led the Colts with seven tackles on Sunday evening and upped his team-leading sack total to three.

“It’s helped my confidence a lot, tremendously,” Hughes said of the preseason. “First two years, I wasn’t really doing much of anything so even though it’s still the preseason, just going out there and helping the team win, going out there and playing with the guys is helping out.”

During his time at Texas Christian University, Hughes was a successful pass-rushing defensive end. Just like Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, the move to outside linebacker was a little foreign.

Seeing different sight lines is one of the major differences Hughes said of switching positions.

For Hughes, the on-the-field talent hasn’t gone anywhere, but it’s learning to become a complete NFL player that he is starting to figure out.

“Coming in from college, you get to get away with a lot more things, being a college player versus being a pro. Being a pro, it’s a 9-5 job,” Hughes said.

“You’ve got to come in early, you’ve got to put in extra work to get (fluent) with the film, get (fluent) with the playbook, things like that. Once you kind of get that down and you’re able to make that transition, things will come real smooth.”

Head coach Chuck Pagano has seen his fair share of standout outside linebackers during his days of working in 3-4 defenses. Pagano knows the physical talent is there for Hughes and the more comfortable he becomes in the system, the more he should be able to produce.

“I think he’s just flourishing right now doing the things we’re asking him to do,” Pagano said. “He’s getting better at playing the run and doing what it takes to set the edge and he’s got natural pass-rush ability.”

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 9, 2012 – 6:07 pm

As veterans in the Colts secondary, safety Antoine Bethea and cornerback Jerraud Powers have taken on a strong voice in the team’s locker room.

Both have been mainstays in the starting lineup during their careers with the Colts, and have helped mentor a young secondary this training camp.

Who is the third most experienced returnee in the 20-member Colts secondary?

That distinction would fall to No. 37 Brandon King.

“I’ve got to prove everything just like everybody else does,” King said. “It’s a performance-based league. You get paid by how you perform. So if you don’t perform you can’t get paid.”

King’s performance during the team’s first week and a half of training camp has been impressive. The Purdue product has three interceptions during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills.

This is King’s third season on the Colts roster. After spending all of 2010 with the team, he was on the Dolphins roster until December of 2011 when the Colts signed him off Miami’s practice squad for the remainder of the year.

In fighting for a spot in a crowded secondary, King keeps things simple heading into the first preseason game of the year.

“Just being consistent,” King said. “You’ve got to make plays. But just being consistent and playing to the best of my ability and just playing team defense.”

The 2012 training camp is the third one King has spent with the Colts but this is the first time the team faced a little adversity in having to leave Anderson on Thursday due to inclement weather.

“I’ve never been back to (Indianapolis) for practice during camp. We’re going to make the best of it though. They always make sure we get all our work in,” he said.

The Colts did get their work in back at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Facility, as the team put the pads back on after a day off on Wednesday.

At 25 years of age, King definitely doesn’t consider himself ‘old,’ but he did offer some advice for his ‘younger’ teammates.

“Don’t ever take anything for granted, go hard every chance you get, and make the most out of every repetition you get,” he said.

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Posted by Kevin Bowen on August 3, 2012 – 4:40 pm

By number only, 25 years-old isn’t normally considered an age for a ‘leader’ in the NFL.

However, there are exceptions to every rule, and Colts cornerback Jerraud Powers provides an example of exactly that.

First, Powers is of a rare breed. He went out of his way to take a leadership role early in his NFL career.

Second, the cornerback position that Powers is currently leading has 10 other players that have combined to play a total of four seasons with the Colts.

Put those two things together and Powers is the go-to man on and off the field at the cornerback spot during the 2012 training camp.

“I’ve got to speak up a little bit and let those guys hear and see what and how it should be done, the right way,” Powers said. “I’ve been embracing everything that’s happened this whole entire offseason, with the new staff, new front office, new players and all that.”

On the field Powers has been leading with his play. During the Colts’ first two days with pads on, Powers made a diving play to break up a potential touchdown in the end zone and then had an interception return for a touchdown on Thursday.

“We’ve been having a tremendous camp at the corner position, a lot of competition at the position. I think it’s bringing the best out of everybody,” Powers said. “We were looked at as a thin group but we got some guys that are going to prove themselves. I think we are going to be pretty deep at the position when it’s all said and done.”

Safety Antoine Bethea and Powers are the only players in the Colts secondary that have had more than two years with the team.

With a relatively inexperienced secondary entering training camp, Powers knew that he had to tweak his leadership style in order to handle so many new faces.

“The young guys in the secondary know if they need anything from me as far as trying to study the playbook extra to do that. They can just come to me and I’ll be right there to do it. I’m more of a guy that tries to lead by action rather than words. I’m not a big ‘rah rah’ guy but I think this year is a year we have so many young guys, I have to speak up more,” Powers said.

The message throughout training camp from all units is the feeling that everyone is buying into the new system. Even though people on the outside have their doubts about the Colts, those on the inside are ready to prove the doubters wrong.

“As a team, everybody has bought in and has embraced the challenges that we have coming ahead and they’re embracing the idea of everybody sort of having their back turned to us now, probably one of the first times in Indy. Everybody is embracing it and I think we are building something special and I think they brought in the right guys to do it,” Powers said.


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Veterans welcome rookies to life in the NFL

Posted by Kevin Bowen on July 30, 2012 – 6:55 am

Around every NFL training camp this time of year there is a sort of a ritual going around between the veterans and the rookies.

A welcoming to professional football is upon 26 rookies in Anderson over the next few weeks.

The fun-loving started early for the first-year players as quarterback Andrew Luck did his best, or in some people’s opinions worst, impression of John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’ on Saturday evening at a team meeting.

“Yeah it was awful,” Pagano said of Luck’s rendition. “I’m glad he’s not doing that for a living, because the signing wouldn’t have been like the one he got. Great effort though. It was a great effort.”

Luck won’t be the only one taking part in the good-nature ribbing at training camp.

Veterans across the roster have had their fair share of initiation into the NFL and at the end of the day everyone will have a story to tell.

“It’s just another way of bonding,” cornerback Jerraud Powers said. “Rookies are kind of wide-eyed right now, kind of not knowing what to expect. Their first time at training camp, first time in the same room as a Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, you kind of get star shocked a little bit.”

“The rookie traditions and all that stuff kind of humbles them and make everybody feel like they are the same as everybody else after they hear the stories the other guys were sharing.”

In April’s NFL Draft the Colts made 10 selections and with a number of other first year players on the roster, it is almost a certainty that rookies will play a vital role in the regular season.

Entering his fourth season in the league, running back Donald Brown might only be 25 years old but he knows he is looked at as a veteran.

It wasn’t long ago he was the one standing up in front of the veterans for his arrival to the NFL and now he’s the one knowing just how important making those young guys feel a part of the team will help them out in September and beyond.

“It doesn’t matter what happens outside of this facility, as long as we take care of what is inside of here and get better everyday, every meeting, every practice, things will take care of itself,” Brown said.

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Colts Fan Fest: New Albany

Posted by coltschelsea on June 29, 2012 – 12:11 pm

After leaving Princeton Wednesday evening, the crew headed to Evansville to spend the night before an early morning departure to New Albany for our second Fan Fest of the week. We enjoyed a wonderful continental breakfast Thursday morning before filling up the cars with gas and loading the coolers with plenty of Gatorade and water to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s a good thing we did because temperatures reached above 100 degrees and staying hydrated was crucial. Thanks to the Indiana Blood Center who came out to the event to supply fans with water throughout the day!

Record breaking temperatures couldn’t stop these Colts fans from visiting our Fan Fest. Official “Super Fan” Brent Keane waited in the front of the line to get a few more autographs on his signature-filled football. “I’ve got all sorts of players – past and present – that signed this ball. I’m looking forward to getting a few more,” said Keane.

Even Blue came out to take part in the fun. Dancing around and tossing the football, Blue made sure fans were entertained while they waited. I saw one little Colts fan jumping up and down yelling, “Blue! Blue! Blue!”

Colts fan Emma came to the Fan Fest wearing her favorite Colts jersey and blue hair ribbon with a Colts football in hand. Emma, who turns seven in two days, was most excited to meet the cheerleaders. Her mom and baby brother were also excited to get some autographs from the players because the Colts are “daddy’s favorite team!” I suggested to Mom that a trip to Anderson for training camp later this summer would be an excellent belated birthday present. I hope you can make to camp, Emma!

Jerraud Powers and Cassius Vaughn also braved the heat to meet their fans in New Albany. “These fans spend their hard-earned money to come watch us play during the year so it’s great that we can come to see them at Fan Fests,” said Powers.

“It’s an awesome opportunity for us to connect with our fans. We don’t get to do that often.”

New Albany mayor Jeff Gahann stopped by the Fan Fest to show his appreciation for the Colts coming to the city. “It’s so exciting that you guys are here! Despite the heat, we’re so glad you’re here in New Albany. There’s a lot of Colts fans here in the city!” said Gahann.

Gahann complimented the band, Free Fallin’, that played for fans throughout the event. He also filled us in on some restaurants to stop by on our way out of town. I told him I’d be fine eating at any restaurant as long as there was air conditioning. I’m pretty easy to please.

New Albany resident Kevin Fetz was busy taking photos throughout the event. In fact, he even came early. “I was determined to get here an hour before the Fan Fest. I wanted to make sure I could get autographs! It might be hot out, but I wouldn’t miss it!” said Fetz.

Fortunately, Tiny didn’t melt in the intense heat. In fact, I think he enjoyed looking over the event with a view of the Ohio River in the background. When we finally had packed away the last inflatable, closed the doors on Colts In Motion and dumped the melted ice from the coolers it was tempting not to make a run for it and jump into the river. Instead of running to the river, we jumped in the cars and blasted the AC. This was probably a much better decision in the long run.

New Albany fans, you all are awesome! One fan summed it up perfectly as he was leaving: “It might be warm out, but it’s worth it to be here.” Thanks for making Thursday’s Fan Fest a successful event despite the scorching heat.

Tiny and I will be taking a break from the road next week, but don’t worry, we’ll be in Terre Haute Wednesday, July 11th.  Fans, get ready – I want to see some crazy Colts spirit!

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With Colts Interest in Jenkins Still High, Other Options are Available

Posted by coltsindianapolis on June 20, 2012 – 7:16 am regularly features blogs written by one of our fans. This week’s blog was submitted by divineprodigy

The Colts have made it no secret in how much they need a viable starting CB. In order for coach Pagano’s defensive scheme to fire on all cylinders, he needs CBs that can play man coverage. In spite of the huge changes that are taking place within the defense this year, the one area that I am least concerned about is the front seven. Ever since the Colts drafted Freeney and Mathis, I always wondered how effective those two monsters would be if the team had “real” DTs to play with clogging the middle. With the speed both bring off the edge, opposing QBs would counter by either stepping up in the pocket, or doubling them both. With the likes of Kenyatta Dawson, and Eric Foster flanking them in the middle at roughly 260lbs, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks of the old lady in the Wendy’s commercials who went to other burger joints and always asked: “Where’s the beef?” I don’t think QBs who face the Colts this year will have that option with the teams latest additions to the tackle and end positions. Enter DE Corey Redding (6-4 315lbs), DT Josh Chapman (6-1, 316lbs), and NT Brandon Mckinney (6-2, 345lbs) and that adds up to a lot of “Kahuna burgers.” Yes ladies and gentlemen, the days of watching the Colts interior D linemen getting tossed around like rag dolls are over. Have doubts about Freeney being able to be as effective as an OLB vs DE? Think of it this way; As fast as he has been coming out of a 3 point stance, imagine how fast he will be coming out of a standing position with his patented “spin move.” Ditto for Robert Mathis.

The improved play of the front seven will make the play of the secondary better as well. When talking about the secondary, there is one thing we don’t have to worry about, and the that’s abilities of Antoine Bethea & Jerraud Powers. After those two it’s anyone’s guess what we have as far as the secondary is concerned. That being said, I have compiled a short list of possible players the Colts could look at acquiring via trade from teams that appear to be loaded at the CB position:

1. Cowboys

2. Bears,

3. Eagles

4. Bengals

Of the 4 teams listed above, the Cowboys and Eagles to me, provide the most attractive options at the position. The players I had in mind who I feel would be able to make immediate contributions to the defense would be CB Kurtis Marsh (6-1, 197Ilbs), or Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins (5-10 202Ilbs). The Colts haven’t been shy about their interest in Jenkins, but he isn’t the only attractive option from the “Boys” who I think could be available for a trade. Orlando Scandrick (5-10 191Ilbs) is another good player who the Colts should take a look at on the bargaining table especially since Jones has been adamant about not wanting to let go of Jenkins. From the Bengals I like Jason Allen. He has size, athleticism, and speed to play man cvg. Here are Bios on all three CBs:

1)Jason Allen: “Allen was a first-round draft choice (16th overall) by Miami in 2006. He joined Houston during the 2010 season. He had seven interceptions over 23 total regular season games with Houston, tops on the team for that span and also tied for second among all AFC cornerbacks.

In addition to leading the 2011 Texans in interceptions, Allen was third on the team in passes defensed (11) and tied for second in special teams tackles (eight). He started four games and was 10th on the team in tackles (37).”

2)Orlando Scandrick: “The Dallas Cowboys moved up in the fifth round to grab Orlando Scandrick with the 143rd overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, and he has since proven to be worth the move as a valuable contributor in the Dallas secondary and special teams units. The former Boise State standout, who left college after only three years, has served as the nickel cornerback since his rookie season. Scandrick briefly rotated starts with Mike Jenkins for the starting cornerback spot opposite Terence Newman at the beginning of the 2009 season before settling back into the nickel cornerback role. He continues his work to be a staple in the defensive back rotation for the Cowboys.”

3) Curtis Marsh: “Former running back who moved to cornerback in 2009. Senior totals included 45/2/13 when he was a full-time starter. Made four starts as a junior and finished the year with 32/1/5.

Pros: Well-sized and athletic defensive back who is still learning the position. Remains disciplined with assignments, displays the ability to drive to the action out of his plant and possesses a burst of closing speed. Fluid pedaling in reverse, quickly changes direction and plays an aggressive brand of football. Fast up the field defending the run, mixes it up with opponents throughout pass routes, and physically defeats them to defend the throw.

Cons: Displays a poor sense of timing. Not consistent with his defensive back mechanics.”

All in all, with the limited options and resources the Colts have at their disposal, these 3 prospects are about as good as it’s going to get for the near future and deserve a serious look. I still believe that Jenkins is still an option in spite of what Jerry Jones has said given the fact that he tried to move Jenkins before the draft. His hard “stance” on not wanting to trade him is nothing more than a ploy to try and coerce any suitors for his services into making a lopsided deal in favor of the Cowboys. I don’t think Grigs and co will fall for that and will in turn just wait and see Jerry’s tune when training camp roles around. The price tag for Jenkins will depend on the amount of interest he generates from other teams for his services. Training camp is right around the corner boys. The clock is ticking.

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Secondary out to prove a point

Posted by Kevin Bowen on June 6, 2012 – 6:24 pm

Following Wednesday afternoon’s ninth OTA practice of the offseason, Colts cornerback Jerraud Powers made it clear that his unit carries a little something on their shoulder this summer.

Powers is entering his fourth season in the NFL and despite being just 24 years old, he has accepted a leadership role for a secondary that has heard its criticism from the outside.

In 2011, five defensive backs made their NFL debuts for the Colts, but that youth will be no excuse with a full offseason under their belts heading into the 2012 campaign.

“I kind of get (angry) every time I see an article or something talking about ‘Colts secondary is this, the Colts secondary is that’ when they’re not in the building every day,” Powers said. “They don’t see how these guys work their craft.”

“I think we have a lot of talent. I know a lot of people are counting us out just based on pervious stuff.”

Opposite Powers last year, fellow cornerbacks Terrence Johnson, Chris Rucker and Kevin Thomas all took their first NFL snaps.

Those three were extremely active in the secondary on Wednesday as they are also getting their first taste of a complete NFL offseason.

“Those guys were sort of thrown into the fire last year and had to play early and had to come in without an offseason,” Powers said. “I think they’re the main ones that’s benefiting from this the most, because this is the first time they’re having a true offseason.”

Colts coach Chuck Pagano said he is extremely pleased with the secondary, as they are asked to a little more in terms of fundamentals and technique in the new system.

Pagano said without being able to go full contact until training camp it will be difficult for someone to separate themselves at the cornerback position for the next few weeks.

One of the men vying for the spot opposite Powers come September is 2011 sixth round draft pick Chris Rucker.

The Michigan State product saw extensive action in the final five games of the season last year and is hoping to carry that momentum into 2012.

Rucker said when the young players have a question they don’t hesitate to look towards Powers for an answer.

The leadership of Powers has shown, as Rucker echoed the same sentiments about playing with some extra motivation this year.

“In the secondary we definitely feel like we’re playing with a chip on our shoulder and we are looking to prove ourselves, and prove everybody wrong,” Rucker said.

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Colts Finish Ninth OTA of Off-Season

Posted by Kevin Bowen on June 6, 2012 – 6:19 pm

By Kevin Bowen,

The Indianapolis Colts wrapped up their ninth of 10 OTA’s Wednesday afternoon under another blue, sunny sky at the Indiana Farm Bureau Practice Facility.

As the OTA’s are coming to a close, the Colts will break for the summer following a week of mini-camp starting next Tuesday.

The Colts will then gather on July 28th as players will report to training camp in Anderson, Indiana before embarking on the 2012 season.

Coach Chuck Pagano called Wednesday’s practice ‘productive’ and knows that despite not being in full pads yet these OTA’s are very beneficial for the team’s development.

“They are digesting everything that we’re giving them, we are making progress and they are working the process,” Pagano said. “(I am) extremely pleased with where we are at.”

Wednesday’s two-hour practice began with some special teams work before the club broke up into positional groups.

A majority of the final hour of practice was spent working on offense versus defense and saw some spirited plays on both sides of the ball.

For the offense, wide receiver Austin Collie made a pair of difficult touchdown receptions in the corner of the endzone.

Rookie tight end Dwayne Allen had the highlight of the afternoon with a juggling touchdown catch that included a celebratory chest bump from offensive guard Mike McGlynn.

Defensively, linebacker Pat Angerer showed that he can be more than just one of the top tacklers in the NFL as he intercepted a pass intended for newly signed running back Deji Karim.

OTA’s will come to an end on Thursday for the Colts and after next week’s mini-camp players will look towards the end of July when the intensity is taken up a notch.

“Training camp, I think is going to be a big thing for us once we put the pads on because a lot of times once you start hitting, once you start really playing football that’s the best way to learn the system yourself,” safety Tom Zbikowski said.

Zbikowski is used to the new defensive system having been a part of the Baltimore Ravens defense for the past four years.
His knowledge has spread to another member of the secondary as veteran corner Jerraud Powers is trying to help his fellow corners learn a new system.
Even though the Colts are just in shorts and helmets right now, Powers knows that the value of OTA’s extends past the playing field and into the meeting rooms.
“Guys got a great idea of what this system is and what they’re supposed to do in it and how it’s supposed to function,” Powers said. “Once we get this little break that’s coming up in a week or two, when we get back to (training) camp it’s not a foreign language to anybody and we can just jump back into it.”


Cornerback Jerraud Powers on hopefully having rookie quarterback Andrew Luck at mini-camp next week:

“I can’t wait just to have him in, see what he’s about and see how he’s going to conduct this team. He’s the leader. He’s our quarterback, so he’s the one everybody is going to look up to and I’m pretty sure he’s going to do a good job doing it.”


Head coach Chuck Pagano on the team’s running back position:

“Right now, Donald (Brown) has been taking the lion’s share of the first-team reps. We are mixing in the other guys, with Darren (Evans) getting some reps, of course Delone (Carter) has been out, and getting the young guy, (Vick) Ballard, in there. So they have a rep count, a pitch count so to speak, and we are trying to balance (the reps) out.”


The Indianapolis Colts waived offensive lineman Jake Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Colts on July 29, 2011. He was released following training camp. Indianapolis then re-signed Kirkpatrick as a free agent on March 8, 2012 prior to his release today.

Below is an updated 2012 offseason media schedule for the Indianapolis Colts.

Exact times of practices and media availabilities will be announced the week prior to all activities.

June 12 – 14: Veteran mini-camp

*         Player availability each day

*         Head Coach Chuck Pagano available on Tuesday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 13

*         Colts coordinators available on Thursday, June 14

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